The attack on motherhood by LGBTQ activists is both unrelenting and alarming.

Last year, we were ridiculed for asking the question: Is Mother’s Day about to become redundant?

A few months on and we are closer than ever to that reality, as the British Medical Association has advised its members to avoid referring to pregnant ‘women’ or expectant ‘mothers’ as these biologically factual terms are considered offensive by the Transgender community.

Yes, if you have children, it seems it is now officially ‘hate speech’ to refer to yourself as a woman or a mother. The once revered and sacred position of motherhood is under attack like never before. And in an effort not to offend those who seek to remove the status of motherhood, we are forced to use terms like ‘cisgender,’ which sounds like a frightening character from a Star Wars movie, but really just means you’ve decided to accept your biological reality.

And in the USA breastfeeding is now being referred to as ‘chest feeding’ in an attempt to sound more ‘inclusive.’ You can’t make this stuff up!

Misogynists everywhere must be cheering with glee at the SSM activists who claim that ‘unwanted childlessness’ is an affront to their basic human rights and two men can easily and seamlessly replace the biological bond between mother and child. These activists believe it is their ‘right’ to reduce mothers and children to commodities, to be purchased at a negotiated price at places like the Belgium Baby Market. Yes, this is a real event where wombs are sold as ‘package deals’ and babies are stripped from their biological mother with no hope of ever being reunited.

And just recently, here on our own shores, a 15 year old child was granted the right to remove her breasts because she has been led to believe that life as a male is preferable to embracing womanhood and mutilating her body was the only way to achieve happiness.

Anyone who cares about women and the vital role of motherhood needs to speak up now, before more of our rights are stripped away.

Mothers DO matter and to pretend otherwise is dangerous and hateful. This brazen attack on motherhood by LGBTQ elitists must stop!



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49 Responses

  1. It is hard to believe that such utter BS is being embraced and peddled by reputable institutions like the British Medical Association.

    I believe that there evil forces in the background which are controlling these absurdities but I am struggling to come up with a valid reason.

    Regardless; we need to stand up to them.
    To fight for our kids and grandkids.

    The male-female marriage and family model has lasted the test of time and culture because it is clearly the best

    All these LGT… abnormalities need to be called out for what they are and not normalised.

    • Your comments are not based on any facts from history. If it’s the test of time you’re looking for, please do the research.

      As for ‘abnormalities,’ this is just an awful statement and demonstrates zero understanding, empathy or compassion.

      • Another obfuscator running interference for the ‘vote YES’ mob, Rob Daniel? Never any factual evidence to support your assertions — they’re never actual arguments, just snide, supercilious comments and distractions and name calling to try to misdirect attention away from the REAL issues.

        Sad, really. No substantive arguments, just endless harping on the ‘Yes’ mantras about “love is love”, “the only people who’ll be affected by redefining marriage will be same sex couples”, etc etc etc and the kind of emotional blackmail and PC slogans littering your own comment.

        Read it again — not a single fact or supported argument, just misdirections and baseless assertions about “zero understanding, empathy or compassion”. Based on what exactly?

        So doctrinaire and predictable — and without substance of any kind.

  2. Ash

    It seems people’s minds are idle for too long to conjure up alternate realities with such detail. As if to say we are over the terms male and female, man and woman, father and mother; they are so yesterday. Let’s make things more detailed, more complicated, because we can’t just be defined by our biology and physiology; we can also be defined on our psyche. So rather than the boring binary reality, why don’t we shake things up a little and create permutations of both biology and psychology to give us numerous possibilities of what any one person can be defined as. But it’s no longer ‘right’ to be referred to male or female. That’s just ‘intolerant’.

    Oh the irony.

  3. Total and complete nonsense!

  4. Total and complete nonsense!

  5. Keep posting. Thanks for being reasonable, rational and wise. There’s a lot of hurt in the lgbt community and it comes out on every one around them. Hoping our precious children can find their way. My daughter is such a nurturer and I feel for her knowing like many woman in my family she is most likely a called mother. In a society where teaching your child how to mother is backward and offensive I hope she will know her own worth instinctively.
    Even at the bank I get asked if I’m sure I want to put down home mum??? Hating who you are born as is a serious issue that needs councilling guidance and healing, not encouragement. Not sure why such a small minority has such a loud voice

  6. This example of adults playing at children was always part of the same sex marriage LGBT agenda; and they are just getting started! I recall thinking as a child after first hearing the Emperor’s New Clothes fable that it was a ridiculous story as I found it impossible to believe adults could be so stupid. Naive child!
    In the world of ‘fake news’ ( a euphemism for lying and intentionally misleading) it has become beholden on every adult not willing to become an emperor’s new clothes type of dupe, to critically discern the veracity of anything the media is reporting.
    In the ‘developed’ western nations where science is lord and ‘progressives’ rule, how was society lead to believe the gay gene, born that way, fake news? When will those unwilling, unable, or too lazy to do their own research be given the facts about the prevalence of gay on gay violence. ( Topical in the current push against domestic violence.) When will the media release for general consumption the research data that reveals that over 50% of new HIV cases come from 2% of the population….the gay community? When will the public be informed that in certain of the countries that have had same sex marriage for five or more years as few as 0.05% of the population has partaken of a SSM? (That’s about 2% of the 2% of the gay community.) When will the progressives so passionate about justice and equality, given science provides no evidence of the ‘born that way’ theory, recognise and support the right of those unhappy with their abnormal sexual orientation to seek help.
    So we roll with gender dysphoria and welcome blokes into our daughters change rooms and look forward to the day (soon I imagine), when the science adoring progressives lead us into the brand new world of species dysphoria when we can look forward to being addressed on national TV by a PM dressed as a bull (who has recently had a sex change from being a cow) and hold our collective breathes in case some child calls out … are all stark raving mad!

  7. This stupidity must be stopped!! We are made at conception to be either male or female. There are no other categories mentioned in history which has been recorded since time began, and now a 2% of 2% has decided that we all should change our way of thinking just because one person has come up with some ridiculous thought of changing the gender of everyone. Males are males, and females are females. There are no other categories. Get used to it.

    • Gordon,
      I do believe this stupidity has to stop. My 2 daughters attend a girl’s grammar school, and I have been told one girl has decided that she is now a he (boy). The teachers are no longer allowed use the word “girls” in order to not offend this student’s transgender identity.

  8. Absolutely ridiculous!

  9. Perhaps the LGBTIQ dictators are behind the current push for women’s football, as it makes women look and behave like men. I went to a Catholic school for 11 years where girls were not allowed to even kick the footy, because girls don’t play football. The school said you can do what you like outside of here, but while at school or in uniform, the school has a duty of care to protect a girl from injury which might affect her potential for future motherhood.

    Violence against girls was punished with greater severity than against boys. If a boy shoved a boy to the ground, he would be told off; but if a boy shoved a girl to the ground, he would get the cuts.

    The school showed us that boys and girls are different, by having them wear different coloured uniforms. Boys’ and girls’ ties, jumpers, trousers/skirts, socks/stockings, and even shoes were different colours. Boys weren’t allowed earrings, and had to keep their hair short, above the shirt collar; but I never found these restrictions terribly onerous.

    Where do the LGBTIQ supremacists think they came from? Every one of them was conceived as a result of natural sexual intercourse; grew for nine months in his mother’s womb; and suckled from his mother’s breast. LGBTIQ hurts people because LGBTIQ is not another sexuality, it is a denial of human sexuality. Adopting an LGBTIQ identity and having “gay sex” is:–

    – an act of self-rejection;
    – a denial of the self-evident male/female reality; and
    – a repudiation of the process that brought you into existence.

    • Michael,
      I totally agree that boys/men and girls/women are very different. Private boys and girls schools understand the huge difference between the sexes that they have created single-sex schools for this reason. The legal “registered marriage” practice is going to accept all the oxymorons such as the “bachelor-married man,” “same-sex marriage,” and “robotic-sex doll marriage” because the federal government believes any type of living arrangement/relationship can be called a legal “registered marriage” in order to get government marriage benefits as this is true “Marriage Equality.” Imagine gays claiming a civil right to have the legal status of a “registered nurse” because registered nurses are the most trusted professional and the nursing profession is good for our society. Why is the legal practice of nursing registration able to discriminate against gay people who don’t meet the qualification for practice? If legal nursing registration was forced by the federal parliament to include unqualified gay people into the practice in order for the profession to be more inclusive and increase diversity this wouldn’t improve the practice, but decrease the degree qualifications to non-certificate nurses. Why have Universities failed to teach students to use critical thinking? The Marriage Act will make no sense at all if every living arrangement/relationship qualifies as a legal status of “registered marriage.” Therefore, genuine Christians have no choice, but to claim an “independent marriage” (public, non-registered marriage) in order to defend, support and protect their “one flesh” marriage which procreates new-life (natural human reproduction). Rodney Croom can never claim to practice an “independent marriage” because this involves a public commitment to a life-long, faithful “one flesh” marriage (sexual intercourse) between one man and one woman as they can procreate new-life with God’s design (natural human reproduction). Rodney Croom could have a legal “registered marriage” like the purchase of my cat and dog registration certificate with my local council, but the Marriage Act will force him to celebrate a public wedding ceremony to bless his government marriage registration certificate with the state. A legal “registered marriage” practice has nothing to do with a sexual relationship because there is no marriage law anywhere in the world which defines a sexual union between a same-sex married couple. A “registered marriage” is an exclusive legal union for a complicated friendship between any 2 people (the word “people” include children and more than a couple/2 individuals). Rodney Croom can only present as evidence of his “registered marriage” is a legal state marriage certificate for a public wedding ceremony which is the definition of a “sham marriage” because the purpose of entering this legal marriage registration practice was to receive the legal status of “registered marriage” for government marriage benefits.

      There would be more independent midwives if the federal parliament decided that the legal practice of midwifery forced all births in hospital to have medical intervention such as caesarian or forcep delivery. Many registered midwives would cease to practice midwifery in the hospitals because they believe pregnancy and birth is a nature rite of passage. The federal parliament may have created a legal “registered marriage” practice, but they don’t control the nature rite of passage of a long-life, faithful “one flesh” marriage which can procreate new-life. The Family Court lawyers wouldn’t be happy if 50% of “registered marriages” were voided because of the change to the meaning of legal “registered marriage” because married couples don’t get a legal divorce as they only de-registered themselves from the legal practice.

  10. Janine,
    You are certainly right that all government-registered institutions and professions have both the legal right and moral obligation to exclude gay people who do not meet the qualifications for membership, just the same as they exclude all other unqualified persons. This is actually treating all unqualified persons equally, which is not discrimination, but its opposite.

    Excluding same-sex couples from marriage law is not discrimination, because they don’t meet the essential criterion of one man and one woman. Only a man and a woman can unite sexually. Two men can’t be the husband and wife of each other; two women can’t be the mother and father of a child. As the saying goes, it’s not rocket science.

    The single-sex institutions set up by Christians and other normal people are an affirmation of sexual difference. Single-sex schools, sports teams, clubs, prayer meetings, etc etc, affirms that members of one’s own sex have unique issues, needs, and abilities. Normal single-sex institutions thereby confirm male/female differences. The counterfeit single-sex institution of “same-sex marriage” denies these obvious differences.

    Universities have greatly expanded since the 1980s, collecting public cash in HECS/HELP fees, while failing in their obligation to teach critical thinking, even in philosophy, its traditional discipline. Philosophy lecturers often embrace PC hoohah; I remember one continually using the pronoun “they” with a singular antecedent, insisting this was the right thing to do. I pointed out that this won’t solve their anti-male issue, because the word ‘they’ has the word ‘he’ in the middle of it, which brought the house down. But we should teach our young people critical thinking long before they’re of university age.

