Mob protest links Safe Schools and gay marriage

Thursday night's seminar in Brisbane entitled "Safe Schools - Education or Social Engineering" was cancelled due to a large protest by gay marriage activists, just hours after the High Court approved the national postal vote on marriage.

Police had warned the organisers about the protest and a decision was made to call the event off on security grounds. But the protestors turned up anyway and harassed guests who had turned up only to find the event cancelled.

Mainstream media reported a 'clash' between 'Yes' and 'No' campaigners, but that is more fake news. Just like the fake news about the alleged homophobic poster in Melbourne that nobody could even find.

In fact, the only 'clash' that took place on Thursday night was SSM Activists trying to block the cars of guests who had come to the cancelled meeting and were trying to leave.

Watch the video for yourself.

Then the story gets really shameless. One activist claimed she was knocked down by a ‘speeding’ car but eye witnesses and Queensland Police confirmed “that the young woman alleging she was injured following a car driving into the crowd had fallen over and, refusing medical assistance, chose to speak with reporters instead."

As the AMF President told The Australian today,

“This is another example of the appalling lengths LGBTIQ activists will go to shut down free speech.

"They blocked access to the hall in question, preventing access for those seeking to attend the meeting. They then chose to make some very serious allegations, dismissed as false by Queensland Police, as a way of excusing their bullying tactics.”

We are waiting on the rest of mainstream media to update their viewers with the facts: There was NO uncivil behaviour by ‘No’ campaigners. ALL the shouting and obstruction came from ‘Yes’ campaigners. But we won't be holding our breath...

There is, however, one valuable lesson from this latest mob attack: in their minds, Safe Schools and same-sex marriage are part of a package deal. The meeting was not about gay marriage but about Safe Schools, yet the protestors were there about gay marriage. Their placards were about marriage equality and voting 'Yes' in the postal plebiscite.

Let nobody doubt that gay marriage and gay sex-education go together, that taking gender out of marriage and taking gender out of our kids'  education go together.

And if gay marriage becomes the law of the land, parents will have no say. Our children and grandchildren will be subjected to Safe Schools on steroids.

If you don't want that for your kids, and you don't want this intolerance to win, then please vote 'No'.

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8 Responses

  1. FYI Andrew. Thank you for setting so many lies and fake news straight on your program. I wish more people had Foxtel and would watch your report each night.

    Kind regards,
    Lorraine McGregor

  2. ‘By their fruits you shall know them.’

    Newspaper headlines and media personalities announced to the world (sourced from the American Psych Ass) scientists had found a gay gene. Had they? ……..No!
    Did the same sources then print a retraction?……..No! (There are therefore still so many who believe the gay gene lie and thus the ‘born this way’ posters still get trotted out.)
    We have been told for a decade ( via the same media sources) about research data that proves there is no detrimental effects for children raised in SS households. Has any of this data been validated as being sourced from research that met gold standard requirements?………..No!
    Gold standard research data confirms children do best raised by married biological parents.
    We have been endlessly buzzed with puerile captions like ‘love is equal.’ Is it? A pinch of maturity and with a skerrik of life experience and the answer is clear. It never was, isn’t now and never will be. That’s why most children live with the people who created them but unfortunately some don’t.
    We also are bombarded with ‘love is love’…..which is only meaningful if everyone understands other equally brilliant truths like; ‘marriage is marriage’ and ‘faithfulness is faithfulness’ and ‘divorce is divorce’ and ‘lust is lust’ and ‘promiscuity is promiscuity’ and ‘Hollywood is Hollywood’ and when heterosexual ‘love is love’ happens, little beings with a right to equality can also happen but when gay ‘love is love’ happens no little beings can happen.
    We have heard a people’s vote on SSM is a waste of $$…..our elected representatives should decide. They have tried that 16 times already and 16 times they voted……..No!
    Did the LGBT social engineering lobby and their supporters accept our elected representative’s decision? …..No!
    The tragic death of Matt Shepard was reported world wide as a gay hate crime. It wasn’t!
    Gay hate posters all over Melbourne….Mr Shorten saw them. Were there?….No. Did he …..No!
    Was the Tasmania Bishop able to express a view supporting current Australian marriage law without being bullied?….No!
    Has the media given the Australian ‘fair go’ to others who express support for current Australian marriage law?…..No!
    Is the Safe Schools program an ‘Anti-Bullying’ program? …….No! ( If it is then the SSM activists haven’t seen it yet.)
    Are parents being respected as first educators of their children by being appropriately informed of the content of the Safe Schools program?……..No!
    Is ‘Gender Theory’ as it is being promoted in SSM countries from Kindy to Uni founded on real science? ………No!
    Do you like being misled and lied to?
    So, you can either take a program to cleanse yourself of this nasty phobia and the hate that rules your life or you can simply vote ……….No!

