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Gay family-law barrister agrees with AMF President

  In this interview on ABC Radio Adelaide, 16 March 2015, a gay family-law barrister rings up to support Australian Marriage Forum President Dr David van Gend. They agree that a child should have, where possible, a mother and a father. The barrister, 22 years in a single-sex relationship, says:
As a...
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What about the Kids?

The impact on children Certainly, there are tragedies where a child cannot have both parents – through tragic situations such as the death or desertion of a parent. However, the disadvantage of a motherless or fatherless home should not be inflicted on a child – with the complicity of government – by the legalisation of same-sex...
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Dismantling a homosexual marriage myth

By Bill Muehlenberg is Secretary of the Family Council of Victoria, and lectures in ethics and philosophy at various Melbourne theological colleges. Published in ONLINE OPINION, 25 November 2010 A so-called conservative writer parroted some silly arguments for same-sex marriage in the Sunday Age recently. He finishes by saying that marriage is a good thing (which...
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