    Rodney Croome testifies against himself every time he plugs in his toaster, or inserts his car key into the ignition. Marriage is impossible without the union of two very different, opposite things: plug and socket, key and lock, bolt and nut, penis and vagina. The union of male and female which makes marriage and life possible is literally written all over Rodney Croome in his DNA.

    The LGBTIQ supremacists also testify against themselves, by saying they cannot marry without a piece of paper from the government. If you need a certificate before you can call your relationship marriage, it is no marriage whatsoever. There is a new book out, by one of those appalling feminist academics, called Justifying Same-sex Marriage. The title says it all, because a genuine one-flesh marriage needs no justification but its own existence. This book had a favourable write-up in the Mercury, of course; but AMF’s book only got a throwaway line at the end of yet another pro-LGBTIQ article, which didn’t even have the decency to name the book or its author: “Last night, Senator Abetz attended the launch of an anti-marriage equality book”.

    But the Mercury did print a letter of mine on February 3rd, giving it the title, Law can’t tell real marriage from a sham. Australian Christians need to make genuine one-flesh marriage public and independent of government registration. Christianity is a public faith, based in the facts of history; God taking the woman out of the man to (re)unite as one flesh; and Jesus Christ’s incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection. As Paul said, this was not done in a corner. Christians need to wake up from their complacency, realise what is going on, and ask God for wisdom. Some think being separate from government-registered marriage means retreating into a monastic-type existence, not bothering to fight for their freedoms, because they expect to be raptured to safety.

    • Michael,
      Thanks for allowing me to view the article you wrote as it summed up my thoughts on this topic of “sham marriages” which include the “bachelor-married man,” “same-sex marriage,” and the “robotic-sex doll marriage.” Fifty years ago, all Australians would have claimed “same-sex marriage” is a “sham marriage” because this isn’t a genuine marriage and the 2 same-sex friends are only getting married for the legal status of “registered marriage” so they can claim government marriage benefits. Yesterday, the Age had an article highlighting that not all marriages or “registered marriages” are good, but it depends on the quality of the relationship. Today, the Age had an article on married men living a double life with two different families and the article highlighted that it was more common than we think. Genuine Christians are going to have to fight for our religious freedom because government authorities are forcing professional organisations to include sexuality and gender identity theories based on Marxist’s ideology.

      I recently attended a conference on “Codes of conduct” for healthcare professionals in a major teaching hospital in Melbourne. We discussed the change of language to be more inclusive by using the words “person” and “relationship” by removing the words woman (mother), patient/client, therapeutic relationship. The cat was let out among the pigeons because midwives work with mothers/ women and they don’t like the word “person.” I can’t imagine that the Royal Women’s Hospital will be changing its name without a fight because a new name like Royal Person’s Hospital is a complete joke to anyone with some common sense. The aim of the conference was to include transgender people and their feelings and desires of identifying as male or female. I asked the hard question about sexuality and gender identity because many healthcare professionals need to understand the truth about Marxist ideology. If girls/women can identify themselves as a male based on their feelings or desires, then is it normal for girls/women to identify themselves as a male based on other people’s feelings and desires? I told them about my transgender experience as a child/teenager because my parents wanted a boy for the farm and my mother constantly told me that I am just like my father, so does my masculine traits make me a male, despite not having the biological sexual organs of a male? I raised the problem of including sexual activities with sexual intercourse because healthcare professionals practice consenting, legal, and professional sexual activities when performing physical examinations and treatment. They decided that this problem would have to be addressed in the Codes of Conduct in the future.

      I researched the history of Gene Robinson (Retired Bishop) and discovered that he was born a very sick baby, and his parents wanted a girl so they called him “Vicky Gene Robinson.” He got married to Isabella and they had 2 daughters. Gene treasured his marriage claiming it was “inextricably tied up with having children.” However, he divorced his wife to marry a man, but this ended in a divorce. Gene Robinson claimed to be a religious man, but he never committed his life to a life-long, faithful “one flesh” marriage because his feelings, desires, lusts and passion for a man caused him to divorce his wife and separate the family bond from his children. A legal “registered marriage” practice confused Gene Robinson’s mind-heart-soul from the truth about a genuine Christian marriage. He may have been a leader in a church, but his mind-set was not living according to the Bible.

      I have researched the history of “homosexual” and this word was created by a German pre-World war 1 and 2. The word “heterosexual” was originally defined as attraction to both same-sex and opposite-sex, but later was used as “a person exclusively attracted to the opposite-sex.” However, no one is exclusively attracted to the opposite-sex as people are attracted to their same-sex friends and this may cross-over into a sexual relationship. Australian governments have accepted the mind-set of sexuality and gender theories including the PC special language which is one step away from the Nazi Party mind-set which believes certain groups of people have a legal right to die including unwanted and high-risk neonates. The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews sleeps well at night like Adolf Hitler because they both don’t/didn’t believe they are responsible for any deaths because the laws allow for certain groups of people (including neonates) to be legally killed. A neonate cut up into pieces isn’t a neonate, but is called bodily waste products. A gun isn’t a gun when it is taken apart. The Hon. Daniel Andrews doesn’t believe that there is anything wrong with men using their sexual organ in a person’s anus/mouth (sodomy) because children come from bodily waste products. Unfortunately, anal fistulas, anal repairs and green vaginal discharge is the new normal condition of sodomy which is like countries which have accepted ‘child marriages’ and many of these girls have problems with vaginal fistulas requiring vaginal repairs.

      I totally agree with your comment, “If you need a piece of paper from the government to call your relationship marriage, then it is no marriage whatsoever.” The Christian churches have failed to tell many Christians the truth about marriage. When all forms of discrimination are removed, then there is no difference between truth and lying, right and wrong, good and evil, or moral and immoral. I have asked the Hon. Daniel Andrews a question: “Do you want me to tell the truth or a lie on patient’s medical records?” Donald Trump tells lies like he is telling the truth and he is a world leader, so do we fake it until we make it?” Genuine Christians are going to have to fight for their religious freedom like my German forefathers because the LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators have a similar mind-set to the the Nazi Party. Australian government authorities are demanding inclusion of the LGBTIAQ party, then the next step is to demand inclusion of the Nazi Party. When will genuine Christians say, “No way, over my dead body, I’ll not obey such a crazy government order?” I’ll have my “

    • Michael,
      I didn’t get to end my sentence from my previous comment I made as it must have been too long. I am just glad that your letter got put in the paper because Australians need to wakeup to this mess as democracy can end like it has in many western countries.

      • Janine,
        Thankyou for your comments, and for presenting the truth in your work situation, in ways that get people to think about it and hopefully act on it. Health is such a huge and constant political issue, so where is the public outrage about taxes being spent on promoting the LGBTIQ deathstyle, and on trying to repair the completely avoidable damage it causes? Would Daniel Andrews really want his son to have to wear nappies again when grown up, or want his teenage daughter to contract gonorrhoea of the throat?

        “Sex education” is not about the “facts of life”, but encouraging promiscuity/sin/abuse/diseases. This kind of “sex education” promotes sexual ignorance. The vagina and the anus/rectum are physically close to each other, but couldn’t be further apart concerning sexual activity. The word ‘vagina’ means ‘sheath’, which should tell us something. Hello, Minister for Education…? The rectum is part of the digestive system, not a sexual organ. The vagina has a thick lining, is self-lubricating, and has elastic fibres. The rectum has none of these, cannot cope with the rigours of penetration, contains faeces, and contains M-cells, the target of HIV. No parent would give their child faeces to eat, and pretend it’s normal healthy food. So why pretend that using the place faeces comes from as a subsitute for natural sex, is normal and healthy? Just as smokers have to look at pictures of what their voluntary respiratory behaviour can do to their bodies, so sex education should include pictures of what sodomy does to the human body. Sex education should also include pictures of what abortion is, to show young people the “facts of death”.

        If all sexual activity must be treated equally with sexual intercourse, then a dental examination becomes a sexual act, because the mouth is now a sexual organ. I once had a very pleasant oral experience, with three lady dentists all admiring my teeth; afterwards, there was a financial transaction. Eliminating discrimination means that a dentists and “sex workers”, and their respective clients, must be treated the same.

        If the mouth were a sexual organ:–
        1) A painful tooth extraction would be considered a rape; and a dental examination of a child would be a sexual assualt; and brushing your teeth would be masturbation.
        2) Smokers would be celebrated, not castigated for their respiratory orientation, because people insert smoking toys into their mouths and inhale for pleasure;
        3) A French kiss would count as a sexual union and therefore be proof of marriage;
        4) Everyone who didn’t wear a yashmak in public would be arrested for indecent exposure.

        Besides the sin/immorality, and besides the medical issues, it’s just so stupid. No-one tries to listen with their nose, or look with their elbows, or smell with their feet, or walk on their liver, or breath with their fingernails.

        If sex is only for pleasure, then innocent pleasures become sexualised. A lot of cooking shows/magazines present the physical pleasure of eating as a kind of sexual experience, with close-ups of people shovelling food into their mouths, look at it, look at it, look at it. But no-one first swallows a latex tube before eating, so they can have the pleasure of mastication but pull the latex out and throw the food away afterwards. People have forgotten/rejected the fact that God gave nectar to the bees so they would pollinate the flowers to make the food grow, lest we all die.

        I agree that we should avoid using LGBTIQ-introduced words like ‘homosexual’ and ‘heterosexual’ wherever possible, as these set up a false dichotomy which allow the LGBTIQ dictators to masquerade as ‘other than’ or ‘different from’ or ‘superior to’ everyone else. LGBTIQ dictators talk about ending discrimination, while presenting themselves as qualitatively different from other people, thus giving themselves grounds for discriminating against normal people with common sense. They have absolutely no intention of treating all views equally, especially not the truth.

        More great ways to end discrimination (TM):–
        1) Let people drive on the right hand side of the road if they want, to stamp out the irrational prejudice of dextrophobia;
        2) Require car manufacturers to install steering wheels and other driving controls in every seat, to remove the unjust discrimination between driver and passengers;
        3) Make all 88 piano keys play the same note;
        4) Celebrate same-sex weddings with non-singing vocalists accompanied by non-playing musicians;
        5) Have 18+18=36 footballs in play at all times, so every player from both teams can participate equally.

        The LGTBIQ goal of eliminating all discrimination is an attack the truth of mathematics, because maths is the most discriminatory phenomenon there is. There is only one right answer to 2+2, but an infinity of wrong answers. Mathematical truth requires the existence of a non-physical realm of pure number, without which proof of sums/equations is impossible. Putting 2 pens together with 2 pens makes 4 pens, but proves only that 2 pens plus 2 pens equals 4 pens. A phyical object is merely an instantiation of number, not a number in itself. Pure number must exist in the mind of God.

        The four set-theory relations of union, intersection, compliment and difference are relevant to marriage, because a man and a woman get married and stay married by physically uniting their greatest differences. The unborn child is formed by a complimentary union resulting from its parents’ union, with an intersection of their DNA; growing as its cells multiply by dividing, differentiating into various organs/structures.

        It is no accident that liberal theology, Nazism, and the global LGBTIQ movement have all come from Germany. Satan has used Germany to spread these anti-truth, anti-life ideas around the world, to mock God’s use of Germany to introduce the protestant reformation. The Nazis didn’t choose their symbol by accident: a crooked cross with broken arms. The LGBTIQ supremacists didn’t choose their symbol by accident: a counterfeit straight rainbow of only six colours, not seven. God’s rainbow, as a perfect circle (an arc of which is visible), is a symbol of one-flesh marriage, because the man and the woman unite perfectly as a single one-flesh entity. The LGBTIQ counterfeit rainbow is a straight line whose ends can never meet, because two men and two women can never be one flesh.

