The president of the Australian Marriage Forum, Dr David van Gend, commented on Labor's blocking of the people's vote on marriage. He made clear that the national campaign for winning Australian hearts and minds and keeping the Coalition government faithful on marriage, will not slow down even for a day.

He said, at the Canberra launch on Monday night of his campaign manifesto STEALING FROM A CHILD: THE INJUSTICE OF 'MARRIAGE EQUALITY' (see two-minute video clip below):

"Mr Shorten has poisoned the springs of the plebiscite with very un-statesmanlike talk of anyone who opposes same-sex 'marriage' as a "hater who crawls out from under a rock"... It's an embarrassingly childish approach, but we won't dwell on that... We have a longer campaign where every day counts, because the task will be to fortify the Coalition in affirming the necessary truth: that no government has the authority to redefine marriage, because it is an institution that predates all government. Men and women have vowed themselves to each other and cared for their young long before there was any state, any law, any religion. It is an institution of Nature; it is a natural nobility of our race, and government has no authority to redefine it. Nor do courts, and frankly nor do plebiscites. But if we are foolish enough to contemplate redefining marriage and family, let it be on all of our heads. It must at least be the people themselves, not government, who make the call about the people's institution - given by nature, not by government."

Dr van Gend said today, "We expect the Coalition to continue to defend the principle that only the people should decide on any change to the people's institution of marriage, and continue with a plebiscite as party policy into the next election. If the Coalition does not maintain this clear distinction from the Labor-Greens bloc, then they can expect to lose another large slab of their base to the independent parties in the upper house."

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