Monthly Archives: July 2012

The silent majority in Sydney against SSM

in The Australian today, a picture of Sydney telling a thousand words re the divide between the inner-city Green-affected electorates, and the real world out west. Article linked HERE: "IN the electoral killing fields of Sydney, where Labor MPs stand on...
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Cute Aussie video with a solid political message

A brief journey through what the Marriage Act of Australia currently legislates & what it doesn't. Up to about a thousand 'likes'... Help this one to go viral this flu season, and make everybody feel better. Published by ...
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Thoughtful article in (we jest not!) The AGE

Simon Mann reviews the essential arguments against same-sex marriage (not perfect, in AMF's view, but very worthwhile) elegantly enough to beguile even The Age into publishing a piece that is not just more of the "adult-centred" gay-marriage party-line.
THEY say they are not against homosexuals. Nor are they bigots, or religious  zealots or people hankering after a...
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