Mother’s Day is Cancelled

Mother’s Day is anti-diversity – that was the claim made by Melbourne’s Moonee Ponds West Primary School’s principal, justifying his decision to cancel Mother’s Day celebrations.

As it turns out, Bill Shorten’s daughter attends the school. Perhaps realising the bad publicity the ban would generate surrounding his push for genderless marriage (one that is at odds with celebrating such ‘anti-diversity’ roles as motherhood), he called the principal and talked him into reinstating the school’s Mother’s Day stall.

It does beg the question: How can we continue to honour mothers if we give into the lie that mothers are redundant? This is what SSM activists would have us believe.

Articles like this one published in Washington Post highlight just how gay couples really feel about Mother’s Day: “ ’We had an experience when someone wished us “Happy Mother’s Day” and that felt very off and wrong, almost offensive,’ says [Cameron] Smith.

[Ted] MacGovern agrees. ‘I find it weird,’ he says. ‘I may provide a motherly role, but I’m still a father.’

“The holidays can ‘create a perception of something being lacking,’ agrees Smith.”

The article also states: “ ‘The girls don’t think much about it,” MacGovern says: ‘They don’t have mothers, so no big deal.’ ”

However, many children of gay couples would think it’s a big deal.

Mother’s Day is a day when children who were removed from their mother at birth, purchased by two gay men, will inevitably notice something is missing. So the desire of LGBTQ activists to scrap the day altogether is not surprising.

It’s no wonder that schools are questioning the validity of Mother’s Day when, as the Daily Wire reports: “Nearly 300 schools in Victoria, Australia, have signed on to new transgender policy guidelines which would allow schools to facilitate the gender transition of students as young as six years of age without so much as parental consent.”

With policy guidelines like this, teaching children as young as 6 that their parents really don’t know what’s best for them, parents are very much on the outer in our state schools.

Should a student, as young as 6, want to do something like, say, commence gender altering treatments without their parents’ knowledge or consent, teachers and staff will willingly assist them. Let’s all just pause and let that thought sink in for a moment.

So, as the attacks on Motherhood by LGBTQ activists continue, this Sunday, it’s more important than ever before to acknowledge and celebrate the vital role that mother’s play in our own lives and in our communities.

To all mothers we say: Thank you for everything you do. Don’t believe the SSM activists’ lie that you are redundant!

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