Last week, a restaurant owner in Victoria was inundated with hate messages and bad reviews. His crime? Refusing to ‘refuse service’ to a group of ‘no’ campaigners.

This week, a Perth high school student from Duncraig Senior High School was awarded the "Ian Goodenough award for positive attitude and contribution to the school" but she handed back the award because she doesn’t agree with MP Ian Goodenough’s decision to vote ‘no’ to redefining marriage.

The LGBTQ Agenda does not allow for opposing views. Anyone with a contrary opinion is quickly ostracised and vilified.

As a woman in the USA discovered when she collected nearly 1,000 coats for a local homeless youth shelter, only to be turned away and accused of ‘transphobia’ when they learnt that she campaigned to keep men out of women’s change rooms.

A follow up comment read: “A local Catholic shelter accepted the donation with open arms. Apparently if any homeless trans kids find themselves in need of a winter coat, they'll need to go to the Catholic shelter for help.”

As Australian of the Year nominee Catherine McGregor discovered after writing an article entitled ‘I’m Transgender and I oppose Safe Schools.’ McGregor was subsequently ‘delisted’ as a transgender advocate, because there is no room in their world view for dissenting opinions.

As freedoms are eroded along the march to a genderless society, this is our chance to send a clear message that a world that doesn’t value free thought is not the kind of world we want.

It’s okay to say no to that.

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17 Responses

  1. Gay marriage is just like an honorary doctorate.

    Don’t qualify for it but give it to ’em anyway.

    Difference is the lgbtqi demand it.

    • mikel

      that’s mikel not milkel


      • Michael

        If you hadn’t said, I wouldn’t have noticed…A lot of my comments have silly mistakes of spelling, grammar, and missed words which change the meaning 😳 Still, to recognise such mistakes is to recognise that words have meanings.

        This relates to the article, because the LGBTIQA+ totalitarians dictate that any human body can have any gender, so according to them, any word can have any meaning. Perhaps the homeless shelter would have rejected the coats themselves as “transphobic”, because a coat has complementary left and right sleeves. Some coats even have darts designed to accommodate a female wearer.

        • mikel

          Bye the way, I carnt evn spel my name!

    • Michael

      Thanks for your comment that “same-sex marriage” is like an honorary doctorate. When a university grants an honorary degree, it gives the recipient a big presentation with much more song and dance than for graduates who earn their degrees by qualifying for them. All normal graduates are required to literally doff their caps to these people who are equally superior to everyone else.

      By granting an honorary degree, a university is making a statement that the recipient has earned the same qualification by doing something different. “Same-sex marriage” doesn’t deserve the honorary degree of civil marriage from the government, because same-sex couples don’t have the same husband/wife relationship/living arrangement, sexual intercourse or procreation, as a man and a woman.

      • mikel

        Yes, thank you.
        Men’s clothes have a chest measurement, women’s have a bust, and the buttons are on opposite sides. No doubt somehow this is offensive to some people.

        This forum is good for discussions like this. You got me thinking and hopefully others can learn as well.

        Steel sharpens steel.

        • Michael

          Yes, this is a great forum. I have learned so much from other people’s comments. I followed AMF for about a year before I said anything, and went back and read a lot of the older posts, which is well worth doing from time to time. “Iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17).

  2. Well the “vote” is in and I don’t believe in god anymore. I personally think the stupid gays and Zionists made up the bible a century ago to keep us from getting rid of them, ie the thou shalt no kill commandment. We need an outright worldwide civil war against the queers until they are all gone and then laws to give every gay and lesbian the death penalty. If we don’t do this every child on earth will be raped, molested and abused through transsexualism. If there was a good god he would protect kids. The only thing we can believe in is a child abuser for a god but either way the gays need to be exterminated once and for all.

    • My comment is full of typos and I am reposting it here:

      Well the “vote” is in and I don’t believe in god anymore. I personally think the stupid gays and Zionists made up the bible a century ago to keep us from getting rid of them, ie: the thou shalt not kill commandment and to try and make those of us against them feel guilty through bogus “scripture”. We need an outright worldwide civil war against the diabolical queers until they are all gone and then laws to give every gay and lesbian the death penalty if more come around later. If we don’t do this every child on earth will be raped, molested and abused through transsexualism. If there was a good god he would protect kids. The only thing we can believe in is a child abuser for a god so who wants that. The gays need to be exterminated once and for all.

      • Michael

        Alas, fixing the typos hasn’t fixed the errors in your comment. The Old and New Testaments form the most accurate documentary record from the ancient world, by a very, very long way. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls proved the verbatim accuracy of Old Testament copyists for the 1,000 years before the previous oldest-known manuscripts. With the New Testament, there are over 5,000 manuscripts and fragments, many from the lifetime of the participants. The New Testament has a “double majority” over any other universally accepted text from the ancient world, with 1) a much higher number of manuscripts, from 2) a much closer time to when the action took place.

