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Bolt on the printer’s ban of Dr van Gend’s book

  Don't worry: the national book launch of STEALING FROM A CHILD: THE INJUSTICE OF 'MARRIAGE EQUALITY' will proceed and the books will be supplied by a company that wants to print books, not dictate what Australian adults can and can't read or discuss. Details re national book launch here. Purchase the...
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MEDIA RELEASE: Censored! OpusGroup refuses to print Dr van Gend’s book

Unbelievable! Commercial printer acts as censor; bans book against same-sex 'marriage'

Today is the release date for a much-anticipated book by Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum. 

The book is titled, Stealing from a Child: the Injustice of 'Marriage Equality', and has sold over two thousand copies prior to its release. It is...
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The Oz defends our side’s right to be heard

The AusOur national newspaper, The Australian, has made three admirable interventions this week on behalf of the great liberties of a civil society: freedom of conscience / religion, and freedom of speech. On the weekend, one of the country's most respected journalists, Paul Kelly, warned that "the...
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Don’t say you were not warned

C4M cover image

"Punished for believing in marriage".

Snapshot stories HERE of 30 men and women, black and white, famous and obscure; also businesses and church organisations attacked and to varying extents destroyed by the Enforcers of Homosexual Tolerance and Equality. These victims of conscientious objection today will be us tomorrow, unless...
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