        The quality of relationships is important, but not in the touchy-feely way the LGBTIQ apologists mean. Any relationship which lacks the quality of a one-flesh union of a man and a woman, is not, and can never be a marriage. It’s likely that bigamy is more common than is generally acknowledged, because the condom culture allows people to have multiple sexual partners simultaneously. So when two people make their relationship semi-permanent by “moving in together”, it’s a non-exclusive commitment, so other relationships can still continue, even to the point of financial support of children etc. People then try to eliminate discrimination, and treat all their sex partners equally, like SS boss Himmler who maintained two wives/families who didn’t know about each other.

        The response from churches and church leaders to “same-sex marriage” has been extremely disappointing. Where are the sermons, billboards, pamphlets, letters to politicians, letters to the editors etc.? Also, most of the ‘independent’ politicians have swallowed the LGBTIQ lies (Andrew Wilkie MP for Denison, Senators Xenophon and Hinch) or are afraid of them while giving the impression of being fearlessly outspoken on other issues (Senators Pauline Hanson and Jacqui Lambie). I guess your research would have come across posts by “David Skinner UK”, who describes the LGBTIQ cult as a hydra or medusa. “Same-sex marriage” is just one of its many poisonous heads. All truth is under attack, biological, scientific, legal, and moral. Once government adopts this insanity, schools have to eliminate discrimination between truth and lies by teaching LGBTIQ in every subject.

        PS: I got tired of various websites randomly chonking bits of my comments, so now I just write it all offline, and paste into the box afterwards.

        • Michael,

          Thanks for your comments. We’re living in Nazi Germany and the thought police have entered the healthcare services in Victoria. Registered nurses and midwives aren’t allowed to opt out from receiving internal emails promoting a “Gay Pride March” for nurses because this is being promoted and supported by the Victorian Minister of Health, The Victorian Department for Health and Human Services, Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, and the ANMF. Registered nurses maybe asked to consider leaving their organisation because diversity – sexuality and gender theories are being included in the nursing and midwifery practices and these nurses and / midwives will be entitled to psychological support to deal with this new LGBTIAQ party agenda. The ANMF have informed me that the workplace can’t make a registered nurse receive internal emails on a “Gay Pride March” which causes them distress because this has nothing to do with the “codes of conduct” and their areas of work. Also, there are available software programs which can discriminate against a registered nurse/midwife from all other staff in receiving certain types of email. My workplace has never sent internal emails on Pro-abortion or Pro-Prostitution, despite these being legal practices in Victoria.

          The NMBA nurse was extremely critical of registered nurses and midwives who believed in anti-vaccination based on their feelings and desire for the public and this was criticized as “unprofessional conduct” because this practice goes against the majority of scientific evidence. This contradicts the Victorian Daniel Andrew’s government desires for the Victorian Blood Bank to include unqualified donors based on a Marxist’s ideology as the government feels this unqualified minority group are discriminated against donating blood. This means the government want the Blood Bank to discard the scientific evidence that claims that 90% of new HIV infections come from these identified unqualified donors.

          Medicine, nursing and midwifery practices are grounded in evidence-based practice which doesn’t support people’s feelings, desires, lusts and passions as an innate, biological, and permanent characteristic like a race of people. The law can’t make a cat change into a dog nor can it change a biological female into a male. A biological male can’t be naturally changed into a biological female nor can surgery and hormone therapy can’t alter their biological DNA. Unfortunately, not all people are born perfect. When a person is born with both male and female anatomy this doesn’t make them a new human species. My daughter was born with a skin tag on her thumb and she calls this “my second thumb.” Anatomy and physiology textbooks haven’t changed to include my daughter’s reality – 4 fingers and 2 thumbs. My daughter’s school hasn’t made every other child learn about my daughter’s reality, despite her experiences of bullying and children rejecting her hand as they feared it might be contagious. The word “thumb” doesn’t have another meaning based on my daughter’s reality. Doctors, nurses, and midwives don’t imagine a normal thumb is my daughter’s reality. My daughter has had to accept she is special with her “2 thumbs” and this makes her different from her peers.

          The professional “code of conduct” for nursing and midwifery are designed by government authorities to prevent the public from harmful behaviours from nurses and nursing practices. The Victorian government is currently discussing a legal assisted suicide practice and if this is included into the nursing practice, then registered nurses can’t claim they’re preventing the public from harm when they can legally kill them (death). How many registered doctors and nurses will want to legally kill patients/clients? Will Australians fear going to hospital when they understand doctors and nurses can legally kill them? The Australia governments are encouraging and promoting diversity and this includes not only LGBTIAQ, but prostitutes, gigolos and prisoners. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and is well paid, but schools haven’t been encouraging students to “come out” as prostitutes and gigolo,s despite prostitution is a legal practice and students are learning the sexual behaviours of prostitution whilst at school. The history of nursing incleded patients were given care by prostitute and prisoners. Maybe the Andrew’s government are going to employ prostitutes and prisoners as “legal killers” because they don’t discriminate between moral and immoral practices. When the word “person” can mean both a nurse or patient/client this makes their relationship confusing, especially as doctors/nurse and midwives practice consenting, legal, and professional sexual activities whilst performing physical examinations and treatment. A change to the Marriage Act which include sexual activities are the same as sexual intercourse to be called marriage will lead to a professional, consenting, and legal “one flesh” marriage between persons and this is insanity. This is as crazy as the Royal Person’s hospital to include biological females who feel and desire to identify as a male. I can’t imagine anatomy and physiology textbooks redefining the anus and mouth as sexual organs, but now were are living in Nazi Germany it has made anything quite possible including the legal practice in assisted suicide with patient/client consent. The Nazi Party legally killed Jews under German law, but the law didn’t make the killing of Jews a moral practice. Doctors, nurses, and educators can inform children/adults about giving a legal consent to die, but a legal consent doesn’t make the killing of people including unwanted and high-risk neonates a moral practice.

          I appreciate your thoughts on this matter as I have to argue a case against sexuality and gender theories from being introduce to healthcare services as this will lead to insanity. There are now 4 students who identify as transgender and 8 girls who are self-harming since the introduction of the safe School Coalition Program and Resilience, Rights, and Respectful Relationship Program at my daughters school. Unfortunately, these behaviours are treated as normal adolescent behaviours and the school is avoiding discussing these problems. All legal registered practices should encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle as this will prevent the public from harm. Unfortunately, government authorities are failing to understand they can only regulate natural behaviours such as a genuine marriage, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, nursing (caring for people and preventing harm). The government can’t redefine these natural behaviours as they have existed from the beginning of time, and have existed with or without the protection of a legal registered practice such as “registered marriage,” ” nursing registration” and “midwifery registration.” Australians can avoid all PC special language madness by using the correct word which discriminates the truth from a lie and this is the bases of the practice of Christianity.

          • Thankyou for your informative comments. Healthcare is all about discrimination from beginning to end. The Hippocratic oath says, first do no harm”, so the first task of healthcare is to discriminate between harm/sickness and good/health. Holistic medicine means discriminating between harm and good, in both physical conditions and patient behaviours. First aid responders’ intitial task is to discriminate against any potential danger, minimising/eliminating risk of further harm. Callers to 000 are asked ‘discriminatory’ questions re the age and sex of the accident victim. In a massive accident or terror attack, triage personnel discriminate by allocating limited resources to those with the best chance of survival (most good to the greatest number).

            Doctors simply must discriminate between different illnesses/conditions/diseases to give the right diagnosis and treatment. People expect and demand this when they visit their GP. Specialists discriminate, by only accepting patients referred by GPs. Each branch of medicine discriminates against all others: brain surgeons don’t deliver babies; midwives don’t look up your nose; ENT specialists don’t set broken legs. Hospital cleaners don’t do surgery; surgeons don’t cook the meals. Orderlies take orders, but don’t give them. The staff cafeteria isn’t located in an operating theatre, and surgeons don’t operate in the carpark. We expect and demand that ambulances discriminate between sickness and health by taking people to a hospital, not to a hotel (another kind of building with lots of staff and rooms with beds).

            There is an unwritten code of conduct for patients and visitors to a hospital. For example, in the toilets, there are two kinds of porcelain fixture, lavatory pans and wash basins. Most people urinate/defecate into the lavatory, and wash their hands in the basin. Obviously, non-discrimination requires that we urinate/defecate into the hand basin, and wash our hands in the toilet.

            Normal people know that their feelings are the result the of reality in which they find themselves. The LGTBIQ dictators demand their feelings be the definition of reality, both for themselves, and for the whole of society. A Royal Persons’ Hospital which accepts men identifying as women, as women, should accept healthy people who identify as sick people, as patients. A healthy person who identifies as a sick person has every right to be admitted to this hospital, and receive free accommodation, meals, and be attended to by lovely nurses and all the rest of it.

            Once we accept deviant sexual activities as the same as intercourse, then all contact with the genitals becomes a sexual act. Transgenders obtain gratification from wearing the underwear of the opposite sex. So, normal people who wear the underwear of their own sex, must have a same-sex underwear fetish. But childbirth/midwifery provides a good refutation of this stupidity, because childbirth is not a sexual act, it is the result of a sexual act (intercourse). And in the birth process, the baby’s naked genitals pass through its mother’s genital, but we recognise the non-sexual nature of childbirth by referring to “the birth canal” on this occasion.

            The connections with Nazism are interesting. The Nazis distorted/denied the truth about what they were doing, both to their own people, and to the wider world. As the Nazis became more powerful, they attracted people who didn’t care two hoots but who wanted power, like Goering, who was made Reichsmarschall, a meaningless job title which gave him more income and fancy dress. The LGBTIQ dictators have learnt greatly from Goebbels and his propaganda, that the more outrageous the lie, and the more boldly it is told, the more people will believe it.

            The sending of e-mails promoting “gay pride” to healthcare professionals is a gross misuse of health funding, a waste of taxpayers’ money and resources. Would they promote “merry pride”, celebrating drinking, or “breathing equality” to support people of diverse respiratory orientation, previously stigmatised as “smokers”? But if they kept a list/database of people who didn’t want these e-mails, that could be a gift to the LGBTIQ dictators, as they would more easily know who to target for special treatment, like Dr Paul Church the urologist from Boston. Digital privacy is hard to acheive, even with e-mail filters on a personal machine with an e-mail client which can be set up to not leave mail on the server if possible, as with webmail they always have full access to one’s account at any time.

            For all their whinging about “consenting adults” the LGBTIQ dictators have no intention of obtaining anyone’s consent to receive communications/material promoting their deathstyle. The absolute hypocrites to talk of “adults”, because they want to eliminate the difference between child and adult, turning children into adults sexually, and adults into children mentally. The LGBTIQ Safe Schools/Respectful Relationships programs cause students to self harm, because deviant sexual activity is a form of self-harm. The child’s soul knows that it’s wrong; the inner conflict between truth and lies expresses itself in self-harm. These programs must be discontinued/stopped before they become as bad/explicit as those in the US which are now leading 11-year-olds into extremely graphic/explicit pornography in words/pictures/videos that most adults haven’t even seen. And like here, the schools refuse to acknowledge what is going on. Cicero once told the Roman senate Carthago delenda est, Carthage must be destroyed. We need strong men and woman to say Sodoma delenda est, Sodom must be destroyed.

            We must continue to discriminate between truth and falsehood/lies as this is how the world works in both public and private life. Health, education, and the law depend on it. Jesus Christ said, “I am the truth”, so when we speak the truth, we acknowledge him and his works. The LGBTIQ dictators are obsessed with changing the meanings of words, because Jesus Christ is the word of God incarnate.

        • Jt

          Michael, your comment is full of absurdity. What does sexual organs and sexual activity even have to do with marriage equality?

          It sounds like you’re trying to force a ridiculous construct about what sex should and shouldn’t be, seriously, even if that had anything to do with marriage equality (which it doesn’t) How far do you think you’re going to get with this absurd childish utopian idea? What would you like to happen, all the gay and lesbian people round up and executed? Because that’s actually been done and it doesn’t work.

