Monthly Archives: January 2011

Gay activists promise not to abuse opponents of gay marriage

January 31st 2010 Gay activists promise not to abuse opponents of gay marriage, provided opponents of gay marriage agree with the case for gay marriage! Comment: They will be nice if we just agree that gay marriage is “not going to undermine marriage, family or religion”! No deal. Let’s both be civil – but we say gay marriage...
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What’s happening now to defend natural marriage

January 31st 2010 Breaking story at ACL website re gay thought-police intimidating opposition opinion: Online Opinion editor Graham Young said he and his advertisers were “under attack” and being intimidated by “gay activists” because “we dared to publish” a piece which was “mostly a pastiche of comments by gay activists”. Read more… ...
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Why an Australian Marriage Forum?


Putting the child-centred view of marriage

As the debate continues on the meaning of marriage in Australia, the task of this forum is to engage the public in a more mature debate than the gay lobby's adult-centred narcissism of "feeling the love".  This forum will think from the child’s perspective as well. We must  consider...
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