The End Game for Rainbow Activists

The inevitable has happened. An 8- month-old baby boy in Canada has been issued a health card with a "U" in place of “M” or “F” in the space for "sex.”

The “genderless” baby is in the care of parent (non-binary transgender person) Kori Doty, who, according to BBC News aims to allow the child to discover his/her/its own gender.

"I'm raising Searyl in in such a way that until they have [sic] the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are [sic], I'm recognising them [sic] as a baby and trying to give them [sic] all the love and support to be the most whole person that they [sic] can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box."

"When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life," Kori Doty said.

The family's lawyer, barbara findlay, who chooses to spell her name without capital letters, told Global News: "The assignment of sex in this culture is done when a medical person lifts up the legs and looks at the baby's genitals. But we know that the baby's own gender identity will not develop for some years until after they're born."

However, what we actually do know is that, according to science, Searyl has 6,500 reasons to identify as either male or female. Sex is not “interchangeable” and ignoring “sex” can prove very dangerous, even deadly, when it comes to medical treatments.

Intersex is a genuine physical, biological condition whereby a baby may be born with characteristics which are not either all typically male or all typically female. Only 0.002% of babies (i.e. two in 10,000) have a true intersex malformation.

Gender dysphoria is a genuine mental health issue, but it’s not a biological condition and does not, in any way, change your biological sex.

It’s important to understand the clear distinction between the two, because rainbow activists are asking us to remove “sex” – a biological fact - from every aspect of society, from birth certificates to wedding certificates.

Australia’s own Government-funded SBS is banking on Australians NOT doing their own research as they intertwine “intersex” with dangerous gender theory in order to gain credibility for their cause: "The science is clear: Sex is not binary after all. And schools can bring about a true cultural shift if they begin teaching that fact to our youngest generations."

The Gender Free ID Coalition believes: "The only acceptable solution is to remove gender altogether, from all identity documents."

In the USA, drivers in Washington DC can “choose the designation ‘X’ on their driver’s license rather than “male” or “female” if it better fits what they consider their gender identity.”

Also, in the USA, Mercatornet reports: "...male faculty, administrators, other employees, and any other men who walk onto the campus of a Title IX institution do not have to notify anyone about anything; they can just show up in any women’s restroom, locker room, shower, or dormitory whenever they want....

“Pro-family Christians and radical feminists may not agree about much, but they agree that redefining ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ is a truly fundamental shift in American law and society.”

Transgender laws and women’s safety cannot co-exist. In fact, as the article suggests; Transgender laws threaten to erase women.

US teachers who refuse to entertain dangerous gender theory will find themselves in hot water. The Gospel Coalition recently reported that: “The Trump administration recently issued a letter stating that teachers and students could be investigated for a civil rights violation if they refuse to use the ‘preferred pronouns’ of transgender students.”

Where is all this headed? Well, "a prominent LGBT activist who has donated more than anyone else to LGBT causes has said that ‘wicked’ people who advocate for laws protecting the religious freedom of conservative Christians to act in accordance with their views on marriage and sexuality need to be ‘punished’."

Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward openly admitted at a Marxist conference that the real end game was to rail against a “push to fit people into gender constructs that promote heterosexuality”.

“Programs like the Safe Schools Coalition are making some difference, but we’re still a long way from liberation,’’ she said. “Marxism offers the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today.”

Unless we stand up for our rights and encourage others to do so too, in the not too distant future, you will be labelled a “bigot” if you write “M” or “F” on your baby’s birth certificate. You will suffer the full force of the law if you refuse to participate in a genderless wedding ceremony and we will have to watch, from a distance, as our children are taught that their gender is fluid and two men can easily and seamlessly replace the once-revered role of motherhood.

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11 Responses

  1. So I guess you’re not in favour of parental rights after all. I think this is silly, but why is it coercive? It doesn’t force anyone to do anything else. It’s simply the government respecting the wishes of a parent.

    • Dan

      Wow this really sad for the kid. @Nick, I hear what you’re trying to say, but the wishes of the parent aren’t logical / don’t make sense when the child has no physical abnormality… so is physiologically a boy or a girl. It doesn’t really make any sense for authorities to support this line of thinking when the facts are already established in the DNA and phyiscal attributes. As a parent of 3 myself this seems cruel on the parents behalf to not help the child understand who/what they already are.

    • “It’s simply the government respecting the wishes of a parent” – nice one Nick, laughable if not so serious.

      Is this the same Government that has recently legislated to remove children from the parent’s care if those parents do not accept this fluidity rubbish? Is this the repecting the parents wishes you’re referring to?

      I saw the male parent on tv last night (I’m presuming he himself has accepted his maleness?), he spoke indoctrinated rubbish.

      This is nothing more than delusional people who ought to refrain from having children.