          I understand that you’re attempting to be facetious, well I hope you are, by suggesting that if the mouth is a sexual organ “…tooth extraction becomes rape” Who is trying to classify the mouth as a sexual organ though?

          Indeed it is a common practice to include the mouth in sexual activity, it has been since the dawn of time, this is not a new idea being brought upon by gay and lesbian people who want marriage equality?

          Therefore all your comments do is take absurd concepts, created by yourself, push it further into absurdity and then you are attempting to use this as empirical evidence as to why gay and lesbian people should have no rights, What!?

          Sexual reproduction and sexual expression are completely different things with completely different outcomes and both of these concepts are completely irrelevant to marriage in Australia, we are talking about a change in law, laws that have nothing to do with how and why people have sex. What exactly are you trying to achieve by bringing up absurd concepts that don’t have anything to do with anything?

          I think all it serves to do is get unintelligent people on your side because of course they will agree, this is absurd – but they cannot comprehend that you’re the one that has fabricated this absurdity. So you have these unintelligent people on your side, congratulations, now what are you going to do, you don’t really have a useful argument. And this is probably why you are failing to see the support and guidance from the places you are expecting it, your churches and right winged politicians, this is because however backward they may be they are still operating in the realm of reality and not absurdity.

          Back to the drawing board.

          • JT,
            Thanks for your comment. You ask, “who is trying to classify the mouth as a sexual organ?” while in the next breath say “it is a common practice to include the mouth in sexual activity”. The LGBTIQ activists believe that all sexual activity is equal to sexual intercourse, and that all bodily orifices can function equally as a vagina. The LGBTIQ activists use Safe Schools programs and the like to teach this to children across Australia and in other western countries. Same-sex marriage is used to justify graphic pornography available via school web portals.

            The real absurdity lies with your statement “Sexual reproduction and sexual expression are completely different things”, as there can be no natural sexual reproduction independently of sexual expression. You are wrong to say that “these concepts are completely irrelevant to marriage in Australia”, because in 1975, federal parliament changed the law to remove sexual intercourse as legal requirement for civil marriage in Australia. Moreover, if sex is irrelevant to marriage, gay couples cannot use their sexual relationship as evidence for marriage, so non-gay same-sex housemates have a de facto same-sex marriage, as do a mother and daughter who live together. I take it you support “marriage equality” in these cases too?

            When did I say that “gay and lesbian people should have no rights”? It is you who have “fabricated this absurdity”. Gay and lesbian people already have equal rights: the rights people have before the law in Australia don’t depend on people’s feelings, voluntary sexual behaviour or sexual identity. Everyone has the same right to marry a person of the opposite sex as everyone else. Marriage is a union of difference, not sameness.

            You emphasise “empirical evidence” while refusing to acknowledge the “empirical evidence” that some sexual behaviours are a risk to public health. Thanks for showing us how “marriage equality” supporters put their case, by calling people ridiculous, childish, absurd, rightwing, and unintelligent, while refusing to acknowledge the vast and self-evident differences between men and women that make marriage, and human life, possible.

  11. JT

    Dear Michael, I believe it is indeed childish to argue that because humans use their mouths to express sexuality, somehow gay and lesbians are to blame for a (nonexistent) reclassification of a mouth as a “sexual organ” My statements are not contradictory, no one, except you, believes the mouth is a sexual organ. I suggest you brush up on your biology. Without being too explicit, the mouth is used for kissing, and oral sex, which is common practice among married and unmarried heterosexuals, this is not something invented by homosexuals. And this practice has not resulted in the reclassification of the mouth as a “sexual organ” and has not affected all the other ways in which humans use their mouths. Hopefully now you can see why it’s absurd to use this argument against marriage equality.

    Where is your evidence that LGBTIQ activists believe “…that all bodily orifices can function equally as a vagina” I’m no scholar on the subject but I’m pretty confident most gay men aren’t interested in a vagina or it’s functions. And which LGBTIQ activists are using “safe school programs” I think if you take an in depth look at this you will find that it’s not all “LGBTIQ” activists and this topic is actually completely irrelevant to marriage laws.

    It’s not absurd to be able to see the clear distinction between sexual reproduction and sexual expression. You can naturally reproduce without sexual expression, come on? Why do you think we have banks that store sperm Michael? Further, I hate to be the one to shatter your delusions but 99% of sexual activity doesn’t result in sexual reproduction.

    Thank you for emphasising my point that sexual activity is irrelevant to marriage laws by carefully demonstrating that “…in 1975, federal parliament changed the law to remove sexual intercourse as legal requirement for civil marriage in Australia” couldn’t make that any clearer myself… It’s absurd to reduce marriage to sex, lawfully, we’ve already established, there is no bearing. There’s not really an argument to discuss here, you’re arguing against things that are not reality. I don’t know what you are trying to suggest by using housemates or mother and daughters as an example? It doesn’t make any logical sense.

    It seems to me that ultimately your stance comes from a belief that gay and lesbian people shouldn’t be able to live their lives in your society, you have your own whacky ideas on what sex should and shouldn’t be – you’re expressing ideas far beyond the marriage debate. Where do your ideas leave gay and lesbian rights?

    It’s absurd to suggest equal rights is already present because gay and lesbian are free to marry people of the opposite sex. This is not a clever argument, it’s childish and illogical.

    I’ve never refused to acknowledge that some sexual behaviours are a risk to public health, of course they are, always have been, for all people, especially in churches and religious communities. I haven’t Acknowledged it on here because I don’t see how it relates to marriage equality.

    • Michael,
      Thanks for your comments. The fake Justin Timberlake is back with his usual comments that all adult Australians should be able to identify their relationship as a legal “registered marriage,” but this means the government can’t discriminate between a genuine marriage and “sham marriages.” Same-sex couples and single people may want an exclusive legal union, but they’re unqualified for the criteria of a genuine “one flesh” marriage. The law can’t change a “same-sex marriage” and a “single-sex marriage” into a genuine “one flesh” marriage. Same-sex couples have been highlighting “love is love,” but this is irrelevant criteria for a civil marriage. What is the difference between gays and lesbians compared to ordinary men and women? The only difference is their sexual behaviours (sexual activities) and practices (gay lifestyle – Gay Pride & same-sex marriage), and this isn’t a basis of a civil marriage. The legal “registered marriage” practice could identify all “sham marriages” for harm minimisation so people don’t commit suicide and the government could control their most intimate relationships with laws and regulations. The government could make the purchase of a legal “registered marriage” as an annual payment in order to pay for all the government marriage benefits including the Family Court for a legal divorce. Some gays and lesbians don’t like to identify their exclusive legal union as a “registered partnership,” but want the name “registered marriage.” However, genuine Christians don’t need their marriage to be registered with any government. They can have an “independent marriage” which allows them to believe marriage is a public commitment to a life-long, faithful “one flesh” union between one man and one woman as they can procreate new-life (natural human reproduction), and this discriminates them from a legal divorce and this makes their public commitment as a life-long contract which they desire.

      Gays and Lesbians can never claim the word “marriage” because they can’t have a “one flesh” union between husband and wife. Likewise, a biological man can never claim the word “pregnant” because a biological male doesn’t have a uterus. Gays and Lesbians are making a false claim to a legal “registered marriage” practice by purchasing a legal marriage certificate from the state for a public wedding ceremony but this has never been enough evidence of a genuine marriage. The negative comments about the history of marriages including wives are treated a property of the husband isn’t a universal experience of marriage. Western countries which have allowed a legal “same-sex marriage” make same-sex couples have a legal “registered marriage,” as they can only have a legal union and are unable to have a genuine “one flesh” marriage, but this legal practice is meaningless and pointless for genuine Christians as there is no civil or religious law requiring them to have a legal union. This is the reason the legal “registered marriage” practice in Sweden has become irrelevant for their society. The fake Justin Timberlake and the LGBTIAQ party dictators believe the Australian federal parliament can change their relationship into a genuine marriage, but this is impossible because the legal “registered marriage” practice can only regulate behaviours and practices in regard to marriage. Same-sex couples can only have a “registered marriage” like a qualified nurse can only be a “registered nurse,” and these legal practices are totally removed from the natural “one flesh” marriage because same-sex couples can’t practice this sexual behaviour which is unlike registered nurses can still care for family members and themselves.

      Today, The Age has an article on same-sex couple breastfeeding, and this story wouldn’t even make the news for a husband-wife married couple because a wife breast-feeding her baby is a natural way of life. The reason “same-sex marriage” gets in the news is because it is an oxymoron which doesn’t make any sense to ordinary Australians. There are unqualified people who are making claims that they’re being discriminated against because Universities won’t give them a university degree or a woman claims she has been discriminated against for not being a CEO of a company. Gays and Lesbians are trying to make the same argument that “registered marriage” should be a civil right and it shouldn’t be based on any criteria, and this has destroyed the legal “registered marriage” practice in western countries. Michael, there is no point using any logical and rational arguments based on scientific evidence with the fake Justin Timberlake because he will never understand that sexual activities are different to sexual intercourse which procreates new-life and consummates a genuine marriage which the church can’t annul. He is like the anti-vaccination nurses and midwives who base their belief on their feelings, desires, lusts and passions and deny the scientific evidence which doesn’t support their belief. Health professionals have seen all types of weird behaviours and practices including people using their ears and nose to place their food. This is really no different to the men and women who decide to place their sexual genitals into a person’s mouth/anus. Gays and Lesbians can’t claim they have the same sexual orientation for a “registered marriage” because they deny the basic biological function that a vagina and penis were designed for the purpose of reproduction. Gays and Lesbians make a false claim that “registered marriage” has nothing to do with procreation which is like saying the lungs can survive without oxygen. I wouldn’t be following any advice given by the lGBTIAQ party as they know nothing about a natural “one flesh” marriage and biological family and Christians can refuse to be identified as a “registered marriage.”

      • Janine,
        I agree with your insightful comments. Just as the government charges an annual car registration fee to fund the huge cost of road transport and accident insurance to cover the risky behaviour and reckless attitudes of unqualified persons who believe they have a right to drive cars, it could well be that the government ends up charging an annual civil marriage registration fee to cover the costs of relationship breakdown, STDs, domestic violence, lost economic productivity etc.

        I know it’s pointless arguing with the likes of Justin(e?) Timberlake and the LGBTIQ party, as they reject the self-evident truth that men and women are different. It’s not that they don’t understand the truth, they know perfectly well, but choose to reject it, adopting a smarmy, condescending attitude as a substitute for reasoning, because they can’t defend a lie with reason.

        If the people who shoved food up their noses formed a group of activists to legitimise and demand celebration of this behaviour, would politicians and the media be falling all over themselves to demand “digestion equality”? Would teachers sprawl on the floor of their classrooms, showing students how to shove food up their noses safely? What if you took your children to a restaurant, and told off one of them for belching, but you were then arrested for failing to affirm and celebrate your child’s digestive orientation?

        If “love is love”, parents can marry their children, because parents love their children very dearly. If “love is love”, then anyone can marry anyone and anything they love, man, woman, child, car, robotic sex doll, bowl of icecream, slab of cans, favourite football team, etc, all at the same time, because we no longer discriminate.

        Marriage, one-flesh marriage of a man and a woman, is a naturally occurring phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of time. Parliament can no more change the natural law of marriage, than it change the natural law of gravity.

        • Michael,

          I do agree with your comments. The federal parliament can’t change the natural law of marriage which is the “one-flesh” marriage of a man and a woman as the government doesn’t own it, but they have regulated this natural behavioural practice for the good of society by a legal “registered marriage practice. The LGBTIAQ party-dictators are trying to confuse the language by claiming there is no difference between the legal “registered marriage” practice and a genuine “marriage,” but these aren’t the same thing. All adult Australians can have a “sham marriage,” but not all Australians have met the criteria of a genuine marriage. Marriage Equality will only ever be achieved by removing discrimination between a genuine marriage and “sham marriages.” We’re living in a post-truth world where people are telling lies like it is the truth.

