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Dismantling a homosexual marriage myth

By Bill Muehlenberg is Secretary of the Family Council of Victoria, and lectures in ethics and philosophy at various Melbourne theological colleges. Published in ONLINE OPINION, 25 November 2010 A so-called conservative writer parroted some silly arguments for same-sex marriage in the Sunday Age recently. He finishes by saying that marriage is a good thing (which...
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Marriage is not just a social construct, but a cultural universal.

How evolutionary biologists acknowledge that male-female bonding in lasting pairs was the critical step in human evolution and is something built into us by nature... Marriage reinforces and disciplines human biology, in the interests of society. Marriage in Australia is defined in law as “The union of one woman and one man, voluntarily entered into for life”....
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After homosexual ‘marriage’ …what comes next?

The slippery slope argument is a strong one in this debate. If marriage is no longer one man, one woman for life, then any number of alternatives seem to be possible. If homosexuals can argue that a loving committed relationship should qualify anyone for the institution of marriage, then other equally binding and loving unions should...
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