        From time to time, numerous LGBTIQA+ collaborators have tried to accuse AMF commenters of “hating gays” etc., so your comment will just give them another excuse for doing so. Some Yes campaigners have written to the Mercury saying that while the Old Testament clearly condemns homosodomality, the New “contains no such passages”. The Yes campaigners clearly have a reading comprehension problem, as Romans 1:26-27 and Jude 7-8 also show homosexuality as a violation of the natural complementary design of the male and female body. However, in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, St Paul says “this is what some of you were”, thus offering hope that an unwanted same-sex attraction can be overcome by the healing power of Jesus Christ.

      • Peter,

        There is definitely a God who created this world, and I have witnessed many miracles throughout my life. The Bible is the word of God, and all over the world and over the centuries this historical book of the Bible has been sworn on in court by millions of people including medical doctors and registered nurses. If this book had been considered to be a fantasy story like “Goldilocks and the three bears” then it would have never entered a court room let alone been sworn on to tell the truth. If these medical doctors and registered nurses lied to the court by not telling the truth then they would be charged with perjury. There are Christian nurses fellowship groups which meet in Australia and all over the world, and these Christian registered nurses have professional conferences throughout the year on Spiritual care in nursing which is based on scientific evidence. Millions of people all over the world and centuries have studied and written about the Bible, Christian music and artwork including Church buildings are all evidence of people’s faith in Christ. Christianity is a way of life from a Baptism, Confirmation, Christian dating services, marriage celebration involving a wedding ceremony, education, nursing and medical care, welfare, legal services and funeral service plus cemetery organisation and Christian political parties and Christian lobby groups etc. A non-believer is unable to get rid of all the evidence in this world which points to Christ. There has never been a war which hasn’t caused the loss of life, and I had to assist in a legal abortion against my will when I was a student. It was sad viewing a dead unwanted neonate and I prayed for this neonate prior to it been treated like bodily waste products and this memory has never left my mind. I have witnessed a number of patients” deaths over more than 24 years and it was never been easy to witness these deaths. I would never encourage and promote war or violence as a way to deal with conflict especially a mental illness which is a conflict within the mind from reality.

        History will show evidence that no civil war is going to bring peace on this earth. There is only Jesus Christ who can change a person’s heart, mind, and soul to bring real peace by rejecting the sexuality and gender theories. All people who identify with the LGBTIA identities have suffered from a mental heath illnesses/problem as evidence with the postal survey. Christians don’t need to identify our “one flesh” union with the new amended Marriage Act because it no longer regulating a man-woman relationship and living arrangement as they can naturally procreate new-life which same-sex partners can’t practice, and the harm of adultery and the breakage of a marriage oath are now acceptable behaviour and practice in any “marriage between any 2 people” including a “Harlot marriage” and legal divorce. The best way to think of the change to the Marriage Act is it is changed to a Disneyland Marriage Act as Disneyland is a real place with real people and with real food. It employs real people in real jobs and gives real money for taxes and it is regulated by real laws. However, Disneyland still remains a fantasy world. The USA government could force the Catholic Church to marry Cinderella and Prince Charming in a public wedding ceremony and give them a right to purchase a state legal marriage certificate for a legitimate marriage, but this would still remain a fantasy or fake marriage as it is never a real genuine “one flesh” marriage which can naturally procreate real new-life.

        I’ve experienced child-on-child sexual abuse at a state primary and high schools and I’ve asked God this question, “Why didn’t you protect me when I was only a child?” God has given me the strength to deal with this abuse. I realised that God has given me real insight into the lies about “same-sex marriage” as I knew that not all homosexual behaviour was consensual as the criminal homosexual behaviour had been given another identity such as pedophilia between a man and boy or woman and girl; incestuous between mother and daughter or father and son etc; rape, sexual assault and child-on-child sexual abuse between male and male or female and female. The gay identity and gender identity can only be written in a patient’s history as subjective information because people can change their mind or they can be non-verbal with a deteriorating conscious status. Also, they can have a language barrier such as non-English speaking background. However, medical doctors and registered nurses have recorded in a patient’s medical record a patient’s biological sex as objective truth based on the binary genders of male and female which can be scientifically measured and tested around the world. About 3 years ago God gave me a dream which revealed that one of the guys I went to school with was gay so I went searching to see if my dream was true and I found him after been apart for many years. God warned me in this dream that the community I had grown up in which I witnessed a group rape, homosexuality, nudity, child-on-child sexual abuse etc was going to a spread across Australia. I have written emails to MPS, health and education ministers as I wanted to protect children and teenagers from grooming, abuse including sexual abuse. I used my experience and qualifications in critical care to highlight problems with identity politic and I’ve been able to warn all of my 3 children about the sexuality and gender theories which are misleading and a dishonest practice. The battle a Christian has with the LGBTIAQ party dictators is a spiritual battle with the word “marriage” as they want a civil registered marriage which is legitimised and regulated by the state authority with a certificate and wedding, but genuine Christians want a genuine “one flesh” marriage between husband and wife based on faithful consummation (sexual intercourse) of their marriage which can naturally procreate new-life which can’t be annulled by the church/state, and adultery is grounds for a divorce.