          • Janine,
            Now more than ever people need to tell the obvious truth–
            1) Men and women are different; and
            2) Marriage and marriage law are two different things.

            The idea that marriage law creates and defines marriage is an LGBTIQ lie, the opposite of reality. Marriage law can only register/regulate marriage and the children it naturally produces, because marriage (one-flesh union of man and woman) is pre-existing, and self-authenticating. Unlike genuine marriage, same-sex ‘marriage’ would be a legal fiction that cannot exist without a government registration certificate, so is no marriage whatsoever. A man is no more able to marry another man than he is to become a mother.

        • Michael,

          Your comment below is so true that “a man is no more able to marry another man than he is able to become a mother.” You are extremely good with words and are able to express very clearly the whole lie the LGBTIAQ party-dictators are pushing down Australians’ throats. The legal status of “registered marriage” isn’t respected in Australia as the Ashley Madison affair showed evidence of plenty of married Australians who weren’t monogamous and faithful to their spouse and divorce is close to 50%. The federal parliament aren’t going to improve the legal practice by including unqualified “sham marriages.” However, making the legal “registered marriage” practice for the purpose of “sham marriages” will mark the end of “one flesh” marriages identifying with a civil marriage practice. God has definitely given you a gift at writing so keep up the great work.

          • Janine,
            Thankyou very much for your kind words of encouragement. Just as Australians like to think they don’t practise weird behaviours like ISIS beheadings, but cut off other body parts and think that’s normal regardless, so they like to think they don’t practise polygamy, but think adultery/affairs are normal. And the church hasn’t been teaching strongly and clearly about marriage, divorce and adultery.

            People put the cart before the horse by rushing into a sexual relationship, and later purchase a civil marriage certificate in the vain hope this will make their relationship more loving and stable. Couples think they are in love because they make love. But “making love” is a term designed to mislead, because you can’t make someone love you by offering favours. People who think they need to take their clothes off to make someone love them, must have a serious self-confidence problem.

            P.S. I have clicked ‘reply’ in the comment I am replying to, so hopefully it will go in the right place this time.

    • JT (The fake Justin Timberlake),

      The federal parliament introduced the no-fault divorce in 1975 and this made sexual intercourse and a life-long contract no longer the basis of a civil marriage. This means that the Australian immigration department and social security base a “registered marriage” on a man-woman living arrangement/ husband-wife relationship in order to detect “sham marriages.” However, same-sex couples don’t meet this basic criteria of a genuine marriage because they’re not a man and woman relationship. Same-sex couples can claim the same government benefits as a defacto man-woman relationship who can claim the same benefits as a “registered married” couple, but these relationships aren’t the same. You may want a legal “same-sex marriage,” but the defacto same-sex marriage is a parent-child same-sex relationship and non-gay same-sex couples who live as housemates which means no government can control their borders and they won’t be able to afford the costs of marriage benefits. Michael’s comments on oral sex are extremely important because people are treating their mouth like a sexual organ. The only people supporting a change to the legal “registered marriage” practice are the LGBTIAQ party and their supporting organisations and the evidence for this on the Australian Equality website. The LGBTIAQ party have failed to explained to the Australian public why they should believe marriage is between any 2 people and where did this belief originate? Why should marriage only involve 2 people? Why the LGBTIAQ party use the word “people” when this word includes children and more than a couple or 2 individuals? Why should a man-woman marriage be legally treated the same as a same-sex marriage in a breakdown of a “registered marriage?” The Nazi party were made up of german men and women, and they had some weird beliefs/ideas. Likewise, the LGBTIAQ party are made up of men and women, and they have some weird beliefs/ideas about sexuality and gender identity which aren’t practiced by the majority of Australians. The Nazi party tried to force their beliefs/ideas on all german people, and there were germans/jews executed if they didn’t follow orders. The LGBTIAQ party are trying to dictate to all Australians their beliefs/ideology such as observance to a legal “same-sex marriage” and gay pride march, but their are many Australians who are refusing this mind-set. The mentally ill were moved from acute mental hospital and included in the general hospital. However, the health professionals have a duty to stop people with a mental illness from harming other patients/clients. The federal government believes they’re only including same-sex couples into the legal “registered marriage” practice, but when people are included this doesn’t normally change the practice. However, there have been man-woman married couples who have been attacked by the LGBTIAQ party for continuing to believe their marriage is a man-woman relationship. Therefore, inclusion of same-sex couples has come at an expense to the majority of man-woman married couples who had identified with a legal “registered marriage” practice, but this becomes irrelevant to them.

    • JT,
      Tasmanian LGTBIQ activist Julian Punch wrote in the Mercury on October 21, 2016 that “sexual abstinence causes great harm”. Given that two men or two women cannot have natural sex (sexual intercourse) with each other, the ‘harmful’ abstinence Mr Punch means, is abstinence from anal/oral sex (sodomy). A gay man uses another man’s mouth or anus/rectum as sexual organs, a vagina substitute.

      The LGBTIQ activists have formed a global movement to forcibly exalt and legitimise these behaviours. Men who sow their seed in human excrement can now dictate sex education and public policy. “Safe schools” programs are used to recruit vulnerable young people into falsely believing they are “born that way”, and cannot change. LGBTIQ dictators and their dupes in parliament rejected the plebiscite because they know that the majority of Australian parents, Christian or not, will not accept these behaviours being taught to their children as normal and healthy.

      It’s pointless to lecture that “99% of sexual activity doesn’t result in sexual reproduction” when you know perfectly well that 100% of anal/oral sexual activity can never result in reproduction. A man’s penis and a woman’s vagina are designed to fit together and result in reproduction. In secular terms, the only reason humans have sexual desire is because of the physical/chemical processes of their reproductive systems. It’s self-evidently normal, natural, and healthy to exercise this desire in marriage with the opposite sex, and self-evidently unnatural and unhealthy to exercise it otherwise. Australian farmers don’t sow their seed in a rubbish tip.

      It made as much sense for the government to divorce the natural phenomenon of sexual intercourse from civil marriage law in 1975, as it would for them to divorce the natural phenomenon of gravity from laws about speeding and traffic offences. It’s ridiculous to maintain that sex has nothing to do with marriage, as keeping sexual activity within marriage results in far fewer STDs and unwanted pregnancies, less domestic violence, relationship breakdown etc. which would save taxpayers millions of dollars. Again, if sex has nothing to do with marriage, then all non-sexual relationships can join the campaign for “marriage equality”.

      Men and women are different. A man and a woman get married (consummate their marriage) by physically uniting their greatest differences. Two men or two women can’t do this — it’s not rocket science. The only way “marriage equality” proponents can try to win is to give themselves the right to define the terms of debate by sanitising or eliminating discussion of sexual matters, in short by being “gay wowsers”.

      By the way, a sperm bank has nothing to do with natural reproduction — it’s called artificial insemination for a reason!

    • JT,
      Tasmanian LGTBIQ activist Julian Punch wrote in the Mercury on October 21, 2016 that “sexual abstinence causes great harm”. Given that two men or two women cannot have natural sex (sexual intercourse) with each other, the ‘harmful’ abstinence Mr Punch means, is abstinence from anal/oral sex (sodomy). A gay man uses another man’s mouth or anus/rectum as a vagina substitute.

      The LGBTIQ activists have formed a global movement to forcibly exalt and legitimise these behaviours. Men who sow their seed in human excrement can now dictate sex education and public policy. “Safe schools” programs are used to recruit vulnerable young people into falsely believing they are “born that way”, and cannot change. LGBTIQ dictators and their dupes in parliament rejected the plebiscite because they know that the majority of Australian parents, Christian or not, will not accept these behaviours being taught to their children as normal and healthy.

      It’s pointless to lecture that “99% of sexual activity doesn’t result in sexual reproduction” when you know perfectly well that 100% of anal/oral sexual activity can never result in reproduction. A man’s penis and a woman’s vagina are designed to fit together and result in reproduction. In secular terms, the only reason humans have sexual desire is because of the physical/chemical processes of their reproductive systems. It’s self-evidently normal, natural, and healthy to exercise this desire in marriage with the opposite sex, and self-evidently unnatural and unhealthy to exercise it otherwise. Australian farmers don’t sow their seed in a rubbish tip.

      It made as much sense for the government to divorce the natural phenomenon of sexual intercourse from civil marriage law in 1975, as it would for them to divorce the natural phenomenon of gravity from laws about speeding and traffic offences.

      It’s ridiculous to maintain that sex has nothing to do with marriage, as keeping sexual activity within marriage results in far fewer STDs and unwanted pregnancies, less domestic violence, relationship breakdown etc. which would save taxpayers millions of dollars. Again, if sex has nothing to do with marriage, then all non-sexual relationships can join the campaign for “marriage equality”.

      Men and women are different. A man and a woman get married (consummate their marriage) by phyically uniting their greatest differences. Two men or two women can’t do this — it’s not rocket science. The only way “marriage equality” proponents can try to win is to give themselves the right to define the terms of debate by sanitising or eliminating discussion of sexual matters, in short by being “gay wowsers”.

      By the way, a sperm bank has nothing to do with natural reproduction — it’s called artificial insemination for a reason!

      • Michael,
        Communication is becoming hard for everyone because the LGBTIAQ party insist on changing the meaning of words. The federal government and Victorian state government claim to be addressing the housing crisis as first-home owners are being discriminated against owning property. I am surprised these governments haven’t copied the legal “marriage registration” practice and attempted to include the “sea” and the “sky” as legally the same as a piece of land. There is no form of discrimination with the LGBTIAQ party madness so Australians shouldn’t discriminate against first-home buyers claiming the sea and sky are legally the same as a piece of land. The anti-discrimination act would stop people from insulting, offending, and humiliating people who would be stupid enough to believe that the sea and sky should be legally treated the same as a piece of land. We’re living in a post-truth world and there are plenty of people practicing crazy behaviours, A woman in Singapore got her friend to cut off her arm in order for her to claim a disability pension. There are people in the middle-east that believe it is normal to cut off body parts including a head and many Australians think this is insane. However, the Australian government believes it is quite normal for Australians to cut off their sexual organs/breast tissue and have hormone replacement or legally kill a neonate on demand. Australians would like to believe they don’t practice any weird behaviours like the Nazi Party or ISIS, but our society isn’t perfect and there are plenty of people who have participated in very unhealthy behavioural practices. I am sure the governments in Australia will legalise the sale of sea and sky as legally the same as a piece of land when first-home buyers lobby government claiming that owning a property is a civil right and they shouldn’t be discriminated against ownership and treated like second-class citizens. Potential First-home owners will demand that the Australian government needs to treat them equally the same as all legal registered property owners as they shouldn’t be discriminated from purchasing a property.

        • Janine,
          It may well come to land, sea and sky all being treated equally, because there’s no difference between land under the sky, and land under the sea. A fantastic initiative would be to equate a driver’s licence with a pilot’s licence, so that car drivers would no longer suffer the discrimination of not being allowed to fly planes with a driver’s licence. Perhaps state and federal governments will also redefine real estate/property laws to allow “people” including children to purchase property, and provide a loving home for their dollies and teddy bears. Anti-discrimination law can be amended to allow people to own property simply by identifying as property owners, as this will make property ownership achievable to the 5% of people to whom the government grants the right to remain unemployed.

          If only the poor woman in Singapore had realised she could have achieved disabled status simply by identifying as a disabled one-armed woman. In the 1980s, Bruce Goodluck, MP for Franklin, entered the House of Reps dressed in a chicken suit. No-one thought he was actually identifying himself as a biological chicken. If a man can identify as a woman, who is biologically different from him, then letting a man can identify as a chook, which is also biologically different, would legalise consensual cannabalism, as he could then consent to being eaten.