      The victim here is the new born child having to one day explain the utter stupidity of 1. his parents and 2. this ridiculous theory (if you can call it that).

      Humans are supposed to be the intelligent of all species on this earth but your lot is casting great doubts over this, even the animal kingdom can easily distinguish between male and female.

      Nick, you and your lot are equipping these defensless children for massive failure not to mention psychological damage of yet unknow proportions. When these children mature, I would expect there will not be enough lawyers around sueing the Govt in a class action for damages. And who pays for this folly into this great theory of stupidy? Not you Nick, it will be 1. the damaged child and 2. the public purse.

      You all should hold your heads down in shame.

      • Can you read? I said it was silly.

      • Richard,
        I agree with your comment.

        • Richard,

          On the 7/7/2017 The Guardian online warned “untreatable gonorrhoea ‘superbug’ spreading around world, WHO warns.” The Safe School program and the Resilience, Rights, and Respectful Relationship program both encourage and promote homosexuality and transgender dysphoria, and sexual immorality (sexual relationships with any consenting person or people mixing bums, penises, vagina, mouth etc). These programs are aimed at all students including those students who identify as LGBTIAQ and heterosexual and the majority of students who have never identified as being a “heterosexual” and or a gender based on a feeling, desire, lust, and or passion which can’t be scientifically measured or tested so is only subjective truth. These programs are Marxist’s ideological propaganda and are not education based on scientific evidence. These programs promote the idea that marriage is a civil right rather than marriage is a public commitment to a lifelong, faithful “one flesh” union between husband and wife as they can naturally procreate new-life (natural human reproduction). A “one flesh” marriage needs to be supported and protected by society because of the harm of coveting another man’s wife which leads to adultery and causes divorce and breakdown of “one flesh” marriage and family and can result in domestic violence, corruption, dishonesty, theft, and even murder which are an enormous cost and burden to any society. The Bible gives a clear example of King David and Bathsheba’s adulterous relationship which never involved a legal state marriage certificate but lead King David to have Uriah killed in war.

          All children need to be protected from any laws which legally separate them from their biological mother and or father as the scientific evidence shows that children search for their natural parents even as adults. Also, the Royal Commission into Institutional child sexual abuse showed evidence that all the children had been sexually abused by an unrelated adult/child and the majority of these cases were only reported as an adult. How will health professionals detect grooming, abuse including sexual abuse when the law places children with unrelated adult/s and child/children? It took a Royal Commission to detect the extent of child sexual abuse in churches, schools etc and now the government is including this into the institute of marriage/family. The 10 Commandment commands for children to honour their father and mother so it is obvious that God never intended for children to be legally separated from their mother and father. The government, government agencies and the Christian churches need to supports and protects “one flesh” marriage and the natural family because the Bible clearly teaches this is spiritually healthy and pleasing to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as God claimed to have united man with a woman as “one flesh” for the purpose of filling the earth with people. Jesus referred to this marriage claiming a man is to leave is father and mother in order to cleve with his wife. The Bible warns Christians that their body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. Therefore, genuine Christians have to obey the teachings of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit which mean we’re to reject all that is evil including believing in the sexuality and gender theories as the Bible never teaches genuine Christians about the words “homosexual,” “heterosexual,” “heterosexual marriage,” LGBTIAQ identity, “same-sex marriage,” “same-sex,” “opposite-sex,” “straight,” and “scientific experimentation of human reproduction.” The Bible clearly doesn’t encourage and promote sexual activities (anal and oral sex, pornography, masturbation, pretend sexual organs, robotic sex toys/dolls, chew-sex etc ) for people who identify as “homosexual,” “LGBTIAQ,” “same-sex,” “heterosexual,” “opposite-sex,” and “straight.”

          Australians are concerned about the risk of a nuclear weapon attack which could hit Darwin but fail to understand how a society could be wiped out with a STD like Gonorrhoea which is a very smart bug according to Teodora Wi (human reproductive specialist at the Geneva-based Un health agency). He claimed, “Every time you introduce a new type of antibiotic to treat it, this bug develops resistance to it. The WHO estimates 78 million people a year get gonorrhoea, an STD that can infect the genitals, rectum and throat. The infection which in many cases has no symptoms on its own, can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility, as well as increasing the risk of getting HIV. In most countries, cephalosporins are now the only single antibiotics tat remain effective for treating gonorrhoea. Yet resistance to them has already been reported in 50 countries. 78 million people is well over 3 times Australian’s adult population. The WHO has been warning for years that if new drugs aren’t invented then gonorrhoea will become untreatable across the world. Many societies use to criminalise STDs because they could wipe out a healthy population due to infertility, cancers and death. Unfortunately, Australian governments have been deregulating every institute which tried to prevent the public from harmful behaviours and practices. A “one flesh” marriage is the opposite of “same-sex” marriage which is like abortion is the opposite of a live birth. The law can only support and protect one natural behavioural practice by registrations and regulations. The law can’t support and protect victims of murder whilst at the same time encouraging and promoting murder throughout society as this is an illness and madness. Many cultures have labelled “romantic marriage” as an illness and madness.

