The March Towards Degendering Society

Just one year after redefining marriage, Colombia's first three-man marriage has been legally recognized and the “Slippery Slope” theory is now officially fact.

One of the three men, actor Victor Hugo Prada said: “This establishes us as a family, a polyamorous family.”

It confirms what we have known all along: Once you strip a word of its original meaning, it’s rendered meaningless. In countries where the word “marriage” has been redefined to mean whatever you want it to, marriage between three or more men or women should come as no surprise.

Redefining marriage is just one small stepping stone in the rainbow activists’ march toward degendering society and breaking down the family unit. In case you think we’re just making that up, take a look at the UK, where already overworked teachers are now forced to incorporate more propaganda into their classrooms as schools are now assessed on LGBTQ inclusion. Teachers must now abide by new guidelines, entitled Inclusion Matters (unless you have traditional views regarding marriage and family, in which case, your opinions are to be entirely excluded), produced by LGBTQ activist group P3.

Co-founder of P3, Tuvia Borok laid bare their true agenda in an article written for Huffington Post, declaring that: “Being a family has nothing to do with having one mother and one father… So, while people like me have rights, that is not enough.”

It seems traditional families are the only ones NOT to be included in their brave new world.

Even at home in Australia, LGBTQ activists are showing their true rainbow colours, pushing police officers and yelling “Hey Margaret, go to hell”, outside a Liberal Party fundraiser recently, where tennis legend Margaret Court delivered a speech. Her crime? Agreeing with an Aussie businessman that Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was out of line for bullying Australian business owners into succumbing to the LGBTQ agenda.

“The reason I spoke was because of Stuart Ballantyne, a big businessman from Queensland, he wrote a letter to Qantas and to Alan Joyce to say, ‘You’re using it as a platform to intimidate banks and companies” and I gather now, small businesses, and I think that’s very sad. “They don’t have a right to do that,” Court told Sky.
“We should be able to talk freely. I’ve got nothing against people. I even get letters from atheists and they say they believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I get them from all kinds of people ... they’re not Christians, I don’t think it’s anything to do with that.” Read the full article in The Australian.

We Aussies are all about a fair go. We want to hear both sides of the story and then make up our own minds. LGBTQ activists have been heard loud and clear, now it’s time to let the rest of us have our say. Bring on the plebiscite and let’s give Aussies a chance to make up our own minds about what marriage really means to us.

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