          The Nazi party was sustained by the mythology of the Aryan superman; the LGBTIQ party is sustained by the mythology of the gay superman. Both are male supremacist cults. The inherent misogyny of the LGBTIQ party is ably shown by JT’s comment that “a gay man isn’t interested in a vagina or its functions”, thus making his phallus serve a fallacy.

          Neither party tolerates dissent from its own members, no matter how highly placed. Himmler’s last ditch attempt to negotiate with the Allies enraged Hitler, who stripped him of all offices. The LGBTIQ party denies its own members the free and rational choice to ever leave. Such was the power and influence of the Nazi party, and its control of the media, that ordinary people didn’t know what was really going on, or else were too afraid or isolated to do anything about it. Like the LGBTIQ party, the Nazis changed the meanings of words; the purpose the Ministry of Public Enlightenment was public endarkenment. The Nazis needed to control and dictate every area of public and private life in order to sustain their lies. People could be reported to the Gestapo if they didn’t use the greeting “Heil Hitler”. Across the world, people are being reported to the police, anti-discrimination setups, education boards, professional bodies if they don’t actively support their legal “same-sex marriage”.

          The Anti-Discrimination Commission should be called the Anti-Truth Commission. The ability to discriminate between truth and lies is essential, for a person’s everyday life, and for the whole of society. “Same-sex marriage” attacks truth in science (men and women are different), law (man/woman couples are different from same-sex couples), health (sodomy damages the body and spreads disease), education (freedom to refute and expose LGBTIQ propaganda). “Same-sex marriage” is an attack on freedom of religion, from which all other freedoms flow, not least, freedom of speech. Last year in Hobart, the bronze statues in Franklin Square and Parliament lawns were entirely shrink-wrapped in pink plastic, as part of a “queer history” art installation. This symbolises Australian society being blinded, deafened and suffocated by LGBTIQ propaganda. The LGBTIQ dictators will never take away our freedom to believe, defend, proclaim, and practise one-flesh marriage. It’s obvious what the LGBTIQ dictators want us to put into our mouths; but genuine Christians have “the praise of God” in their mouths — and a double-edged sword in their hands (Ps. 149:6)!

          • Michael,
            According to the Bible Society, Coopers Brewery, and two conservative MPs, Australians aren’t allowed a civilised debate about “same-sex marriage.” The LGBTIAQ party-dictators are determined to push their sexualisation agenda onto Australians against their free will.

      • (Sorry for the double post; and nowhere near the comment it was replying to.)

        • Michael,

          Your most recent comment is spot on about the Christian churches have failed to educate the truth about marriage, divorce, and adultery. These natural human behavioural practices and procreation will continue to happen with or without the support and protection of any civil registered practice. The Bible is very clear that “one flesh” marriage between husband and wife is for the purpose of procreation, and the ten commandments is very clear about “You shall not commit adultery.” These human behavioural practices can only be practiced between a man and a woman, and we would be crazy if we refused to commit our lives to this truth about marriage, procreation, and adultery which is grounds for a divorce.

          The civil “registered marriage” practice in Australia includes a public wedding ceremony which allows the registered married couple to obtain a legal state marriage certificate in order to claim government registered marriage benefits including a legal divorce. This civil “registered marriage” practice doesn’t define a genuine civil registered marriage, but this criteria is a “sham marriage.” Christians are going to choose either to purchase a civil “registered marriage” certificate so they can claim a legal divorce or they will practice a “one flesh” marriage in order to keep their public commitment to a life-long, faithful one-flesh union between husband and wife for the procreation of new-life. I can’t be “living in sin” if Adam and Eve never registered their “one flesh” marriage as a legal union. I don’t believe God cares that my husband and I have never purchased our NSW marriage certificate as this isn’t our “one flesh” marriage and we don’t believe in a legal divorce practice as this doesn’t deal with adultery.

          • Janine,
            Yes, exactly. It is sheer presumption of ministers to say, “By the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife”, as God never vested any priest with this power. The Bible never mentions a wedding conducted or marriage blessed by a priest. Jesus is called “a high priest forever in the order of Melchizedek”, but he didn’t conduct weddings, though there should be some kind of public occasion, as he showed by attending the wedding at Cana.

            People don’t have to get married, and they don’t have-to want-to either. Marriage is not compulsory, as the Lord Jesus showed by his life here. It’s faintly amusing that the great majority of his followers have no wish to emulate him to that extent. Sometimes God calls a person to be single for life, complete with unkissed lips and unheld hands, because they have something special to do for him, like Elisha, still living with his parents when called by Elijah. Sometimes people have to live their whole life for one occasion, like Shemaiah the man of God.

            Christians are often criticised by church/family members for apparently not doing anything with their life at 25, 30 or 40; but these forget that Jesus spent 30 years preparing (physically, mentally and spiritually) for work that took just 3 years. The only time Scripture tells us the age a person married was Isaac, who was 40 when he married Rebecca. Solomon was described as “young and inexperienced” at age 40. Moses was only beginning his preparations at 40. Hence the saying, “life begins at 40”. Men take longer to mature than women, which is why a “change of life” doesn’t happen to men.

            There are plenty of churchgoers who will tell a single person to go and get “some experience with the opposite sex”. They don’t understand that there’s only one person you could ever marry, as God made only one woman from Adam’s side. And it is God who brings the two together, as he brought Eve to Adam, and Rebecca to Isaac.

        • Michael,

          Many Australians don’t understand that our laws were inherited from the British laws which incorporated the 10 commandments. It is easy to observe the Nazi mind-set has entered Australia under different protected minority identities which are both a religious sect and political activists whom have absolutely no respect for the 10 commandments in the Bible. The Victorian government removed religious instruction which was predominately Christian education from school time. This has effectively means children in Victoria don’t understand the first 4 commandments about worshiping only God, idolatry, blasphemy, keep the Sabbath day or a day of rest, Then the Safe School program effectively told children they don’t have to honour their father and mother because they could secretly access information behind their back. The federal parliament’s desires to change the civil “registered marriage” practice for a legal “same-sex marriage” is because same-sex couples are coveting a wedding ceremony of a genuine man-woman “one flesh” marriage. Also, a “legal same-sex marriage” confuses the warning about adultery as this act can only happen between a man and a woman which contributes to the majority of divorces. Therefore, the commandments about coveting and adultery are no longer important laws to follow. The LGBTIAQ party special language confuses the English language of marriage, procreation, adultery and divorce so the commandment against dishonesty goes out the window. This leaves the commandments against murder and theft for the next minority identity which has a Nazi mind-set and they have no problem with stealing from infidels and murdering them with a legal assisted suicide practice.

          It is obvious that the Australian governments have turned their back against God and his 10 commandments so people are making up their own laws to follow, but they can’t say that this will produce a civilised society.

          • Janine,
            “Assisted suicide” is another oxymoron, as a suicide is unassisted. The PC language insanity has infested all levels of government and business. The State Library of Tasmania has changed its name to LINC Tasmania, which stands for Learning and Information Network Centre Tasmania, a name without meaning, and a label without description. I have seen a bank teller with a badge saying Customer Relationship Officer; but I certainly didn’t want to have a relationship with this woman.

            Yes, Australia has also forgotten that our constitutional freedom of religion and speech come from the Bible, via our Anglo-Christian inheritance of Magna Carta and English common law.

            You are so right that the LGBTIQ party ideology is a breaking of all ten commandmants at once, as each commandment protects and honours marriage in its own way. Divorcing sexual activity from its natural biological function is idolatry; worshipping the creation rather than the Creator, as Paul tells us. The LGBTIQ party are dishonest about abortion being murder, as healthy babies can legally be ripped apart, and treated the same as faeces or medical waste. This strikes at the heart of the ten commandments, removing the distinction between the clean and the unclean, and making abortion the equaliser for “marriage equality”.

            Honouring your parents also involves honouring their one-flesh marriage which produced you. The LGBTIQ party bears false witness against marriage by pretending that its abomination practise is equal, normal, healthy and right. They have stolen the rainbow from God, “parading their sin like Sodom” under it (Is 3:9). They are not content to misuse symbols and words, but want to prevent normal people from using the correct meanings of words; the subject of the opening post of this page.

            It is significant that the first thing the 10th commandment commands not to covet is “your neighbour’s wife“, as this is first step to adultery; Jesus said that adultery first takes place in the heart. As you point out, a legal “same-sex marriage” obscures the meaning of adultery. The LGBTIQ desire to blot the light from heaven is symbolised by David Walsh’s midwinter festival, which shines enormous lights into the night sky to obscure God’s glory, replacing it with his own.

          • Michael,

            Thanks for your comments as you’re so good at conveying the truth about God’s marriage. I agree with your statements about adultery, and I would like to add this comment: for adultery to exist then marriage has had to exist. The Bible description of marriage is a man leaving his mother and father in order to cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh, and it never indicates marriage is a piece of paper from the government. The description of marriage has to make sense in order for God to warn against the acts of coveting another man’s wife, adultery and all of the 10 commandments.

            I am reading a book called Ransom by David Malouf and it is based on the final sections of Homer’s famous Greek epic The Iliad which tells of characters and events during the legendary Trojan War. Scholars are unsure whether the Trojan War was an actual event or a legend that arose from imagined stories told over many centuries, such as The Iliad. However, Ransom details the brutality of war including Achilles killed Hector and dragged his dead body behind his chariot each morning for eleven days and he gets frustrated that Hector’s corpse looks fresh despite its mistreatment. Achilles feels caught in a web of confusion, grief, and pain, but he isn’t playing by the rules of the gods. Australians can expect this type of confusion when people have no internal rules that guide their natural behaviours. The people thinks Achilles is mad for his horrible treatment of Hector’s corpse, but Australians would think ISIS are insane for their beliefs in cutting off body parts including the head. Many Australians would believe that people are crazy to cut of healthy sexual organs/breast tissue for believing their body isn’t normal or the right gender. Hector’s father Priam is the old King of Troy and in his grief for the horrible treatment of his son’s dead body he decides to take a chance by appealing to Achilles’ humanity. There is no doubt that the Australian federal parliament need to understand humanity including the natural behavioural practices of “one flesh marriage,” breastfeeding, pregnancy, birth, nursing (caring for people and self), and work which have all exist since the beginning of mankind without any civil registered practice to defend, support and protect them.

            There are countries which have created laws to protect the public from the significant harmful problems of pre-marital sex, infidelity, adultery, homosexual activities, gender dysphoria, and pornography. The Australian federal parliament should be encouraging and promoting a healthy lifestyle for all Australians as this creates a civilised society. The legendary Trojan War maybe only imaginary stories, but people have searched for the truth within these stories. The Biblical story has been told over a longer period of time and has remained the most popular book of all time and it has been read and studied more than any other book ever produced in all the world’s history. People continue to search for the truth within the Bible as it provides a guide in the way Christians live their life for Christ. I don’t believe in a civil registered marriage practice that is based on “between any two people” as this is a dishonest practice. This practice is as dishonest as believing in the legal practice of abortion is a birth of a baby. My 11 year daughter recently came home from school and had to research same-sex marriage – for and against. Everyone has heard the arguments for same-sex marriage. When we discussed marriage as the mating of a man with a woman and this is impossible for 2 men or 2 women. My daughter stated, “women could use a fake penis.” I stated, “This is the reason they call it a “fake marriage” because the sexual intercourse isn’t real.” Same-sex couples are dishonest to make out that marriage is a public wedding ceremony because this is a lie. The word “Marriage” is a polite way to say in public that the couple are in a lifelong, committed, faithful “one flesh” union between husband and wife as they can procreate new-life. Same-sex couples want to confuse the word “marriage” which will confuse the word “adultery.” Christians will become independent to the civil “registered marriage” practice in order to maintain their Christian beliefs regarding the natural behavioural practice of “one flesh marriage” and procreation is order to prevent the harm of adultery and divorce.

