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The ad appeared on page 5 of The Australian Monday 10th August, 2015.



As Federal Parliament reconvenes, in a week that will see yet another same-sex 'marriage' Bill tabled, the Australian Marriage Forum has placed a full page Ad in The Australian, challenging the injustice of so-called “marriage equality”.

“It is time to take the gay lobby down from their moral high horse”, said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

“They are obsessed with an adult-centred view of “marriage equality” that removes just discrimination against homosexual adults while inflicting unjust discrimination against children”, he said. “If 'equality' for adults can only come at the cost of inequality for kids, where is the justice in that?” Dr van Gend asked.

“If 'equal love' for two gay men can only come at the cost of destroying the primal love between a mother and her baby, what is loving about that?” “And if a movement that has demanded 'tolerance' of society now shows gross intolerance of anybody who disagrees with them, silencing them with the big stick of anti-discrimination law, what is there to respect in that?” Dr van Gend said.


The Ad was funded entirely by online donations at the AMF website. No corporations, no churches, just concerned Australians donating online.

“A hacker shut down our donation facility within minutes of our email appeal going out last week”, Dr van Gend explained, “but we fixed it and that malicious act did not stop hundreds of Australians contributing the forty thousand dollars we needed for this ad.”


“I say to Rodney Croome and other activists: what you call “marriage equality” is the imposition of inequality on kids; what you call “equal love” is the violation of a child's right to know the love of both mother and father. What you call “tolerance” masks a thuggish intolerance of any who disagree with you, abusing anti-discrimination law to silence your opponents”, Dr van Gend said.

“The selfish obsession with adult rights has to stop, and we must think about the rights of the child as well.

“The trivial coverage of this profound question by the media has to improve, unless they want to be complicit in the creation of a whole new injustice against children, a whole new way of messing with the kinship and identity of children, as if we have learned nothing from past policies for the stolen generation and forced adoptions”, Dr van Gend said.


The Ad opens with the declaration that “It’s Not Marriage”, and that “all relationships matter, but not all relationships are marriage”.

The central assertion of justice is that: “Marriage gives every child a mum and a dad; same-sex 'marriage' makes that impossible. That’s discrimination against the child”.

There are six sections to the ad, each issuing a challenge to the gay lobby:

  1. Is it 'Equality' if you force some kids to miss out on their Dad?
  2. Is it 'Loving' to destroy the primal love between mother and baby?
  3. Is it 'Tolerant' to silence opponents with anti-discrimination law?
  4. Is it Right to impose homosexual education on all our kids?
  5. Is it Honest to lie about what you are going to do with marriage?
  6. Is it Even Necessary, now that all couples have equal benefits?

Finally, the Ad refers to same-sex couples as the “1%” since that is the proportion of all couples reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2013: “Same-sex couples (the 1%) are free to live as they choose, but they are not free to redefine MARRIAGE for all of us.”

The Ad closes by urging same sex couples to “Find Another Word” for their relationship – because It’s Not Marriage.


“Whether it’s Senator Penny Wong or Commissioner Tim Wilson, advocates for homosexual marriage simply ignore the rights and needs of the child”, Dr van Gend said.

“We say they are complicit in a serious offence against the child by proposing laws that will abolish either a mother or father from the life of a child. That is the heart of opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’, and we accuse advocates of inflicting a new form of discrimination against children, just to satisfy adult emotional demands.

“Yes, of course, the 1% of Australian couples who are same-sex attracted are free to live as they choose – but they are not free to choose a motherless or fatherless existence for a little child just to meet adult emotional needs”, Dr van Gend concluded.


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