Mother’s Day is Cancelled

Mother’s Day is anti-diversity – that was the claim made by Melbourne’s Moonee Ponds West Primary School’s principal, justifying his decision to cancel Mother’s Day celebrations.

As it turns out, Bill Shorten’s daughter attends the school. Perhaps realising the bad publicity the ban would generate surrounding his push for genderless marriage (one that is at odds with celebrating such ‘anti-diversity’ roles as motherhood), he called the principal and talked him into reinstating the school’s Mother’s Day stall.

It does beg the question: How can we continue to honour mothers if we give into the lie that mothers are redundant? This is what SSM activists would have us believe.

Articles like this one published in Washington Post highlight just how gay couples really feel about Mother’s Day: “ ’We had an experience when someone wished us “Happy Mother’s Day” and that felt very off and wrong, almost offensive,’ says [Cameron] Smith.

[Ted] MacGovern agrees. ‘I find it weird,’ he says. ‘I may provide a motherly role, but I’m still a father.’

“The holidays can ‘create a perception of something being lacking,’ agrees Smith.”

The article also states: “ ‘The girls don’t think much about it,” MacGovern says: ‘They don’t have mothers, so no big deal.’ ”

However, many children of gay couples would think it’s a big deal.

Mother’s Day is a day when children who were removed from their mother at birth, purchased by two gay men, will inevitably notice something is missing. So the desire of LGBTQ activists to scrap the day altogether is not surprising.

It’s no wonder that schools are questioning the validity of Mother’s Day when, as the Daily Wire reports: “Nearly 300 schools in Victoria, Australia, have signed on to new transgender policy guidelines which would allow schools to facilitate the gender transition of students as young as six years of age without so much as parental consent.”

With policy guidelines like this, teaching children as young as 6 that their parents really don’t know what’s best for them, parents are very much on the outer in our state schools.

Should a student, as young as 6, want to do something like, say, commence gender altering treatments without their parents’ knowledge or consent, teachers and staff will willingly assist them. Let’s all just pause and let that thought sink in for a moment.

So, as the attacks on Motherhood by LGBTQ activists continue, this Sunday, it’s more important than ever before to acknowledge and celebrate the vital role that mother’s play in our own lives and in our communities.

To all mothers we say: Thank you for everything you do. Don’t believe the SSM activists’ lie that you are redundant!

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17 Responses

  1. Hey AJ. Can you please explain why I was banned from commenting on your Facebook page? All I did was ask for evidence that the violent threats to the Mercure hotel came from LGBTI people (as opposed to gay marriage supporters, who are not the same group). This got me banned, apparently. I abused no one. I swore at no one. But I got banned for this? It was on December 2, 2016. I remember it.

    • AJ

      Hey Nick, thanks for getting in touch. I recommend checking out our Facebook comments policy on our Facebook page. It will give you a clear guide as to what’s considered an acceptable comment or series of comments. Comments may start out polite but grow increasingly aggressive and/or or counter-productive, so your ban may not have been based on one specific comment alone.

      • Would you or someone else be able to reverse it? I’ve got no interest in abusing people.

    • Hi Nick
      I asked exactly the same question direct a month or so earlier I think, after I was banned from commenting. I’m pleased to see you at least got a response, because I did not receive one at all.
      Nor did anyone who abused me (in a couple of cases repeatedly ) receive so much as a caution.
      Two other similar groups still allow me to comment but repeatedly refuse to answer polite questions which somewhat ironically i ask in connection with my work with a fairly conservative church group.
      Not a lot of encouragement of genuine debate is there?
      Time will tell….

  2. I have to ask: what happened to the Principal’s principles?

  3. Jeff Lyon should be sacked and the mothers and fathers of that school should insist on it!

    It’s yet another example of the erosion of common sense and decency in this country with people like Lyon being conned by this false and destructive ideology.

    For millennia the human species has thrived on the solid foundations provided by the simple family unit, father + mother + offspring = human advancement. And now we have this new breed of weed infesting the long established wheat fields.

    This wicked lgbtq movement has infiltrated weak governments across the land and really needs to be called out for what it is.

    This movement does not possess 1 original idea, it simply thrives on being a counterfeit and attempting to destroy what is good and wholesome.

    There are promising signs the good people of this country and of the world are pushing back, let’s hope common sense and decency prevails for the ultimate protection of our children and the generations to come.

  4. Mother’s Day is one of many casualties of the radical LGBT agenda. These frightening videos from the US show where the juggernaut is heading:

    YouTube reports: LGBT radical impact on educational institutions (No. 5); LGBT infiltrating churches (No. 6); US corporations massively supporting LGBT agenda (No. 7).

