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POWERFUL VIDEO – gay men against gay ‘marriage’

This is a rare gem - two gay men opposing gay marriage: speaking with such sensitivity and conviction about the meaning of marriage and the rights of a child to have, where possible, both a mum and a dad. Repeat: "Two gay men opposing gay marriage". Please SHARE THIS ONE...
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A gay man asks: What’s at stake with Elton v D&G?

Doug MainwaringHere are excerpts from today's article by Doug Mainwaring, a gay man who writes on the harm to children of gay 'marriage' and gay 'parenting' - and cops some flack for doing so. In this piece he weighs in on the stoush between Elton John and...
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Gay family-law barrister agrees with AMF President

  In this interview on ABC Radio Adelaide, 16 March 2015, a gay family-law barrister rings up to support Australian Marriage Forum President Dr David van Gend. They agree that a child should have, where possible, a mother and a father. The barrister, 22 years in a single-sex relationship, says:
As a...
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Gay designers support nature’s design, oppose gay ‘parenting’

gay fashion designersWhen gay European fashion legends Dolce and Gabbana made comments last week against gay marriage and gay parenting, the first instinct, of course, of the LGBT community was to urge a boycott of their gay brothers. Silence them. Exclude them from the monolithic gay-marriage party. These admirable gents are...
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