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MEDIA RELEASE: Greens should apologise for ‘bigot’ attack

Senate-image“A bigot is someone who refuses to consider the other point of view” said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum. “On that definition, Greens MPs are the prize bigots of Australian politics, so self-righteous that they refuse to consider sincerely held opposing points of...
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Don’t say you were not warned

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"Punished for believing in marriage".

Snapshot stories HERE of 30 men and women, black and white, famous and obscure; also businesses and church organisations attacked and to varying extents destroyed by the Enforcers of Homosexual Tolerance and Equality. These victims of conscientious objection today will be us tomorrow, unless...
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"Gay hate" labelling must stop: shooting at the Family Research Council

If this had happened the other way around, just imagine the international outcry... But this week's violence did not fit the cheap-shot media line about hateful bigoted opponents of gay marriage. Instead, it was the gay side doing all the hating and shooting. The day after the largest gay-rights group in the US branded the...
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