You are invited to two public debates in Sydney this week: AMF v AME

It may be the case, as Liberal frontbencher The Hon Kevin Andrews told the ACL conference yesterday, that gay marriage is off the federal agenda now for a considerable time - but (see HERE):

“The battle will now move to the states,'' he said, adding that he believed state governments did not have the constitutional power to make changes to marriage laws. He said there would likely be High Court challenges against any state legalisation of gay marriage. It would be an “extremely adventurous High Court'' to fly in the face of the commonwealth parliament, which has twice in the past decade decided to keep the status quo.

NSW may get a private member's Bill to further this contempt of the Constitution. It may also get an eloquent gay MP to replace Clover Moore in State Parliament, as Alex Greenwich of Australian Marriage Equality has stopped up as the independent candidate for her seat.

All of which means we at AMF have to keep making the case for natural marriage, the rights of the child, and the grim consequences for freedom of speech and conscience (and the moral education of our kids) if homosexual marriage is established in law.

To that end, the President of AMF, Dr David van Gend, will be debating Alex Greenwich at:

Monday 8th October 1pm, Macquarie University, Drysdale Room, level 3 of the Campus Hub. All welcome.

Further, on Tuesday, Dr van Gend will join Patrick Langrell (advisor to Bishop Anthony Fisher of Parramatta)  in a forum with Alex Greenwich and constitutional lawyer Prof George Williams (who will no doubt have some insights on the State challenge to the federal power on marriage):

Tuesday 9th October 1pm, UNSW, Chemical Science, Theatre M18.

Lots of Q&A at both debates, and all are welcome.

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