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Australian Medical Association Ignores Facts to Support Politically Correct Same Sex ‘Marriage’ Campaign

The credibility of the Australian Medical Association has been called into question after choosing to step into the political arena and make spurious, unscientific claims regarding genderless marriage. The AMA quotes a “quasi-natural experiment”1 to bolster claims that “marriage” improved overall health outcomes among LGBTIQ populations. Perhaps of greatest concern is this claim by the AMA: “The...
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As we reach one month since the launch of Dr David van Gend's book, STEALING FROM A CHILD: THE INJUSTICE OF 'MARRIAGE EQUALITY', we have reached 5,000 sales. That makes the book a 'best seller', of sorts - despite the ideological ban by the printer, and the 'silent treatment' by major media. Thank you everyone...
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FACT CHECK – Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Won’t affect Anyone

On Tuesday 2 August, ABC's The Drum showed their bias by presenting a half hour debate on same-sex “marriage” with just one supporter of traditional marriage, ACL's Lyle Shelton, up against a stacked panel of four SSM advocates. Hardly what any reasonable person would call a fair debate. Regardless, Lyle presented a strong case for maintaining the current definition...
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