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Why Penny Wong is wrong to silence Christians in the marriage debate

Penny Wong made some rather unfortunate comments recently. According to Penny’s belief system, everyone is welcome to their opinion on marriage and “Safe” Schools - except Christians. In her humble opinion, she and her ilk are welcome to “impose their beliefs on everyone else", but if your views are different to hers - keep quiet! The...
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‘Safe’ Schools Under Investigation

UPDATE / CLARIFICATION 29/2/16 2pm EST Our original post referred to a comment made at the Stop Safe Schools Coalition suggesting that Professor Donna Cross had shown "long time support and alliances with both the Safe Schools Coalition and LaTrobe University Melbourne, creators of the concepts and authors of the program". We think there has been...
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Parliament Gay Marriage debate opens: "We want to abolish marriage"

A remarkable opening salvo from Labor's John Murphy, warning of the radical agenda underlying the innocuous bid for "equal rights". Listen to the serious thinkers amongst the gay lobby, the ones who understand how catastrophic (and that is a good thing) redefining marriage will be for straight, patriarchal, bigoted, Western culture. And do not be...
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