More Revelations of Intolerance from SSM Activists

It’s been another big week in the marriage debate. Around the world, the fallout from countries that have legalised same-sex marriage is becoming more and more evident and the future of freedoms in these countries is looking bleak.

According to Huffington Post: "California has banned state employees from traveling on official business to four additional states that have passed anti-LGBTQ legislation." Would you believe that these states require people to use toilets that correspond with their biological reality and/or grant foster kids their chance at enjoying the equally valuable input of a Mum AND a Dad. How outrageous!

Canada is charging towards a totalitarian regime with yet another Bill restricting freedoms for those who support traditional, science-based views of gender. The Christian Institute reports: “The Bill adds ‘gender expression’ and ‘gender identity’ to Canada’s Human Rights Code and to existing hate crime legislation. Dr Jordan Peterson, of the University of Toronto, previously warned that [the Bill] could result in him being charged with a hate crime for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns.”

And according to RT: "Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has suggested that all Church of Sweden priests be compelled to perform gay marriages, despite the Lutheran Church’s position that clergy members should have the right to refuse."

“We Social Democrats are working to ensure all priests will consecrate everyone, including same-sex couples,” Lofven told Kyrkans Tidning magazine.”

Imagine a “male only” political party hosting an event to celebrate a total lack of female representation in parliament. A baker is asked to create and decorate a cake to commemorate the occasion. The baker rightfully declines the invitation because he cannot, in good conscience, participate in an event that denies the equally important and invaluable role of women in Parliament. He would be lauded a hero for standing up for gender equality!

This same baker is asked to create a cake to celebrate a union that denies the equally important and invaluable role of a woman in marriage and family. He is vilified and fined. This is what is happening in the USA right now to bakers who are simply fighting to maintain their artistic freedom. These bakers happily bake birthday cakes for members of the gay community, but cannot, in good conscience, participate in an event that denies gender equality.

This article from Christianity Today highlights the issue: “Jack’s ability to make a living and run his family business shouldn’t be threatened simply because he exercised his artistic freedom. Artists speak through their art, and when Jack creates custom wedding cakes, he is promoting and celebrating the couple’s wedding,” said ADF senior counsel Jeremy Tedesco. “He simply can’t put his artistic talents to use on a custom cake for an event so at odds with his faith convictions.”

Perhaps the most disturbing revelation of bullying and intolerance has come from our own shores where a SSM activist has once again published the family home address of ACL’s Lyle Shelton, along with current and former members of the ACL board.

“There is only one reason for publicising someone’s home address and that is to bully and intimidate,” Lyle said.

“ACT Police have advised me that there is little they can do and I should engage a private security firm to make recommendations about upgrading security at my house.”

Just days later, Christopher Pyne was caught out boasting that SSM is closer than we think. According to The Australian: “Malcolm Turnbull says he will not let any private member’s bill to legalise gay marriage be debated in the parliament if a plebiscite is not held first, as conservatives urge colleagues to return to the ‘main game’.”

If you value freedom of conscience, freedom of artistic expression and freedom of speech, you must speak up now, before we are all compelled, by the full force of the law, to “forever hold our peace”.

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