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Why Penny Wong is wrong to silence Christians in the marriage debate

Penny Wong made some rather unfortunate comments recently. According to Penny’s belief system, everyone is welcome to their opinion on marriage and “Safe” Schools - except Christians. In her humble opinion, she and her ilk are welcome to “impose their beliefs on everyone else", but if your views are different to hers - keep quiet! The...
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New Lessons Learned from Overseas

There are so many reasons to love living in Australia, one of which is the fact that we are amongst the vast majority of countries where genderless marriage is illegal. It means we have the benefit of watching the fallout in countries where marriage has been degendered. Here are some recent developments… In the UK - Once...
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Don't say we didn't tell you: "For if we redefine marriage we redefine parenting and we redefine family" - the first paragraph of the AMF President's new book. Words like "mother" and "father" exclude and offend genderless couples and must be rendered gender neutral. This week, the inevitable working out of this legal logic is confirmed again...
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FACT CHECK – Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Won’t affect Anyone

On Tuesday 2 August, ABC's The Drum showed their bias by presenting a half hour debate on same-sex “marriage” with just one supporter of traditional marriage, ACL's Lyle Shelton, up against a stacked panel of four SSM advocates. Hardly what any reasonable person would call a fair debate. Regardless, Lyle presented a strong case for maintaining the current definition...
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It’s a War for our Civilisation

THE HON MARK LATHAM: "It's a war for our Civilization." He's speaking of the insane world of 'gender theory', which is embodied in the radical sex-education programmes being rolled out in our schools. And which (as we keep reminiding people) will be cemented into law and culture if we ever institute 'genderless marriage'. The creators of...
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Gay ‘Marriage’ Guarantees Gay Sex Education

Don't forget: gay 'marriage' guarantees gay sex-education and parents will have no say. Right now parents can push back - with some success - against the radical LGBT 'Safe Schools' agenda, but once the law says that homosexual 'marriage' is normal and right, schools MUST teach that homosexual behaviour is normal and right. There is no...
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Don’t say you were not warned

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"Punished for believing in marriage".

Snapshot stories HERE of 30 men and women, black and white, famous and obscure; also businesses and church organisations attacked and to varying extents destroyed by the Enforcers of Homosexual Tolerance and Equality. These victims of conscientious objection today will be us tomorrow, unless...
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