AMF President’s VIDEO: The Harms of Homosexual ‘Marriage’

We need YOUR HELP to get some momentum behind a new Australian Marriage Forum video in defense of marriage, and in defense of the child’s right, where possible, to both a mum and a dad.


"Same-sex marriage is a coldly calculated decision of Government to create motherless families, to create fatherless children..."
Dr David van Gend, AMF

As a family doctor and President of the Australian Marriage Forum ( David van Gend makes an unflinching yet respectful case against the move to same-sex 'marriage'.

He urges that the rights of a child should take priority over the demands of homosexual adults, and addresses all the usual issues of concern during a brief talk and panel Q&A in Queensland, 2014.

At present it seems that the momentum for homosexual marriage is so great that its advocates and media urgers can safely ignore any voice to the contrary. The silent treatment.

This video is an attempt to provoke some attention to the child-centred case against same-sex marriage.

The core message of the video is the child-centred message of the AMF website

-       That a child has the birth-right, wherever possible, to both a mother and father;

-       That same-sex marriage makes it impossible for a child to have both a mother and a father;

-       Therefore same-sex marriage is unjust and should be opposed.

The talk / panel Q&A took place at a recent church conference and reminds viewers that legalising same-sex marriage will have major consequences, as we have observed overseas, for the moral education of children and for freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


-       Please SHARE the video through your social networks

-       Please SEND the video to your church leaders and influential friends

Please do anything you can to get this child-centred argument out there, where it is so rarely heard… not only for the sake of future children having both a mum & dad, but also for the sake of our own children and grand-children – that they will not have their sense of sexual right and wrong corrupted by the enforced normalisation of homosexual behaviour, which is the main cultural consequence of normalising homosexual ‘marriage’.


UPDATE: Mother's Day, May 10th 2014

Thanks in large part to friends at that excellent site, Mercatornet, who posted the video to their blog 'Conjugality', we had over a thousand views of the video in the first two days. The average time per view was over 10 minutes, totalling over 10,000 minutes (or seven full 24-hour days) of thought-stimulation.

Please keep sharing it and sending it to friends, foes, church leaders, politicians. We will let you know when it hits 10,000 views…


UPDATE: 8000 views in the first month - thank you.

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