The most important issue facing Australians?

If you ask Bill Shorten “What is the most important issue facing Australians?” His response is loud and clear: Legalising genderless marriage.

Bill Shorten has announced that THIS will be the first piece of legislation he will introduce to parliament. Watch the video of his announcement here...

Nothing relating to health, education or economy. No, according to Bill Shorten, there is nothing that the Australian people want more than to legislate the right or two adults to deny children their chance at a mum AND a dad.

Bill Shorten claims that a plebiscite with awaken a homophobic movement but one comment by a Daily Telegraph reader sums it all up perfectly:

"The only hate being spruiked in the gay marriage debate is that coming from the supporters of gay marriage. Abuse of their opponents and mindless sloganeering are all gay marriage advocates have.

“Marriage is an inherently heterosexual construct because marriage is primarily about forming a family unit to bind a man and a woman with the children that naturally result from their sexual union.

“On the other hand, so called gay marriage is primarily about gay couples having their love recognised by the state. Why gay couples think the state needs to know and recognise who they love is never really explained by gay marriage advocates. The ‘marriage is about love’ argument, so often put up by gay marriage advocates, shows how shallow is the thinking of gay marriage advocates.

“But worse than the shallowness of gay marriage advocates is their desire to rob marriage of any significant meaning. If marriage is primarily about binding mum and dad with the children that naturally result from their sexual union, gay marriage becomes a vehicle to try to legitimise the use of donor sperm and eggs to create children that are deliberately denied the right to a loving relationship with at least one of their natural parents. This is the exact opposite of what traditional marriage is trying to achieve.

So in the end heterosexual marriage and gay marriage are fundamentally two different practices. Heterosexual marriage is fundamentally child centred (even if it doesn't always work out that way in practice), while gay marriage is fundamentally adult centred."

Blogger Peter Pilt has listed some of the other issues Bill Shorten may have considered even slightly more important than this. Read the full blog from Peter Pilt here...

So, on Saturday we all get to have our say. Will Bill get the message?


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