NSW enquiry into gay marriage: action needed

Treating the Constitution with contempt, where marriage is explicitly a commonwealth government responsibility, a cross-party group of MPs in NSW is holding an 'enquiry' into same-sex marriage laws.

It is a small but important duty for all of us to respond to such an enquiry (even if we show it more respect than it deserves) given that the collapse of the meaning of marriage in one jurisdiction will affect the whole country.

HERE is the link to the parliamentary site for making a submission (closing date 1st March).

HERE is useful background from the ACL 'Make a Stand' website. Their summary:

In brief:

  • A cross-party group of state MPs has been formed to campaign for redefining marriage in NSW.
  • Take action: please make a submission today to parliament and ask them to protect marriage from redefinition.
  • Sign up for updates on the marriage debate and other issues of concern to Christians.

You can make a difference. Make a stand for marriage and the rights of children.
NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has established a parliamentary inquiry to examine state-based same-sex marriage.

You have until March 1 to make your voice heard by lodging a short submission.

The inquiry follows the announcement last year that a cross-party group of state MPs plan to introduce state-based same-sex marriage legislation in the NSW Parliament.

Last year the Australian parliament voted 2 to 1 to preserve the natural definition of marriage. However same-sex marriage activists are now turning to state parliaments to legislate on a state-by-state basis.

You can make a difference and help preserve the definition of marriage by making a submission to the NSW inquiry.

Why does it matter?
Marriage is the unique relationship between a man and woman. Whilst not all couples who get married have children, government has a role to play in supporting families and children in society to ensure strong communities for our future.

Introducing legislation to recognise same-sex relationships as marriage is a fundamental shift away the concept of family – of a mother and a father raising children. If government were to legislate for same-sex marriage it is creating a value-based law that says a mum and a dad no longer matter in raising children. The presumption that a child no longer has the right to be raised within their biological family means we could expect more children to be raised without knowing their biological parents. If legislation were introduced to redefine marriage for same-sex couples then other relationships could also argue for their relationship to be recognised in law.

Where same-sex marriage has been legalised freedom of speech and freedom of religion have been suppressed (see more info page for examples). Because the revision of marriage is done in the name of equality, disagreeing with the state’s new definition is seen as perpetuating inequality against a minority group.

Campaigning for marriage to remain between a man and a woman is about ensuring children’s rights are put first in government policy. Same-sex couples already have rights in law after the federal government introduced laws passed discrimination from couples in 2009.

Same-sex marriage supresses free speech whereby people who object to same-sex relationships taking the term ‘marriage’ can be persecuted for this view. Where same-sex marriage has been legalised, parents have also found that their child is being taught about homosexuality without their consent.

Writing your submission
Some points you might like to consider including in your submission:

  • Marriage as the union of a man and a woman has existed across cultures, religions and millennia, reflecting the biological complementary of the sexes.
  • Marriage existed before parliaments – the state has no business in redefining something that has naturally existed in almost all times and places.
  • Redefining marriage creates the presumption that a child no longer has the right to be raised within their biological family. This is a serious human rights issue for our most vulnerable.
  • Redefining marriage leads to the suppression of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
  • Marriage is a federal issue – the New South Wales parliament should not be attempting to redefine marriage.

Submissions can be written and lodged online by clicking here.


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