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Marriage: What if it’s about definition, not discrimination?

This is an excerpt from Journalist and Blogger, Ruth Limkin, as a response to the presentations in the Parliament on August 24th: *** Some kind and compassionate people are stating that marriage is discriminatory, because persons who are in a same-sex relationship are excluded from it. While I don’t doubt their sincerity, I wonder if they...
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Not all Gay People want Gay Marriage

'Anti Gay-Marriage gays'

by Ben-Peter Terpstra in ONLINE OPINION, 27 September 2010 From the ABC's Hungry Beast (2009): "If more than half of all Australians support same sex marriage, you'd at least assume that gay people would be in favour of it, right? Monique [Schafter] found out this isn't always the case. She spoke to...
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Same sex marriage: is public opinion a moral value?

Published in ONLINE OPINION on the 6th of December 2010 By Max Atkinson - a former senior lecturer of the Law School, University of Tasmania, with Interests in legal and moral philosophy, especially issues to do with rights, values, justice and punishment. He is an occasional contributor to theTasmanian Times. *** One can learn a good...
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Dismantling a homosexual marriage myth

By Bill Muehlenberg is Secretary of the Family Council of Victoria, and lectures in ethics and philosophy at various Melbourne theological colleges. Published in ONLINE OPINION, 25 November 2010 A so-called conservative writer parroted some silly arguments for same-sex marriage in the Sunday Age recently. He finishes by saying that marriage is a good thing (which...
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