    • Nicely summed up, Tony!

      I hope the nation becomes aware of this deception quick smart, and returns a resounding NO.

  3. Meanings of words change over time. I don’t think a governing body should legislate a new definition of a word and an age old institution. That is for the changing culture and the dictionary publishers to decide. The traditional meaning will still be true regardless of what the government dictates.
    The lgbtqi have already gained equality. Marriage Equality is a misnomer.

    There is no offence intended when I say marriage is between a husband and wife. Those who find offence in that statement have no grounds for offence, because that has always been the case.
    We can see how swear words and vulgar language that used to be offensive are becoming the norm. Until recently, Homosexual Marriage was also laughable or offensive but now becoming accepted and even enforced.

    The meaning of marriage has been sliding down the slippery slope ever since no fault divorce, free abortions and the free love movement of the sixties. When is the end of this downward spiral? Until marriage means nothing I expect.

    We can all change words to suit ourselves…
    Here is a new meaning for Sex Abusers : – those who abuse the meaning of sex.

  4. I am struggling to look past some of the facts. Once upon a time it was a offence (a little harsh) once upon a time it was classed as a mental illness (I take my hat off for my friend who still gets treatment). A man loves a woman (no worries) a man loves a man (ok..) a woman loves a woman (ok…) a man or woman loves a child (still a criminal offence and mental illness due to a child not able to give consent but im sure paedophiles are just wired that way….) where do you draw the line and what is normal…..

    If they say yes to marriage equality and love between man/man woman/woman, then the paedophiles out their who are sexually attracted and love children might also fight for their equality.

    I am struck by this basic logic that the campaigning sort of ignores, remember their are scientists that did study this and their theories have all been snuffed out by great marketing.

    • Michael

      If the sex of the spouses is irrelevant to marriage, so is the number. There’s nothing special about the number two, so there’s no reason to restrict “marriage equality” to couples. Surely marriage equality for any “2 people” discriminates against the B in LGBTIQ, bisexuals, who should be able to marry both a man and a woman at the same time. After all, the Tasmania Police website refers to “biphobic crimes” (which is illegal, as the Police can only call something a crime if it’s called a crime in an act of parliament). It’s time to stamp out biphobia, and triphobia, for that matter — let same-sex triples have marriage equality too!

      Non-gay same-sex housemates or business partners will automatically have a de facto same-sex marriage. Two blokes on the roadside buying and selling a car can claim to be married, for just as long as would be needed to avoid paying the registration transfer fees.

      Paedophiles will be able to campaign for “marriage equality”, as the draft amendment to the Marriage Act 1961 replaces the words “a man and a woman” with “2 people”. The word ‘people’ includes ‘children’ in its meaning. If a man can identify as a woman, and falsify legal documents to reflect this, surely a child can likewise identify as an adult. If “love is love”, parents can marry their children, because parents love their children very dearly.

      Why not have “marriage equality” for prostitutes and their clients, as prostitution is a legal sexuality. If marriage need not be life-long, it can be as short as you like, just long enough to render the “adult services”, with no GST payable, as it’s a financial transfer between spouses.

      What if cigarette companies encouraged young people of diverse respiratory orientation to come out with pride, stamp out tobaccophobia, and finally achieve breathing equality?

  5. I voted ‘No’ yesterday, the 25th Sept. At the start when we all found out that we were being given the opportunity to take part in a survey to air our view if we wanted the marriage laws to change, we really did not know what it really meant. Since that time I have been subjected to abuse by gay people, even up until yesterday, who I thought were my friends. I have been called homophobic and having unresolved issues from my past and one person even took a poll on Facebook against my view that ‘I did not agree’ with the marriage law being changed. Due to how I have been treated by a so called friend of mine and the disgusting behavior by the ‘Yes’ campaigners, I say now that I AM Homophobic and against any sexual activity performed by persons in a Same Sex Relationship. We all know that it is not a natural act for either animal or human of the same sex to have sex, but now I believe it to be detrimental to their mental health.

    • Michael

      Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you voted No, and are standing up to the bullying of Yes campaigners. You’re right that “we all know it’s not a natural act for either animal or human of the same sex to have sex…” The Yes campaign is all about forcing you to agree with something they themselves know is wrong. They think they can make it right and natural by calling it ‘marriage’. It’s bad for mental health, because sodomy’s rejection of the self-evident design and function of the human body, first takes place in the mind. Sodomy repudiates the process by which a person comes into existence. Sodomy is really an act of self-rejection, which leads to a mental state the opposite of the original meaning of the word ‘gay’.

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