The attack on motherhood by LGBTQ activists is both unrelenting and alarming.

Last year, we were ridiculed for asking the question: Is Mother’s Day about to become redundant?

A few months on and we are closer than ever to that reality, as the British Medical Association has advised its members to avoid referring to pregnant ‘women’ or expectant ‘mothers’ as these biologically factual terms are considered offensive by the Transgender community.

Yes, if you have children, it seems it is now officially ‘hate speech’ to refer to yourself as a woman or a mother. The once revered and sacred position of motherhood is under attack like never before. And in an effort not to offend those who seek to remove the status of motherhood, we are forced to use terms like ‘cisgender,’ which sounds like a frightening character from a Star Wars movie, but really just means you’ve decided to accept your biological reality.

And in the USA breastfeeding is now being referred to as ‘chest feeding’ in an attempt to sound more ‘inclusive.’ You can’t make this stuff up!

Misogynists everywhere must be cheering with glee at the SSM activists who claim that ‘unwanted childlessness’ is an affront to their basic human rights and two men can easily and seamlessly replace the biological bond between mother and child. These activists believe it is their ‘right’ to reduce mothers and children to commodities, to be purchased at a negotiated price at places like the Belgium Baby Market. Yes, this is a real event where wombs are sold as ‘package deals’ and babies are stripped from their biological mother with no hope of ever being reunited.

And just recently, here on our own shores, a 15 year old child was granted the right to remove her breasts because she has been led to believe that life as a male is preferable to embracing womanhood and mutilating her body was the only way to achieve happiness.

Anyone who cares about women and the vital role of motherhood needs to speak up now, before more of our rights are stripped away.

Mothers DO matter and to pretend otherwise is dangerous and hateful. This brazen attack on motherhood by LGBTQ elitists must stop!



*Picture for illustration purposes only

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