Mob protest links Safe Schools and gay marriage

Thursday night's seminar in Brisbane entitled "Safe Schools - Education or Social Engineering" was cancelled due to a large protest by gay marriage activists, just hours after the High Court approved the national postal vote on marriage.

Police had warned the organisers about the protest and a decision was made to call the event off on security grounds. But the protestors turned up anyway and harassed guests who had turned up only to find the event cancelled.

Mainstream media reported a 'clash' between 'Yes' and 'No' campaigners, but that is more fake news. Just like the fake news about the alleged homophobic poster in Melbourne that nobody could even find.

In fact, the only 'clash' that took place on Thursday night was SSM Activists trying to block the cars of guests who had come to the cancelled meeting and were trying to leave.

Watch the video for yourself.

Then the story gets really shameless. One activist claimed she was knocked down by a ‘speeding’ car but eye witnesses and Queensland Police confirmed “that the young woman alleging she was injured following a car driving into the crowd had fallen over and, refusing medical assistance, chose to speak with reporters instead."

As the AMF President told The Australian today,

“This is another example of the appalling lengths LGBTIQ activists will go to shut down free speech.

"They blocked access to the hall in question, preventing access for those seeking to attend the meeting. They then chose to make some very serious allegations, dismissed as false by Queensland Police, as a way of excusing their bullying tactics.”

We are waiting on the rest of mainstream media to update their viewers with the facts: There was NO uncivil behaviour by ‘No’ campaigners. ALL the shouting and obstruction came from ‘Yes’ campaigners. But we won't be holding our breath...

There is, however, one valuable lesson from this latest mob attack: in their minds, Safe Schools and same-sex marriage are part of a package deal. The meeting was not about gay marriage but about Safe Schools, yet the protestors were there about gay marriage. Their placards were about marriage equality and voting 'Yes' in the postal plebiscite.

Let nobody doubt that gay marriage and gay sex-education go together, that taking gender out of marriage and taking gender out of our kids'  education go together.

And if gay marriage becomes the law of the land, parents will have no say. Our children and grandchildren will be subjected to Safe Schools on steroids.

If you don't want that for your kids, and you don't want this intolerance to win, then please vote 'No'.

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