They Said This Would Never Happen

In May 2014, Gareth Lee ordered a cake featuring Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie and the motto 'Support Gay Marriage' from Ashers Bakery in Belfast.  Ashers Bakery initially accepted the order, but after further discussion amongst their team, they contacted Mr Lee to say they couldn't fulfil the order because it went against their sincere religious beliefs. Backed by the Equality Commission, Mr Lee sued the bakery.

In May 2015, following a long, politically driven process, District Judge Isobel Brownlie found that Ashers discriminated against Gareth Lee on grounds of sexual orientation and political beliefs (despite their pleas that they had no issue serving Mr Lee but rather with writing the anti traditional marriage slogan on their cake), ordering Ashers Bakery to pay £500 in damages to Mr Lee.

This week, their appeal has been halted after a dramatic intervention from Northern Ireland's top legal adviser.

Attorney General John Larkin QC announced at the last minute that there could be a potential conflict between Ireland's equality legislation and European Human Rights laws.

The question is, will Australians heed the warnings from nations like Ireland who are watching their civil rights being stripped away by the SSM agenda? This is the future that awaits Australia if we cave into the bullying tactics of SSM lobbyists.

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