Monthly Archives: March 2016

Land of the free? Not any more! Genderless Marriage has put a stop to that.

It didn't take long - We're already seeing the fallout of Genderless Marriage in the USA and the blatant attacks from leftists on the very freedoms that Americans have held dear... until now. Marquette University (a Catholic institution) has moved to suspend and then fire Professor John McAdams for backing a student who tried to defend man-woman...
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Gay ‘Marriage’ Guarantees Gay Sex Education

Don't forget: gay 'marriage' guarantees gay sex-education and parents will have no say. Right now parents can push back - with some success - against the radical LGBT 'Safe Schools' agenda, but once the law says that homosexual 'marriage' is normal and right, schools MUST teach that homosexual behaviour is normal and right. There is no...
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Genderless Marriage a Step Backwards for Gender Equality

intlwomensday Tuesday,  8 March marks International Women's Day - a day to "celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women." What many Genderless Marriage advocates refuse to acknowledge, is that their version of marriage is a giant leap backwards for Gender Equality. They are claiming that women are not important...
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