It’s just as we feared

Throughout the marriage campaign, Australians were told they were being asked one question and one question only: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

Early on in the campaign, we pointed out that the proposed Dean Smith bill actually included writing ‘Gender Theory’ into the Marriage Act and also did not provide adequate protections for freedom of speech, conscience, religion and parental rights.

We were shouted down by Yes campaigners, who appeared insulted at the suggestion that there would be any consequences whatsoever to redefining marriage.

We were told time and again that we were voting solely for the “right” of same-sex attracted people to marry.

Millions of Australians voted Yes as a direct result of those assurances.

But a few short hours after the Yes result was announced, the Yes camp was no longer denying consequences. In fact, they appeared “shocked” that Australians might have believed there would be none.

Today The Australian reported that Senator Smith was now saying “his bill was well publicised before the postal survey commenced and the overwhelming Yes vote suggested people were comfortable with it”.


When we raised the bill, on numerous occasions, we were told it was irrelevant to the vote and the final bill would be worked out if a Yes result was returned.

We are now calling on the Australian Government to honour its word and respond to the millions of Australians who voted Yes based on assurances that freedoms would be protected.

Otherwise, it is  committing a gross betrayal of trust.

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