  2. So if we state that our marriage is between a man (my husband) and a woman (me) it’ll be named illegal ?

    • AJ

      Yes, the words ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ will be deemed illegal in the near future, Elizabeth, according to current trends and pressure from LGBT groups who consider such hetero-normative terms offensive.

    • Elizabeth,

      Margaret Court has stated publicly that she believes marriage is an exclusive union between a man and woman but the LGBTIAQ party dictators and Malcolm Turnbull don’t believe in this meaning of marriage which has been defined in the Australian Marriage Act in 2004 even though it is based on common law as it doesn’t include a same-sex union. However, if the meaning of civil “registered marriage” is changed in the Marriage Act for the purpose of “same-sex marriage” then the LGBTIAQ party dictators will use the Anti-discrimination Act against any Australia like Margaret Court who doesn’t bow down to the Gay marriage Idol of “same-sex marriage.” It will be considered illegal and offensive to believe marriage is an exclusive union between a man and woman as this is considered natural mating which can procreate new-life and same-sex partners can’t naturally mate to create new-life. There are 23 countries around the world which have changed laws for a legal “same-sex marriage” but this has meant Christians have experienced fines, jail, re-education programs, loss of employment, closures of business/company and children can be legally removed from their parents if they believe marriage is an exclusive union between a man and woman which makes them refuse to bow down to the gay marriage idol. Priests have experienced jail for preaching the Bible which has been labelled hate speech. The Swedish Prime Minister even wants to force priests to marry same-sex partners even if this goes against their moral conscience and this is exactly like the Nazi Party forced German people to go against their moral conscience by introducing German laws which allowed them to legally kill Jewish people. Free speech is significantly under threat throughout Australia as people are being denied their civil right to say what they believe and think. Many Australians don’t believe marriage is a gay union, and a legal “same-sex marriage” has been rejected about 20 times in federal parliament because it has never made any sense because it is an oxymoron like “bachelor married man.” I was informed by HR that I couldn’t refuse any emails on Gay Pride Marches and was told I should consider working outside the organisation. Therefore, if my work thinks they can send offensive emails to me then I don’t bother reading work emails in my own time off work when I am at home. Australia is no longer a free society as the Victorian government is forcing the LGBTIAQ agenda throughout Victorian schools even against parent’s consent.

  3. The government are not psychoanalysts. They only want to know who has made a commitment to have children with one partner ONLY. That is all the government should be interested in. If doctors state that a baby is male according to science, that is all they are concerned with for the purpose of social order. Whether you want to dress differently or whatever you think is not the business of the government. It should confine itself to facts. If two people can theoretically have children together, by the fact that they have genetically complementary gametes, they should be able to marry. It does not mean that they will (they may be too old etc.), but the law should not allow marriage between people for the purpose of buying kids on the Internet and having them manufactured to their specifications in third world countries where women can be exploited for this purpose. It is far worse than prostitution because in the latter case, it does not affect the life of a third person.

    Children (or reproduction) are the only purpose of life and marriage has made civilization possible – think about it – without marriage there would not be any incentive to pass on your heritage to your children because you may not know who they are. Do not let your government destroy civilization.
    Can you imagine a future where children have no connection to their parents. This is a brave new world indeed. The love of children is what makes humanity what it is. And you don’t even have to believe in God to believe in life. In fact we should make sure to spread the message that removing gender and the relation between (natural) parents and children to non believers. I think we have made a grave mistake by pretending that genderless marriage was a religious thing. I think that many people have been convinced to destroy marriage as it has always been intended for thousands of years, because they were told that “traditional” marriage was a form of oppression from churches. When they attack marriage, they think they are attacking the church.

    Marriage has been adopted by ALL churches because it is the basis of civilization not the other way round. Our civilization will not survive the abandonment of natural marriage for the purpose of knowing who your children are and more importantly so that children are allowed to know their identity and who are their real parents. It is for their whole life, not just when they were born. We cannot accept that a growing number of children will have to roam the world until they die not knowing who they are and where they come from. Knowing who paid for you to be alive is not the same as knowing who procreated you. Until a referendum will be passed that: Children will no longer be able to know who their natural parents are, I believe we should fight for the right of all children.

  4. If I may add my thoughts…
    There is a difference in discriminating against, and discriminating (the difference) between.

    I don’t discriminate “against” the lgbtq. I do discriminate “between” traditional marriage and gay marriage.

    There are differences, namely : biological, and just plain logical as well.
    To deny the difference is to be willfully ignorant. I think.

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