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The purpose of marriage to give children their birthright of their mother and father, committed to raising their children together for life.

The Australian Human Rights Commission grants 'the right to marry and found a family.' Marriage and family go together. Same-sex 'Marriage' means a child misses out on a Mum or a Dad.

It is not ‘equality’ and it is not ‘loving’ if the law forces some kids to miss out on their Mum or Dad. That’s discrimination against the child.

The equal right of every child to have the chance of being raised and nurtured by both their mother and father must supersede the desires of adults.

It is not necessary to redefine marriage, as same sex couples in Australia have had full relationship equality since 2008, when 85 laws were changed to remove every piece of legal discrimination on the statute books.

A very good reason to vote No, even for those inclined to support same-sex ‘marriage’, is that there is no proposed legislation for the people to approve, and therefore we are being asked to “sign a blank cheque”.

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