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The March Towards Degendering Society

Just one year after redefining marriage, Colombia's first three-man marriage has been legally recognized and the “Slippery Slope” theory is now officially fact. One of the three men, actor Victor Hugo Prada said: “This establishes us as a family, a polyamorous family.” It confirms what we have known all along: Once you strip a...
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Australian Medical Association Ignores Facts to Support Politically Correct Same Sex ‘Marriage’ Campaign

The credibility of the Australian Medical Association has been called into question after choosing to step into the political arena and make spurious, unscientific claims regarding genderless marriage. The AMA quotes a “quasi-natural experiment”1 to bolster claims that “marriage” improved overall health outcomes among LGBTIQ populations. Perhaps of greatest concern is this claim by the AMA: “The...
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Swept under the carpet

[AN IMPORTANT ARTICLE POSTED AT MERCATORNET]   Australian research from the 1990s has emerged as key evidence in the debate about same-sex parenting. The constant refrain from supporters has been that there is no difference in outcomes for children in traditional marriages or same-sex couples. In 2010 Judge Vaughn Walker struck down a voter-approved constitutional referendum in California,...
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