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Don’t Mess with Mumma Bear

MOTHERS ON THE WAR PATH! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!! Get between a mother bear and her cubs, and then try to mess with that cub in any way, and you should be very afraid. Labor marginal seats in Sydney - and Melbourne no doubt - should also fear the rage of mothers about Labor's commitment to...
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Public Meeting on Marriage and Family

marriage_family_brisbane_toowoombaYou are invited to hear two expert speakers - Dr David van Gend and Dr Jennifer Roback Morse. They'll be discussing Same Sex 'Marriage' - Its impact on children, family & freedom. Monday 16th May, 7pm - The Village Avenue Community Church - 1 Village Avenue, Coopers Plains Tuesday 17th...
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Is This Our Last Mother’s Day?

On Sunday, thousands of flowers will be delivered, slippers unwrapped and handwritten cards opened in honour of mums. More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. Is it any wonder? There's nothing in the world that can compare to a mother's love. And there's no closer bond than that between a mother and her...
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Gay ‘Marriage’ Guarantees Gay Sex Education

Don't forget: gay 'marriage' guarantees gay sex-education and parents will have no say. Right now parents can push back - with some success - against the radical LGBT 'Safe Schools' agenda, but once the law says that homosexual 'marriage' is normal and right, schools MUST teach that homosexual behaviour is normal and right. There is no...
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The ‘Safe’ Schools Program is not Safe for our Kids

Increasingly it seems that the gay 'marriage' push is tied in with a radical sex-education and gender-bending programme in our schools. As this site has long noted, if homosexual 'marriage' is normalised in law, then all manner of homosexual / bisexual / transgender behaviour MUST be normalised in culture, especially in the school curriculum, with the full...
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Gay family-law barrister agrees with AMF President

  In this interview on ABC Radio Adelaide, 16 March 2015, a gay family-law barrister rings up to support Australian Marriage Forum President Dr David van Gend. They agree that a child should have, where possible, a mother and a father. The barrister, 22 years in a single-sex relationship, says:
As a...
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