  5. Ash

    The attack on Mother’s day is to me less of a desire to make mothers redundant and more of a selfish desire to legitimise gay ‘parenthood’. Time will indeed tell if Father’s day runs a similar course spearheaded by lesbian couples who have children. In the end, all the leftist ideology seeks is a genderless, generic melting pot of ambivalent people with no opinion on morals or values. Good luck.

    • Ash I think it’s a bit misleading to see this as an all out attack on Mothers Day. The Australian example is about cancelling a stall, and the Canadian one about not making gifts at school.In each case the emphasis is on families choosing their own way to celebrate, which seems to me fair enough.

      Granted it’s a judgement call from school staff in both instances as to what is appropriate for their particular school. Granted in each case more consultation might have helped.But that’s pretty typical of any situation in a school and may well reflect a lack of parental involvement (for whatever reason) in decision making.

      Fathers Day from a school perspective has been under threat for decades and it is nothing to do with LGBT activists.The truth is most schools have a fair proportion of single parents and almost always the single parent is a mother. I can tell you from personal observation how painful the making of Fathers Day gifts or the holding of Fathers Day events is in those circumstances, so most schools (and most of my observations are of faith based schools) either play down the day or (more constructively) issue an open invitation to grandfather, uncles etc etc).

      The headmaster of one of the faith based schools with which I am currently associated ( prestigious boys school) especially asked in yesterday’s newsletter for us to think particularly of the families who for whatever reason would not have a mother present for the celebration as it would be such a painful and sad time for them.

      The other (small faith based primary school) always begins her newsletters “Dear Parents and Carers” and yesterday’s breakfast was for whole families.Lots of Grannies like me, one Granddad and the fathers doing the catering.

      Personally I admire that kind of sensitivity in school leadership very much.Why are we so quick to judge in the case of Moonee Ponds?

      If I wanted to be offended by anything that is undermining the meaning of Mothers Day i ‘d probably be targeting (whoops..) the store catalogues…

      • Margaret,
        I wouldn’t be worried about Mother’s or Father’s Day as I turned up as the only female for Father’s Day one year because my husband forgot to take our daughter so I went as his substitute. Unfortunately, our 11 year old daughter recently has been exposed to homosexual porn on her IPAD whilst researching “same-sex marriage – for and against” this was for school homework. Her behaviour and mood significantly changed in a very short period of time and she got extremely upset when my husband requested to review the history on her IPAD. She told my husband that she felt really bad about seeing it and started hitting herself. I have contacted her school, the Victorian police sexual assault unit, The Victorian Education Department, Victorian Education Minister, Victorian Health Minister, and the sexual assault unit for the Northern-Eastern area. She is now able to have treatment to deal with this problem in order to heal her mind, and she won’t be able to hear or see anything about same-sex marriage without it triggering her exposure to porn. Since my daughter is now sexualised this makes her at a higher risk for child-on-child sexual abuse, an eating disorder, self-harm/suicide, and or prostitution. We pay more than $20 000 for her school fees but we won’t be seeing anything for this money as my daughter has to get her mind back before she can refocus on her school work. We have security on our computers, but nothing is 100% safe. Porn is very much linked to same-sex marriage as I have been exposed to a fully naked woman whilst researching this topic. I recently went to a conference given by doctors about the sexuality and gender theories in the Safe School program. Unfortunately, a large group of people were protesting this event in Melbourne and prevented about 70 people from attending the presentation. It is sad that we live in a society which no longer values freedom of religion including not believing in same-sex marriage, freedom of thought including not believing in the sexuality and gender theories, and freedom of association so people can meet and discuss topics with other like minded people. It is disappointing that people use a word with “phobia” in it for anybody who doesn’t agree with them. People no longer have to make a logical and rational argument for change of practice as today persons who don’t identify with the school uniform policy, marriage act, birth certificates or any other law or regulation they will continue to bully everyone to accept their identity and their rules. There are no laws in Australia which criminalise the natural human behaviours of sodomy, adultery, prostitution and abortion but these negative behaviours still exists in our society with little or no regulations to control the harmful health and relationship problems .These sexual behaviours contribute to the domestic violent relationships in our society which the Victorian government has allocated 1.9 billion dollars towards services to decrease the harmful impact on people’s lives. The civil “registered marriage” practice was established in England to protect the public from the harm of adultery as the English law incorporated the 10 Commandments. In order for adultery to exist there has had to be a “one flesh” marriage which isn’t a legal state marriage certificate. It is obvious with a no fault divorce that the civil “registered marriage” practice doesn’t protect the public from any harm of adultery, sodomy, prostitution, and or abortion. It is only a legal union for a husband-wife relationship and man-woman living arrangement, but they can have a sexual relationship with anyone.

