Farewell Ladies and Gentlemen

Today, it’s impossible to catch a Qantas plane, or a London train, without being subjected to LGBTQ propaganda.

Unsuspecting users of the London Underground were recently blinded by rainbow colours as transport bosses announced the ban on Ladies and Gentlemen.

According to The Australian: “It has been the formal way of addressing an audience for centuries. Now transport bosses in London are banning the greeting ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in favour of a gender-neutral alternative.

“Transport for London said yesterday that the phrase, which is believed to have its origins in the 16th century, will be scrapped to be replaced with ‘good morning everyone’.”

The casual degendering of society is all part of the same radical rainbow agenda behind the push to degender marriage.

CEOs at Qantas, ANZ, Google and eBay have clambered aboard the PC train, throwing big dollars and their logos behind the LGBTQ juggernaut.

Unwitting passengers waiting to board Qantas flights are subjected to emotional TV ads featuring lifeguards, doctors and nurses claiming “you trust me to do my job, but not to get married”. The unwarranted emotional blackmail is stifling any hope of a factual, common sense debate.

"The 5,000 staff at Qantas who lost their jobs a few years ago and the 200 staff who lost their jobs at ANZ last year would be very disappointed to learn those companies couldn't afford to keep them but have the money for these types of campaigns. 

“Australians should have no doubt campaigns on same-sex marriage were funded by higher prices and job losses. 

"I think Australians are getting fed up with some big business CEOs constantly trying to wave their PC credentials rather than getting on and delivering the services consumers expect at a reasonable price." - Senator Eric Abetz, quoted in SMH.

And just when you thought a night out at the footy would be a safe haven from political propaganda, St Kilda v Sydney’s Pride Match on Saturday night will celebrate the degendering of relationships in flying rainbow colours.

It’s time to call the “bigwigs” to account and tell them – “stop putting up prices to fund propaganda campaigns and start focussing on improving services!”

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