        • Michael

          Thanks for taking the time to post this testimony to the truth.

        • Michael

          Thanks again for your wonderful comment to Peter, though it’s a shame that those who most need to read such things are those least likely to. Although, like the everyday miracle of ripples in a pond, we don’t know who reads our comments after us.

          I always thought a “Christian dating service” was something provided by an archaeologist! Christians don’t need a dating service to help them “meet someone”, as this is one of the miracles that God works in our lives. And Christians aren’t meeting just someone; God brings to a man the woman who was taken out of him, and vice versa. Fancy paying for an introduction service; as if God’s gifts of love can be bought with money. Perhaps the time and effort some Christians spend examining potential partners via a dating service would be better spent examining themselves in prayer.

          You are certainly right the battle over the word ‘marriage’ is a spritual battle. I could clearly see the demonic spirit of hatred in the eyes of those objecting to my marriage sign. The Church and the LGBTIQA+ dictators are like Mordecai and Haman. Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman (even though it was a law), and refused to show fear in his presence. Haman was enraged, but it was ultimately a rage of futility and impotence.

          The most militaint atheists know perfectly well that God exists, and that he has revealed himself to us through his words and works of creation. Like the LGBTIQA+ dictators, the militant atheists know they are lying, but they use their sophistry and subtlety to deceive themselves and others, often because they’ve had negative or traumatic experiences in childhood, whose perpetrators taught them to embrace as a positive experience. They think that if they can everyone to agree with them, and legislate laws to entrench and enshrine their false philosophy and scurrilous science, this will magically and miraculously make God go away. Those who remain unrepentant will eventually get want they want, for Hell is a place where from which God and his goodness are totally absent

  3. Michael,

    I do believe that God has worked in a very mysterious way of bringing together a man and woman perspective on a “one flesh” marriage between a husband and wife. You and I don’t know who will read our comments in the future, but we never know who might be out there trying to find the real meaning of a “one flesh” marriage in the future. We have never met in person nor have we sat down and collaborated our life stories together, and this is like the historical records of the Bible which included God’s word through the prophets, Kings, Judges and Jesus’s disciples. The Bible included extremely personal information such as King David’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba. However, the purpose of God’s word is to change his people to be more like Christ and it’s a warning for those who don’t believe in his word. We have both desired that all people search for the truth in the Bible as Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life because no one comes to the father but by him. Jesus Christ claimed he was preparing a place for us as his bride the church. I can look forward to Christ’s return, but at the moment I need to witness to the truth about the true meaning of “one flesh” marriage as this is a marriage of difference not sameness. The Bible warns about the “Harlot marriage” because people are in real danger when they marry for money or legal government marriage benefits as they have to deny the real truth about a “one flesh” marriage which God created for a husband and wife.

    • Michael

      Thanks very much for your comment; it’s a great encouragement. It seems God has certainly chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, as my comments are written on a decade-old laptop that cost $15 at the tip shop. (This is possible, as I don’t use Microsoft Windows). The books of the Bible often quote from and refer to each other, and It seems our comments often do likewise too. As well as telling the truth, this is a witness to the relationship of a Christian brother and sister. I too long for Christ’s return, but yes, we need to keep witnessing as long as we’re still here, and the survey result only increases this need, not lessens it. The creaks and croaks increase with age, but the hope of one’s spirit and the peace in one’s heart do too.

      Yes, we have shared some personal information with AMF readers (quite confronting and embarrassing at times), not to boast about our experiences or generate sympathy, but only to help people see the truth. Who is Michael, and who is Janine? We think nothing of ourselves, for all that matters, is what is true. The Lord Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father but by me.” We have witnessed his presence, goodness, mercy, wisdom, and strength in our lives. He also said, “God created male and female, and for this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall be united to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh”. The division of mankind into the binary and complementary male and female sexes is what makes the one-flesh union of marriage possible. Division enables union; sameness enforces separation.

      • Michael,

        Thanks for comments. So here we type as brother and sister in Christ as we can do no other. So help us God to proclaim the truth in the Bible about “one flesh” marriage between husband and wife. I pray that future generations of children will grow up in knowledge and understanding about God’s beautiful creation as he united male and female to become “one flesh” for the purpose of filling the earth with people. There is sickness, illnesses, diseases, injuries and death in our world, but Christ’s death and resurrection gives us all hope of a day when there is no more tears or suffering as he promised to prepare a place for us.

        • Michael

          Thanks for your comment, to which I can only reply, Amen.

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