        • Hi Janine
          Really sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience.

          Year 6 or 7 seems far too young to be set homework on SSM whatever one’s own views on it.What part of the syllabus does this come under?
          There was a parliamentary inquiry last year into the issue of children accessing internet porn and I wrote part of a submission made to the inquiry by a church based women’s organisation. In the course of my research i encountered the website of the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner ( ) which contains some excellent material.
          Maybe your daughter’s school should be made aware of this?

          The Inquiry also made some excellent recommendations but whether there will be much done remains to be seen.The report can be read here:

          My prayers for your daughter and your family.

  6. Margaret, people were quick to judge because of the way the principal did it. What people who believe in the traditional family sensed was that it was a clumsy Roz Ward inspired action based on the so-called Marxist theories of sexuality. The Principal’s inclusiveness justification after the event was taken to be just a convenient card to play. Making broken, motherless etc families feel “included” by keeping what is “hetero-normative” out of sight seems contradictory to me. In contrast, the examples that you give from schools that you know seem to indicate a genuine intention to be inclusive.

    • David I agree it can be a fine line and I don’t know enough about this case to judge the Principal’s real motives. But i am genuinely not sure it is helpful to the debate to jump to the conclusion you suggest. Not does the reporting of parent reaction that I have seen jump to the conclusion you suggest.

      There is no public list available for membership of SSC in Victoria so I can’t check if this primary school is yet a member.

      On the AMF Facebook page someone suggested sarcastically that birthdays should be ‘cancelled’ too.
      In my grandchildren’s primary school (the same one mentioned above) they have been. My grandchildren were very upset, since being in a single parent family their opportunities to celebrate their birthdays with all their friends are limited.My daughter would always, no matter how busy or tired, whip up a large batch of cupcakes the night before and we would carry them the 10 minutes or so to school.

      At first we all assumed that the sudden ban related to food allergy issues, though most parents and children are very conscious indeed of this.

      So parents such as my daughter offered to bring fruit snacks instead of the traditional cupcakes .

      But no.They are banned too.All in the name of inclusivity (needless to say it was never an issue that some families followed this tradtiion and others didn’t!)

      My ‘judgement’ is that that falls the wrong side of the fine line.Others may judge differently. Same with Moonee Ponds West in my book.I don’t know the school and the Principal does.

  7. Margaret, I have read the article a few times and each time I find it more and more rambling. The author does not relate his advocacy of an International Day of Families to Mothers Day but I suppose given the controversy that is the sub text. To answer your request I will restate the article like this. The author points out that many children now live with adults who play the role of parents. The children may have no blood connection to each other or to these “parents”. That is in contrast to the “nuclear family” ideal consisting of a mother, father and their own children. Since Mothers Day is essentially about showing appreciation for the selfless caring for her children in her role as a parent, it is simple logic that when many children have substitute “mothers”, the substitutes be included and a “Families Day” could be a solution.

    The conclusion is the result of the underlying precepts. I have two reactions. Firstly, there is the concept of a “nuclear family” and that Mothers Day derives from it. Such a family would not be ideal, it would be very deprived; the children would likely be misfits like those of “broken” families. No uncles, aunts, grandparents, nephews, nieces, close family friends, family gatherings etc? It is the extended family environment that makes up the family in which a child develops. On that basis the family environments differ mainly in that the children do or do not live with the man and woman from whose bodies they came. So, the distinction is really about children living with or not with the two people who created them. That leads to my second reaction. Mothers Day is not essentially about the succeeding caring role, it is about recognizing, giving status to, the woman who gave birth to the child in the first place. Without that great act of generosity in allowing her body to be used, the child would not exist. Surely that act of generosity, with all its risks to her life and health and pain is worth recognition in its own right. That, in my opinion is what Mothers Day is really about.

    • Thanks for such a thoughtful response David.I agree with your concluding point.
      But sadly I don’t think there is much of that left in current celebrations of Mothers Day, though it is still part of the Catholic tradition to which I belong and was beautifully celebrated this year in my own parish. Our (relatively young) parish priest spoke very movingly of how his own mother had given up her career in order to raise him, and how much he owed to her, as Jesus did to his mother.
      I suppose all of this begs the question of how far Christians should be ‘conformed to the standards of the world’ in our celebrations.Ironically to me this is a key issue in the whole marriage debate. I’d rather avoid pressure to conform to the standards of the world even if the corollary is not expecting the world to conform to mine.

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