Australian Medical Association Ignores Facts to Support Politically Correct Same Sex ‘Marriage’ Campaign

The credibility of the Australian Medical Association has been called into question after choosing to step into the political arena and make spurious, unscientific claims regarding genderless marriage.

The AMA quotes a “quasi-natural experiment”1 to bolster claims that “marriage” improved overall health outcomes among LGBTIQ populations.

Perhaps of greatest concern is this claim by the AMA: “The lack of legal recognition of same-sex couples can have tragic consequences in medical emergencies, for example, when one partner may need to make decisions on behalf of their ill or injured spouse. Without a legally recognised marriage, individuals may not have the right to advocate for their partner, and decision-making power may be deferred to a member of the patient’s immediate biological family.”

This claim is simply untrue. The AMA references the Bulmer-Rizzi2 case which related to recognition on a death certificate and funeral arrangements. This loophole has since been closed by the SA Government and is no longer the case anywhere in Australia. There is no truth to the claim that a partner was denied decision making rights in a medical emergency, simply because of his sexual orientation.

The AMA also claims: “There is no putative, peer-reviewed evidence to suggest that children raised in same-sex parented families suffer poorer health or psychosocial outcomes as a direct result of the sexual orientation of their parents or carers.”

Once again, this is patently untrue. It begs the question: why did the AMA overlook the Mother of All Same-Sex Parenting Studies?

What we do know is that children removed from a biological parent do suffer emotionally and psychologically as a direct result (just ask victims of forced adoption). What we are seeing in countries where genderless marriage is legal is that words like ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are being removed from Government documents and children are stripped of the right to know the identity of their biological mother or father. The repercussions for these children are immense – medical history, genealogy and identity are all stripped away, with no rights for children to access this information.

The AMA also claims that same-sex parenting is a separate issue to same-sex “marriage”, but as we have seen from countries where same-sex “marriage” is legal, the two are intrinsically linked:

How do two men get a baby? At a baby market! A direct result of degendering marriage in the USA is a rise in the demand for commercial surrogacy in places like Belgium. From Ethics Forum: “Branding unwanted childlessness as discrimination and injustice, several branches of the LGBT community are lobbying for gay men and transgender women to have biological children of their own…”

“New terms were launched to keep the transactions as business-like as possible: the surrogate mother was called “a carrier”, the egg donor “a genetic material contributor”. Some agencies also offered money-back guarantees (no kidding) and “multiple cycle package” deals.”

Women and children are not commodities and the negative psychological implications of being treated as such should be obvious.

Why on earth did the federal Australian Medical Association publish this spin?

It has bowed to pressure by the gay lobby group, led by former AMA President Dr Kerryn Phelps. Her unfortunate comment that “Christians now have nowhere to hide” speaks volumes about her true motivation. Ordinary AMA members were denied a vote on this issue; therefore it is not representative of the true view of its members.

1Hatzenbuehler ML, O’Cleirigh C, Grasso C, Mayer K, Safren S, Bradford J. Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Health Care Use and Expenditures in Sexual Minority Men: A Quasi-Natural Experiment. Am J Public Health

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2Dumas, D. 2016. Australian authorities refuse to recognise same-sex marriage of man who died on honeymoon. Sydney Morning Herald. Available from:

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