Gay marriage & the demeaning of Mother’s Day

Perfect irony: only a day after the nationwide rallies to demand that we establish marriage without a woman, and therefore family without a mother, we have Mother's Day. The assumption of homosexual marriage is that a mother simply does not matter to a child; that this momentous relationship so deeply embedded in our mammalian nature is dispensable, no worries, and can be replaced by any second bloke in a gay partnership. Don't worry about breast feeding and the attachment and security we know that gives to the infant; don't worry about the unique emotional stability a mother's love gives to boys in particular; don't worry about a daughter's need for her Mum as she grows from a girl to a woman or her need for a role model in the subtle relationship between husband and wife - no, just throw everything overboard in the name of "equal love" for homosexual men.

The love between a mother and her baby is, in fact, the most profound human bond, and that primal relationship is trashed by the “marriage” of two men. Homosexual marriage heralds an authentic “gay stolen generation”, destined to the same disorientation and pain as children removed at birth from single mothers.

Marriage is a compound right, under Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “the right to marry and to found a family”. Therefore homosexual marriage involves both the legal recognition of an exclusive relationship and the right to form a family by artificial reproduction. But a child created by two married men is compelled to live without a mother.

Even the pseudo gay-marriage of a civil partnership can allow for this abuse of a child’s birthright. That is the case with Elton John and his civil partner, David Furnish, who in 2010 created baby Zach using an anonymous egg donor in India, a vial of their blended sperm and a rent-a-womb. The old rock star needed “someone to love into my old age”. Too bad if baby Zach needed a mother’s love, because the men ensured that Zach could never know her. Spurious “equal rights” for rich homosexuals to obtain a child, at the cost of authentic “equal rights” for all babies to enter the world with their own mother.

There are already tragic situations where a child cannot have both a mum and a dad - such as the death or desertion of a parent - but that is not something we would ever wish upon a child, and it is not something a government should ever inflict upon a child. There are already situations where broken families reform as a homosexual household, and nothing can or should be done about that. What we must not allow is the situation where government facilitates the deliberate creation of motherless families.

Happy Mothers and Grandmothers Day, and don't let any gay activist tell you that a mother does not matter to a child.

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