AMF President in gay marriage forum, Sydney Uni yesterday

A very civil and enlightening debate yesterday at Manning Bar at Sydney University, jointly hosted by the Queer Society and the Catholic Society. On the loaded proposition that "Marriage Equality Matters" the AMF President, Dr David van Gend, flew in at short notice to join Patrick Langrell (political science student at Notre Dame Uni) and together they expanded the question of "equality" to include the "equal right of all children to have both a mother and a father"; putting the other side were Mr Patrick Bateman (former USyd champion debater, and present chief of staff to The Hon John Howard) along with Pastor Karl from the Metropolitan Community Church.

There should be more of these debates - with acknowledgement of good will and sincerity on all sides. The film quality is student-grade dodgy, and there are half a dozen You Tube sections. The "heart of the matter" introductory remarks by the AMF President, can be heard on this clip from about 2min 20:

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