No, Senator Brandis, we do not accept your reckless approach to gender fluidity in marriage and gender fluidity in our schools.

The Coalition for Marriage is calling on the Federal Government to back down from its push to make it easier for kids to access controversial sex change procedures.

This follows a submission from Attorney-General George Brandis to the Family Court.

We know from multiple studies that around three quarters of children who think they are the wrong sex will change their mind once their body starts changing at puberty.i

“Professor Paul McHugh, a world authority on gender dysphoria, notes that 70-80% of children who reported transgender feelings spontaneously lose those feelings without medical or surgical treatment.ii

Why then, would any doctor or court consider giving dangerous hormones to children before the age of puberty, and why would the Attorney-General back such a change?

This is from the Attorney-General who is committed to changing the Marriage Act, regardless of the consequences.

We know that if the law on marriage changes, more and more kids will be exposed to this confusing, gender-bending ideology through radical programs like Safe Schools.

Given the rise of these gender-bending programs in schools and the political activism of the Australian Medical Association and the Australian Psychological Society, it is a risky move to begin taking the courts out of the process and trusting an increasingly ideological medical profession to get this right.

Once the court’s role as protector of kids is removed, it is not long before it becomes the enforcer of gender ideology. With so much at stake, this is not a time to be removing safeguards.

Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University, Professor John Whitehall also commented on the matter.

“A protective role for the Court remains paramount,” Professor Whitehall said. "Instead of calling for legislation to abandon their protective role, the courts should call for regulation of unproven, invasive, irreversible therapy on unwitting children."

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