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AFL Caught Out ‘Virtue Signalling’

It’s become clear over the past few weeks that the AFL has no idea what it’s signed up for. AFL once provided a much needed escape from politics and ideology, uniting us in our shared love of footy. That was, until the AFL elite decided to enter the political arena and deface their logo in support of...
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‘Safe’ Schools Under Investigation

UPDATE / CLARIFICATION 29/2/16 2pm EST Our original post referred to a comment made at the Stop Safe Schools Coalition suggesting that Professor Donna Cross had shown "long time support and alliances with both the Safe Schools Coalition and LaTrobe University Melbourne, creators of the concepts and authors of the program". We think there has been...
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Launch of The AMF

Finally - a space to hear the 'other' sides of the argument: AMF is encouraged to see the tabling of a petition of 52,000 signatures in the Senate today in support of marriage. On the back of that tremendous effort, AMF has been launched to contribute a further voice in the public debate on marriage....
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Parliament to hear views on same-sex marriage

Federal Parliament has agreed to set aside time in August for MPs to speak for five minutes on the issue of gay marriage. Last November, Parliament passed a Greens motion calling on MPs to consult their constituents about who should be entitled to marry. On Tuesday evening the House of Representatives agreed that members should report back...
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Online Opinion and Freedom of Speech

14th February 2011 The Australian website Online Opinion is facing difficult financial times after having advertising withdrawn following the publication of an article on gay marriage. Graham Young, the founder and chief editor of the site, offers his perspective. Listen to the interview by the ABC with Graham Young HERE: ________________________________________

Oversensitivity can...

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Not all Gay People want Gay Marriage

'Anti Gay-Marriage gays'

by Ben-Peter Terpstra in ONLINE OPINION, 27 September 2010 From the ABC's Hungry Beast (2009): "If more than half of all Australians support same sex marriage, you'd at least assume that gay people would be in favour of it, right? Monique [Schafter] found out this isn't always the case. She spoke to...
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