          • Janine,
            Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for the precis of Ransom by David Malouf, and the lessons to be learned from it. Ancient peoples often had a genuine spirit of enquiry, and were a lot closer to God’s truth than many Church leaders who came after them.

            Even though the Bible is a book all about marriage, the most important person in it is unmarried. Just as the Church hasn’t taught about marriage, divorce and adultery, so it hasn’t taught about singleness either. I have unfortunately witnessed single people turn away from church as their friends begin to marry, because some happily married people present this as the maturest/holiest/best/only way to live before God. While it is right for them to express joy at their new life, it certainly isn’t the only way to live one’s life for Christ. Even though Elisha was living with his parents as an unmarried man, he wasn’t living off, as he was ploughing with 12 yoke of oxen on the day of his calling.

            “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife” — as well as forbidding men to lust after other women in their hearts, it also forbids married women from envying other married women their position, possessions and relationships with their husbands. Likewise, it forbids single women from envying married women simply for being married.

            The two ‘sexualities’ God has made are not ‘gay’ and ‘straight’, but marriage and singleness. Just as singles should never disparage marriage, so married people should never disparage singleness; for all married people were once single, and all singles are able to marry. Marriage is monogamy; singleness, “zerogamy”.

            When I was 11, maybe grade 5, we did endless long division — I’m not sure I even knew where babies come from, let alone LGBTIQ pseudosex. Two women masturbating together with a fake penis and calling it ‘marriage’ is no different from a woman breastfeeding a Barbie doll and calling it a baby.

            Incidentally, the grade 5 teacher told us that God made the geography of the Holy land to show us how to live as Christians. The Sea of Galilee has fresh water and abundant life, because it freely gives out the Jordan River from the rain its catchment receives from heaven. But the Dead Sea has no life in it, because it only receives, taking in the Jordan and giving nothing in return.

          • Michael,

            Your comment on people are either single or married is so true about sexual relationships as there is confusion between what is “straight compared to gay?” I am so thankful that you have such great insight into the true meaning of marriage because there are people absolutely confused between weddings and the word “marriage.” Today, in the Guardian there is an article – Jeanette Winterson: we need to be more imaginative about modern marriage. The article highlights that her partner has been married before lasting 6 months and 34 years respectively, and she is number 3. “Both marriages were to men, and one produced children. Now she has me. And I have her. That’s what marriage means, doesn’t it?” Jeanette doesn’t discuss her partner’s sexual attraction to both men and women or the reason her partner got divorced twice. Nor does she provide any reason her partner didn’t practice marriage for life. Jeanette doesn’t understand God’s creation of “one flesh marriage” because she asks the question “Why is sex outside marriage – if you are married – so threatening? Gay thinking has generally taken a broader view of sex, love, commitment, and how to manage non-monogamy – and the fact that non-monogamy is not a special privilege for men, while women stay at home reading romance novels.”… “For ever is too long for most of us – whatever the church thinks – and that needs to be recognised. We are all living longer, and not all of us can stay with that same one person for ever. Marriage has always been a contract, so why not discuss fixed-term contracts? I want to stay with Susie, and “I hope I can, but I would have preferred to sign up for 10 years because “for ever” makes me panic.” The civil “registered marriage” practice has only been a contract with the state, but this isn’t the origin of marriage.

            It is obvious that Jeanette Winerson has only experienced a civil “registered marriage” contract as she views the marriage vows as a life sentence. She is so caught up in the Disneyland version on weddings based on love and romance that she doesn’t understand the difference between a wedding and a marriage. Jeanette understands that the church still insists that “marriage is between a man and a woman…Indeed, all the fundamentalist iterations of religion of any kind will not accept homosexual unions,” but she lacks total insight into the true meaning of marriage is the mating of a man and a woman becoming “one flesh” which can procreate new-life as a natural human behavioural practice.

            I totally agree with your wise assessment that the Christian church has failed to preach sexual morality and immorality in regards to marriage, procreation, adultery, divorce, fornication, homosexual behaviours, masturbation, pornography, and singleness. This is evident by the evidence in the Royal Commission on Institutional child sexual abuse within churches and Christian schools. The civil “registered marriage” practice is only a legal union for a genuine husband and wife relationship/ living arrangement in order to receive government marriage benefits and this is not the same as the natural human behavioural practice of “one flesh marriage” which can procreate new-life. The Christian church and Christians have to become independent from the civil “registered marriage” practice in order to maintain marriage between one man and one woman as they don’t need the Family Courts “legal divorce” practice as this doesn’t deal with adultery. If civil “registered marriage” becomes only a legal union then the federal parliament can charge a yearly civil marriage registration fee in order to pay for all the government civil “registered marriage” benefits such as the Family Court, Marriage Registry Office, Social Security, Immigration Office etc. I can nurse and treat my family and myself without been forced to purchase a nursing and medical registration certificates from the government authorities. Therefore, a “one flesh marriage” doesn’t need a state marriage certificate to take care of any children which may enter this relationship. A “one flesh marriage” which can procreate new-life and this creates a family which is the basic foundation to build a civilised society. The family should be self-sufficient by taking care of all members and not relying on the state for welfare or other benefits. The Christian Church is a family which will need to build a society of families which are self-sufficient by not relying on welfare or benefits from the state.

            Christians need to live and speak the truth about marriage and singleness in order to be a witness to non-believers. Please keep using your gift of writing about the truth about marriage and singleness.

          • Janine,
            Thankyou for your wise and thought-provoking comments. I agree with your comment that the family should be self-sufficient, not relying on welfare or government benefits. Scripture says to make it your ambition not to be dependant on anybody, which includes the government; but an ambition is something people may not be able to realise immediately, but is something they work towards. God has shown it’s possible for the family te bo independent of government, by creating the family long before government. However, we would be crazy to live as though government didn’t exist, as God has established government, and we must obey its laws when they don’t conflict with God’s law. One government benefit we can rely on is citizenship, as when Paul said, Is it lawful to flog a Roman citizen, and the commander was afraid and said he had paid a huge price for his citizenship, and Paul responded, but I was born a Roman.

            Christians must accept some measure of blame for the increasing casualisation of the workforce and associated welfare dependence, because Christians have demanded the labour market provide Christian married women with a second income and career as a lifestyle choice, taking jobs from other households and single people, and preventing singles from getting started in life.

            For Christians, the married woman going out to work is effectively the same as relying on government welfare, because part of the government’s welfare policy for married women to have careers outside/apart from the home. This is why the federal government has a minister for “workforce participation”, and not just a minister for employment. It is clear from scripture that the wife is of course able to do business/financial dealings, making, buying and selling etc (“she considereth a field and buyeth it”), but seeking a status and career identity which separates her from her husband in the eyes of the world (obscuring their one-flesh union), shows something of a weakness of faith in Jehovah Jireh (my provider) on her part and on the husband’s (not discriminating), who permits/requires it. Just as some people regard the marriage vows as a life sentence, so some Christians regard the commandment to be a “keeper at home” likewise. This doesn’t bring freedom; it closes off an avenue for receiving God’s blessings. Husbands are just as guilty as wives, because men are too afraid to tell the truth, as Adam chose to sin to try to please Eve, and not God.

            There are secular, atheist women who wear their hair long, who are full-time mothers. There are Christian married women with short hair, who pursue careers. Some who don’t know the scripture do what it says; some who do, don’t. When a Christian married couple relies on God to provide, they don’t need the money a wife’s career can provide, so don’t need the wife to have a career, as this takes a job from another household or single person, increasing the very welfare dependence couples with 2 incomes complain about. As the number of households with 2 incomes increases, so does the number of households with no income. In the chapter quoted above, Scripture teaches that the wife generates wealth by working at/from home.

            Married women need to have careers and retain financial independence only because marriage is no longer practised as a life-long, faithful union. No-fault divorce means their relationship can end at any time, for any reason. Banking, finance and real estate “industries” have taken great advantage of no-fault divorce and ensuing societal changes, because most properties are bought by couples with 2 incomes, getting them deeper into debt, and causing further stress and strain in relationships where men and women are competing with each other, instead of complimenting each other the way God made. Bank lending on a 2-income basis increases welfare dependance by reducing housing affordability for single-income families, and for single people.

            It’s rather sad when Christians say we need two incomes to provide things like sport, music, education, overseas holidays, upgrading our car(s) every x years etc. Scripture abounds with examples of God’s overwhelming generosity in times of adversity, if only we trust him humbly and obey. The widow of Zarephath (who would have grown up in the immoral Sidonian culture of goddess Ashtoreth) had only enough to cook one last meal for herself and her son before lying down to die. But she trusted Elijah, who told her, if she fed him first, the little they had would not run out. Have we really not learned the lesson of feeding the five thousand? Jesus looked up to heaven, and gave thanks for what little there was, and the Father multiplied it with abundance. Even Moses and Aaron weren’t allowed to enter the promised land, being told re the water from the rock, “you did not trust in me enough to honour me as holy before the Israelites”.

            Most so-called “dole bludgers” are hard-working people in casual employment with families to feed, who earn too much most fortnights to receive any income support anyway, and simply register for income support as an insurance against unscrupulous employers. Under most awards, employers are required to give casual staff only 2 hours’ notice, with absolutely no guarantee of any future work. Some employers give no notice that work is over, and employees who complain won’t be asked back. No-one wants to be on the dole; it is so demeaning and degrading. Unlike their critics, most casual workers volunteer to have tax deducted from any income support payments. Public servants, politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, soldiers, public transport, pharmacists, librarians, and uni lecturers should have their taxpayer-funded incomes means- and assets-tested, just the same as any other government allowance. When the exiled Absalom wanted Joab to fulfil his promise to get David to see him at last, Absalom got Joab’s attention by ordering his servants to set Joab’s adjoining field on fire. Both men were “senior public servants”, Absalom a prince and Joab a general, but by growing their own crops, neither relied on the government as his sole source of income.

            When people say they have never been on welfare or received government benefits, this is a proud and hollow boast. No-one drives their car only on the tiny piece of road their own taxes have paid for. No-one builds their own power station or hydro-elecric scheme or mobile phone network or nation-wide postal system. The bills we pay for these things don’t begin to cover the cost. Even those who don’t use electricity and telephones, like the Amish, still rely on the government to maintain peace and the rule of law, giving them the freedom to pretend they’re independent of the very government which provides these things. The government still subsidises people who think they’re paying “full price” for public transport, prescription drugs etc. Every indoor worker “lives off welfare” of their employer, who provides shelter, lighting, furniture and toilets, that employees don’t maintain, clean or pay for. Casual outdoor workers, who are paid less, have to provide these things themselves — even toilet paper!

            If it is lawful to “pay taxes to Caesar”, it is lawful to receive what these taxes pay for. Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth was crippled in both feet, but was still well enough to ride a donkey. David ordered Saul’s former servant Ziba, to farm Saul’s land to provide Mephibosheth with an income, but he still received government benefits, because he “ate at the king’s table”. He also benefited from government intervention when he was spared from being one of seven of Saul’s male descendants put to death as the penalty for Saul’s attempted genocide of the Gibeonites. Some time later, David wanted to give government assistance to Barzillai the Gileadite for services rendered during the flight from Absalom, but Barzillai demurred, and sent his servant (son?) Kimham instead. Later, King Joram ordered his government to provide the Shunammite widow (whose son Elisha had restored to life) with 7 years’ worth of income her land would have produced in her absence during a famine.

            People shouldn’t feel guilty about claiming income support, like a carer’s pension, if they do something extra by way of payment in return, like voluntary work — especially voluntary work for a government organisation. There is a statewide government organisation in Tasmania which relies on volunteers to help deliver its core services to the public. The paid staff say, it’s not just that we can’t operate without volunteers, we can’t operate without the particular volunteers we currently have right now. The head of this organisation says its volunteers do the equivalent of 60 full-time jobs across the state, saving the government well over $3 million a year. Volunteers who have a HELP debt should have ‘wages’ deducted from the amount owing, because their voluntary work is repaying their debt to the government, just as community work can pay off court fines.

