AMF governors and contributors donate their time, so not a dollar is wasted.
With your help, whether this matter is settled by a modified plebiscite in 2017 or at a later date, we will use every day to help Australians say YES to the truth of marriage and the rights of a child to have, wherever possible, both a mother and father, and say NO to the genderless package deal - think Safe Schools, the suppression of free speech and the whole rainbow agenda - that comes with genderless 'marriage'.
Your generosity has funded TV ads, radio and newspaper ads, in-depth polling/focus group research, the national book tour for STEALING FROM A CHILD, and ongoing costs. So much more to do. We thank you.


OPTION 1: To make a secure online donation through PAYPAL:

Please note, you don't need to have a PayPal account in order to use PayPal payment gateway to make a donation via credit card.

OPTION 2: To donate via Electronic Transfer into our bank account:

Australian Marriage Forum
BSB 034 008
Account No. 154 683


OPTION 3: To make a donation by cheque

If you would prefer to make your donation by cheque, please make it payable to Australian Marriage Forum and post it to PO Box 2020, Mansfield DC, Qld 4122


NOTE: The Australian Marriage Forum is governed as an Incorporated Association of its own. Therefore all funds donated will go to the AMF bank account dedicated to our campaigning work.

The federal "political donations" cap applies to contributions above $13,200 in a financial year - above that amount, donations must be declared to the Electoral Commission and are registered publicly.

We must keep marriage between a man & a woman, so future children have their chance of a mum & a dad. 


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