The French storm Paris again for natural marriage

An estimated 1.4 million protestors defending natural marriage were blocked from marching down the Champs Elysees - in front of the Presidential Palace - as the socialist President's culture-trashing legislation nears a vote. The partner of President Hollande says he plans to attend the wedding of homosexual friends once his laws are passed. No doubt he will receive a seat of honour at this "wedding" for his successful trashing of timeless anthropology and for furthering the Marxist assault on the natural family.

In France, as in New Zealand at present, public support for same-sex marriage is falling fast, and in both countries there is pressure to pass the laws before the tide turns decisively.

The movement against gay marriage has given France a new celebrity in the form of its public face, Virginie Tellenne, a Parisian socialite who goes by the name of Frigide Barjot.

Her assumed name - a play on the name of French film star Brigitte Bardot - translates as Frigid Loony.

"We want the president to deal with the economy and leave the family alone," Ms Tellenne said.

Somewhere between 340,000 and 800,000 demonstrators had flooded into the capital forĀ an anti-gay marriage march in January.

A campaign orchestrated by the Catholic Church and belatedly backed by the mainstream centre-right opposition has steadily gathered momentum.

But Mr Hollande's support for the legislation has not wavered and his partner, Valerie Trierweiler, has revealed that the president will be attending the marriages of gay friends once the legislation is on the statute books.


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