Monthly Archives: May 2014

What ‘gay marriage’ has done to Massachusetts

For those naive souls who think that gay marriage is just about giving respect and social encouragement to same-sex couples, think again. It is about using the force of law to normalise homosexual behaviour in culture - especially in the minds of our school-children. We have had a decade-long experiment in the US state of Massachusetts,...
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Mozilla: a profound insight into gay intolerance

Brendan O’Neill, a self-declared Marxist, is editor of spiked, an on-line magazine in the UK. This remarkable article has been republished at MERCATORNET with permission. It's six weeks since Javascript inventor Brendan Eich was hounded out of his job at Mozilla by a virtual mob of intolerant tweeters and campaigners. His crime? Failing to genuflect at...
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AMF President’s VIDEO: The Harms of Homosexual ‘Marriage’

We need YOUR HELP to get some momentum behind a new Australian Marriage Forum video in defense of marriage, and in defense of the child’s right, where possible, to both a mum and a dad.  
"Same-sex marriage is a coldly calculated decision of Government to create motherless families, to create fatherless...
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