Same-Sex Marriage ‘Opinion Poll’ Affects Everyone

Mr Shorten asks, "“Why should gay people in Australia have to go through a lawmaking process that nobody else does? Why do their relationships have an opinion poll?”

Answer: "It's not just about gay people, Mr Alternative PM. Same-sex relationships already have exactly the same legal status and benefits in Australian law as any other couple, so their relationships are not, in fact, affected by this 'opinion poll'.

"Mr Shorten, the thing that is subject to an 'opinion poll' is something that affects all of us: (1) changing the meaning of marriage (for ALL of us) from the natural reality of a male-female relationship that typically creates offspring into a government-constructed lie, (2) changing the meaning of parenting from the natural reality of a mother and father relationship that gives a child kinship and identity into a genderless fiction, (3) enforcing the normality of homosexual behaviour with the full force of anti-discrimination law - especially in our 'safe schools' - and silencing any conscientious objectors - especially in our churches.

"In other words, Mr Shorten, this 'opinion poll' is not just about the 1% of couples in Australia who are same-sex, but about the 99% that are opposite sex; it is not just about the 1 in a thousand children of same-sex couple-families but about the 999 in a thousand other children. It is not just about happy wedding days for our gay neighbours; it is about letting the sexual radicals send a wrecking ball through our culture.

"That is why all Australian should have our say - you obviously do not understand what is at stake, and are in no position to decide on our behalf."

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