          • (Continued)
            Christian employers are the worst, as they don’t behave any differently than secular employers. Christian employers should pay wages every day, as God commanded “do not hold back the wages of a hired man overnight”. Jesus confirmed this in the parable of the workers hired at the eleventh hour, because the employer pays them before they go home. Employers who keep wages for a week or fortnight invest this money and earn interest on it — interest which rightly belongs to the workers, because it’s paid on the wages they should have already received.

            Just for interest’s sake, I applied for one the jobs recently advertised by a national Christian group, and received an e-mail saying they “will be in touch should your application progress further”, meaning, forget it. They had asked for video editing ability, so I told them about the DVD I compiled and sent to all 226 federal politicians, using self-built DVD duplicators, but they didn’t seem interested. I don’t mind not getting an interview, but it’s disappointing that they won’t even tell people when the process is over, or give any post-application feedback. No doubt they’ll be in touch soon enough when they next want a donation.

            A decade ago, I was offered a job working on an international Christian magazine produced in Australia. I understood that the pay would be quite low, but I didn’t mind, as I really wanted the job. The housing market in that city is very competitive — it is humiliating to have real estate agents snigger when you tell them what your nett income will be. The magazine’s management discreetly made its employees aware of my predicament, but no-one was able to help with a room to rent. So much for the church being a family whose members help each other in times of need — this is why scripture says, there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. I drove over 200km, visited 25 real estate agents, with listings covering 45 suburbs, 104 houses (average $395 a week, cheapest $260 a week), 42 flats (average $280 a week, cheapest $250 a week). The employer must have known the income they offered wouldn’t secure housing at these rates, because the real estate agents certainly knew. To cap off the experience, the lady who was to have been my supervisor e-mailed me with the most insulting remark about my private life, and called me proud, self-righteous, vindictive, and clueless. The company boss refused to apologise or retract these remarks.

            One Christian employer had a portaloo in the orchard, but it was kept 200m away from the block being picked. Despite possessing a dazzling array of tractors and equipment, they wouldn’t move it down. OHS insanity now means people are no longer allowed to urinate outdoors. A 400m round trip walk to use the toilet, when workers are on contract, i.e., paid only for fruit picked…?!

            Perhaps one reason we have an emasculated Christianity is that most Christian men shave their beards off. A man’s beard is the most obvious sign of manhood that can be shown in public. Although God has freed us from the ceremonial requirements of the old covenant, like circumcision and beards, Scripture always presents loss of the beard as a sign of degredation and humiliation. When David sent a delegation of sympathy to Hanun of the Ammonites, for the death of his father Nahash, Hanun seized David’s men and shaved their beards. When they returned, David told them to stay at Jericho until their beards grew back. Later, when Gedaliah ,the governor over Judah appointed by Nebuchadnezzar, was assasinated, 80 men shaved their beards in mourning. Jesus had a beard — the Romans added to his torture and humiliation by ripping his beard out (Is. 50:6).

            Another reason for emasculated Christianity is the apparent popularity of vasectomy among Christian men. This is extremely unwise, as a man functions as a priest to his wife and children, and scripture is explicit that a man whose testicles are damaged by cutting cannot be a priest. God would punish a priest who offered an empty sacrifice in the holy place. Besides, Australian farmers don’t sow empty husks in their fertile fields. The only cutting Jesus had was circumcision, which was the first time he bled in submission to his Father’s will.

            People are asking, what is the difference between ‘gay’ and ‘straight’? On the one hand, there is no difference, because the LGBTIQ party has invented this artificial division of humanity to pretend they are a difference race of people who deserve special rights. On the other hand, the differences are enormous — more “sex education” than ever, and people don’t know where babies come from? Women who stop themselves conceiving, stop themselves perceiving. Men who stop themselves sowing, stop themselves knowing.

            The LGBTIQ dictators further obscure the difference by promoting anal/oral sexual activities to everyone as normal, healthy behaviour. No parent would give their child faeces to eat, and tell them it’s the same as eating normal healthy food. So why pretend that masturbating into the place faeces comes from, is normal and healthy?

            We might as well ask, what is the difference between smoking and non-smoking? Smoking is a lawful respiratory activity. Smoking is perceived as unhealthy only because of the ignorance, bigotry, and tobaccophobia of the uneducated non-smoking majority. This fear and ignorance results in draconian public policies which force smokers to smoke in dangerous places such as doorways, lift wells, and underground carparks. Young smokers are particularly vulnerable to the constant stream of tobaccophobic stereotypes presented by the mass media. The bigotry and injustice embodied in these negative portrayals has a disastrous impact on the mental health of young smokers, and forces them to rush into smoking without taking adequate precautions. We urgently need breathing equality legaslation to help prevent suidice among joyful youth. Let cigarattes now be called joysticks, as ‘cigaratte’ is a such a bigoted term. Let smoking be called breathing for joy.

            “Love is love”, what rubbish. There are different kinds of love, agape and eros are very different. It should be “Love ain’t love”. Kisses ain’t kisses either — the LGBTIQ party puckers up to parliament as Judas did to Jesus.

            The church has failed to educate young people about relationships, sexual and otherwise. Attraction needs no reaction. Just because someone looks at you and turns it on, doesn’t mean you have to take up the invitation. Jesus showed us how to ingore unwanted advances, saying, “this woman has not stopped kissing my feet”, before telling her to “go in peace”. Emotion is not devotion. Proverbs says, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. “Making love” is not love. Prostitutes offer their clients sexual activities precisely to avoid love. (By the way, the oldest profession is gardening (Gen. 2:15). Love ain’t love — genuine one flesh marriage is a self-sacrificing love. It is in giving that spouses receive, in all aspects of marriage.

            A wedding ceremony is not a marriage. Just as people “getting married” in TV show weddings aren’t married, so same-sex couples “getting married” in wedding ceremonies are not married. A wedding ceremony has never been enough to prove a marriage exists. Same-sex couples cannot unite as one flesh, and cannot procreate new life. A man and a woman get married by becoming one flesh — it is a complete and utter unity of mind, body and soul.

            Many of Jesus’s parables concern wedding banquets/feasts/receptions, but there are no parables about wedding ceremonies. The wedding feast, a special meal shared with the assembly of believers, is the couple’s last meal of singleness, and first meal of marriage, being the only meal eaten between the vows and the consummation.

            The Bible certainly is the most studied book ever, but a lot of Bible study/theology is just a vaccuous attempt to avoid doing what it clearly says. Theology books often have such striking coincidences, like Hard Saying of the Bible (Kaiser et al., IVP, 1996), in which their justification for having priestesses appears on p. 666.

            The second-most studied figure in history after Jesus Christ, is Adolf Hitler. The LGBTIQ party takes great advantage of the fascist dictum that the greater the lie, and the more often it is told, the more people will believe it.

            P.S. Hope all is well with AMF, as they started 2017 with “renewed focus”, but the year is 1/3 over, and they haven’t posted for nearly 3 months.

  12. Michael,
    Thanks for your wise comments. It is extremely hard for schools to defend giving special rights to students who identify as transgender based on feelings and desires, whilst ignoring the feelings and desires of non-transgender students. My daughters attend an Anglican girls’ grammar school, and the number of students who are identifying as “transgender”has been growing since the introduction of both the safe school coalition program and resilience, rights, and respectful relationship program. There are girls who have expressed confusion because they don’t understand the reason these transgender students whom desire to be a boy would want to remain in an all girls’ school environment. Girls are worried about using the wrong pronoun and name because they get into trouble when they get it wrong. However, the thing that most upsets the majority of girls is these transgender students don’t have to obey the school’s uniform policy as they can wear the P.E uniform everyday for school instead of the shirt and skirt which isn’t as comfortable. If the uniform is optional for transgender students then it should be made optional for all students. Therefore, transgender identity affects everyone at the school because it breakdown the school rules for all students by confusing the school’s policies. The school hasn’t been honest with the parents about introduction of dress pants to be included in the school uniform because it was discussed with students and a student survey was completed, but parents have had no input into this uniform policy, despite them being responsible for paying the school fees and purchasing uniforms. The LGBTIAQ party identities are the most selfish and self-centred as they only focus on themselves and demand everyone has to obey their feelings and desires. However, everyone who doesn’t believe in the sexuality and gender theories are bullied as bigots, homophobic and transphobic etc. However, this belief system can’t discriminate between the truth and a lie, moral and immoral, normal and abnormal, natural and unnatural.

    The school introduced a “PLUS” group which is gay and straight alliance club which is basically a sex club at the school, and the parents weren’t even informed about establishing this group. Would the parents agree for their children to be told that “coveting another man’s wife which leads to adultery” isn’t true? A civil “same-sex marriage” means adultery doesn’t legally exist because same-sex partners can’t do this act as it is only between a man and a woman but they claim to have the same husband-wife relationship/man-woman living arrangement which is dishonest. It will take the majority of Australians who don’t believe in the sexuality and gender theories to unite as “one identity” to reveal the truth from the lies. When a person tells me that “I’m Adolf Hitler” this doesn’t give him the right to give me orders as the practice of healthcare is based on scientific evidence and not a pt’s feelings and desires of being included. I write subjective and objective reports as well as assessments and planning. A subjective report is whatever the patient states which doesn’t have to be true including Pt could inform me, “I’m a cat, “but objectively I have to describe the pt as a person with their biological sex. A patient can state, “I’m a lesbian,” but objective reports mean female patient as there is no scientific evidence of a “gay gene” or “born that way” as there are no scientific test which can prove a person is gay or not gay. I have also wondered if the AMF has been busy with other work.

  13. If you came out of a woman’s body that person IS a mother you ignorant halfwits! How dare you question the name of “mother” or “father”. It takes both sexes to make a baby, your ignorance flabbergasts me beyond words!!!! If you wanna be a little Mowgli bear cub then by all means go ahead but you’re still just a mere little human in this world that was made by a MOTHER AND FATHER whether it was a one night stand or something more meaningful….

    Read your Bibles you stupid stupid people
    Adam = MAN
    Eve = WOMAN
    Serpent = snake = animal… like the ones poisoning your brains… WAKE UP

    Pick your category but either way you will be judged! Wtf is this world coming to? Hopefully it ends soon along with all this ludicrous way of “new age” thinking – God must be so so sad right now!!!!

  14. I truely can not believe what I am reading. Australia has mothers with child and childless mothers. Please leave us alone we do a great job and hold this country together. I am shocked to read this article. We have enough a hard time just making through the long days and now you want to strip our title. Sorry but a mother is a mother full stop. Which ever group she falls into.

  15. Maybe they think men can get PREGNANT 2 LOL or may B they believe in the stork angle . Seem 2 B totally confused Stick with it this could get interesting . Ha ! Ha !

  16. Notice how this article blames LGBT people for what the BMA did? This is just more hate speech against the LGBT community. The British Medical Association pro-actively put out a pamphlet FOR THEIR STAFF because they saw a need to treat some of their potential patients sympathetically. It will impact almost not at all on the lives of the vast majority of people yet look at the maniacal response. It was picked up by some grubby British tabloids and used to blame LGBT people for existing. There is no expectation except in some people’s homophobic paranoia that Mother’s Day will end or that it is now officially ‘hate speech’ to refer to yourself as a woman or a mother. These terms are not considered offensive by the Transgender community. Marriage equality activists do not believe it is their ‘right’ to reduce mothers and children to commodities and nobody’s rights are being stripped away. If you are serious about fair and impartial discussion about marriage equality or about LGBT issues generally then you should take a moment to understand the difference between facts and unsubstantiated claims made by individuals and organisations aiming to promote hatred and prejudice.

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