Monthly Archives: December 2016

Nature’s Job Description for Marriage and Family

Here's a short talk by the AMF President to a congregation of 250 at Castle Hill Baptist (with all 100 books sold) a few weeks back: "That is nature's job description for marriage and family - and two men, or two women, need not apply..." [embed][/embed] Over 8,000 copies sold! Don't forget to get your signed copy...
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New Lessons Learned from Overseas

There are so many reasons to love living in Australia, one of which is the fact that we are amongst the vast majority of countries where genderless marriage is illegal. It means we have the benefit of watching the fallout in countries where marriage has been degendered. Here are some recent developmentsā€¦ In the UK - Once...
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Don't say we didn't tell you: "For if we redefine marriage we redefine parenting and we redefine family" - the first paragraph of the AMF President's new book. Words like "mother" and "father" exclude and offend genderless couples and must be rendered gender neutral. This week, the inevitable working out of this legal logic is confirmed again...
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