The Pro-Marriage ‘Underground Movement’

Remember our post about the planned protest at Cory Bernardi / Joe de Bruyn's talk in Sydney? Click here to see it. Sure enough, the jackboots of LGBT tolerance stomped all over it, with the hotel venue rejecting the booked event (in the same room the AMF president spoke a fortnight back); de Bruyn pulling out under union pressure and Bernardi advised by police not to disclose the new, smaller venue...

Miranda Devine comments:

SAME-sex marriage advocates are determined not to allow a fair debate in the lead-up to the promised plebiscite.

A frightening glimpse of their illiberal tactics came on Thursday night when protesters closed an event at the Occidental Hotel featuring Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi and former union leader Joe de Bruyn speaking in defence of traditional marriage.

Under pressure from activists, the Occidental banned the event, which was moved to an undisclosed venue, but not before de Bruyn was forced to pull out.

Bernardi spoke alone there to a smaller group, unable to spread the word because police had advised the location remain secret.

“To be a conservative has become an underground movement, like the Resistance”, Bernardi said afterwards.

The protesters went ahead and marched on the Occidental, brandishing rainbow flags and chanting: “Racist sexist anti-Queer, Liberals are not welcome here” and “Go Home bigots”.

But they were the real bigots, using Gestapo tactics to silence debate.

It’s no way to win hearts and minds.

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