Last week, a restaurant owner in Victoria was inundated with hate messages and bad reviews. His crime? Refusing to ‘refuse service’ to a group of ‘no’ campaigners.

This week, a Perth high school student from Duncraig Senior High School was awarded the "Ian Goodenough award for positive attitude and contribution to the school" but she handed back the award because she doesn’t agree with MP Ian Goodenough’s decision to vote ‘no’ to redefining marriage.

The LGBTQ Agenda does not allow for opposing views. Anyone with a contrary opinion is quickly ostracised and vilified.

As a woman in the USA discovered when she collected nearly 1,000 coats for a local homeless youth shelter, only to be turned away and accused of ‘transphobia’ when they learnt that she campaigned to keep men out of women’s change rooms.

A follow up comment read: “A local Catholic shelter accepted the donation with open arms. Apparently if any homeless trans kids find themselves in need of a winter coat, they'll need to go to the Catholic shelter for help.”

As Australian of the Year nominee Catherine McGregor discovered after writing an article entitled ‘I’m Transgender and I oppose Safe Schools.’ McGregor was subsequently ‘delisted’ as a transgender advocate, because there is no room in their world view for dissenting opinions.

As freedoms are eroded along the march to a genderless society, this is our chance to send a clear message that a world that doesn’t value free thought is not the kind of world we want.

It’s okay to say no to that.

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