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Australian Medical Association Ignores Facts to Support Politically Correct Same Sex ‘Marriage’ Campaign

The credibility of the Australian Medical Association has been called into question after choosing to step into the political arena and make spurious, unscientific claims regarding genderless marriage. The AMA quotes a “quasi-natural experiment”1 to bolster claims that “marriage” improved overall health outcomes among LGBTIQ populations. Perhaps of greatest concern is this claim by the AMA: “The...
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Don't say we didn't tell you: "For if we redefine marriage we redefine parenting and we redefine family" - the first paragraph of the AMF President's new book. Words like "mother" and "father" exclude and offend genderless couples and must be rendered gender neutral. This week, the inevitable working out of this legal logic is confirmed again...
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There is no ‘Happily Ever After’ for this Little Girl

Recently, the Herald Sun reported the story of two Gay men who are caught up in a custody battle with the Thai mother of a baby girl. What they didn't report, is that whether the little girl is allowed to leave Thailand with her biological father and his partner, or remain with her biological mother -  she...
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They Said This Would Never Happen

In May 2014, Gareth Lee ordered a cake featuring Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie and the motto 'Support Gay Marriage' from Ashers Bakery in Belfast.  Ashers Bakery initially accepted the order, but after further discussion amongst their team, they contacted Mr Lee to say they couldn't fulfil the order because it went against their sincere religious beliefs. Backed by the Equality Commission,...
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The ‘Safe’ Schools Program is not Safe for our Kids

Increasingly it seems that the gay 'marriage' push is tied in with a radical sex-education and gender-bending programme in our schools. As this site has long noted, if homosexual 'marriage' is normalised in law, then all manner of homosexual / bisexual / transgender behaviour MUST be normalised in culture, especially in the school curriculum, with the full...
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Even the European Court of Human Rights rejects gay ‘marriage’

Just as the British PM David Cameron astonished conservatives with his 'yes' to gay marriage, the typically progressive Court of Human Rights in Europe said 'no, non and nein'.
“The European Convention on Human Rights does not require member states’ governments to grant same-sex couples access to marriage,” judges in Strasbourg said. “With regard to married...
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