There is no ‘Happily Ever After’ for this Little Girl

Recently, the Herald Sun reported the story of two Gay men who are caught up in a custody battle with the Thai mother of a baby girl.

What they didn't report, is that whether the little girl is allowed to leave Thailand with her biological father and his partner, or remain with her biological mother -  she will be denied access to one or the other, probably for the rest of her life.

She spent 9 months listening to her mother's heartbeat and if she leaves, will never hear it again. She will never meet her Thai Grandparents, or hear their family story. She will never meet her brothers and sisters, if her mother were to have more children. And she will lose half of her identity, forever.

If she remains in Thailand with her mother, she will never dance with her biological father. Never meet his parents. Never hear their family story. And she will lose half of her identity, forever.

Sure, he might visit every now and then. But she doesn't need a 'benevolent uncle' in her life. She needs a dad.

This is why we cannot ever support Genderless Marriage. At its heart, it seeks to engineer families that cannot ever provide a child with their biological mother AND father, committed to raising their children together, for life. There is no substitute that equals this.

Genderless Marriage advocates claim that children are not affected by being denied their biological parent. But tell that to the thousands of donor conceived children, like Geradline Hewitt, who were told they should just be grateful they are alive.

NSW Labor Opposition's health spokesman Walt Secord, born in Canada with a Mohawk-Ojibway father, told the upper house of their frustration and tears.

"For reasons that we do not understand, our heritage, our blood or narrative is vital to us. What else could explain the boom in genealogy and the success of programs like Who Do You Think You Are? I for one have traced my father's rare family origin and I know the responsibility of belonging to a race of only 1800 people in the world .... Our genes are the reason for our existence."

Who are we to deny children of their identity?

And who are we to treat women as commodities? To lower women to the status of 'wombs for hire.'

Genderless Marriage advocates have already admitted that if Genderless Marriage is legalised, the battle for commercial surrogacy will be close behind. You simply can't have one without the other.

Is this the future we want for our children? For our society?

Children deserve their chance at being raised by their biological mother and father. Who are we to take that away from them?

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