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The future of marriage in Australia depends on your vote. But you can only have your say if you're enrolled to vote with the Australian Electoral Commission by August 24th.

Voting forms will be posted on September 12th to it's important your address details are up-to-date on the electoral role.

Once you have received the form, you have a few weeks to post your vote. Make sure you don't miss out!

If you are 18 years or older, make your voice heard.

This is your opportunity to say 'no' to:

  1. Removing the Gender Equality requirement from Marriage.
  2. Enshrining Gender Theory into the Australian Marriage Act
  3. Removing a child's birthright to both a mother and father
  4. Endangering Religious Freedom and Freedom of Expression that Australians hold dear
  5. Compulsory 'Safe Schools' curriculum, including dangerous Gender Theory & Sexuality Education in all schools

It only takes a moment to check that you're enrolled correctly and that your address is up-to-date. You can do it right now...

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15 Responses

  1. No

    • jim

      please explain

    • They want us to endorse a form of sexual gratification. It’s not anything else. It can’t procreate or continue generations of human beings. It has no place in the marriage act as it serves no usefulness to society. Abuse of the rights of children to have a mother & a father is all that will come from it. Future generations full of children with mental issues will be the outcome. This is the fall of civilisation as the family unit is the foundation of society.

  2. The leftist driven LGBTQI agenda has given us so much about which to say no.
    The APA announced with world headlines scientists had found a gay gene. Did they?……….NO!
    So are the placards ‘Born this way’ truthful?………NO!
    Can gays have children without ‘heteronormatives’? ……….NO!
    We had a decade of surveys reporting no detrimental consequences for children of gay parents. Did a single one of these meet gold standard requirements?……..NO!
    Do any gold standard surveys relating to the wellbeing of children in SS households support the ‘no detrimental effects’ pronouncements?……..NO!
    Do children of SS households get to have the ”equality’ so treasured by their carers when most of all other children get to have a mum and dad?………..NO!
    In certain countries where SSM has been law for a decade or more statistics show about 2% of the 2% of the gay community participate in marriage. By any stretch of the imagination does this indicate SS attracted people give a hoot about marriage………..NO!
    Where health surveys indicate a rise in reports of HIV, upwards of 60% are represented by members of the gay community. Is this a good advertisement for ‘love is love’? ……..NO!
    Does science provide any proven evidence that gender confusion is anything other than a mental condition? …….NO!
    Is ‘Safe Schools’ an anti- bullying programme even by the admission of one of its authors?………..NO!
    Do any tried and proven anti-bullying programmes force the student body to study the subject of the bullying? (Fatness, ugliness, etc)……….NO!
    Are parents as first educators of their children being shown due respect by being informed of the content of the Safe Schools programme by those implementing it?…………..NO!
    Are the interests of our children and their families and society at large authentically served when state driven ideology subverts that of the family?…………..NO!
    The handwringing lefties say Parliament should be allowed to do their job. They have done their job more than 16 times before dealing with SSM and what did they say?…………No!
    Will the lefties take ‘no’ for an answer? ………..No!
    Does this social/sexual revolution have anything to do with care and respect for marriage. Certainly the answer is………NO!

    • Ned

      Wow !
      I feel your anger Tony !
      Be mindful all this negative energy leads not to harmful inflammations of vital organs !!
      “I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift. Settle matters quickly with your adversary” (Matthew 5:22-25).

  3. Is it just to intentionally deprive a child of his or her mother or father? No.
    Is it loving to destroy the sacred bond between a woman and her baby by instituting “marriage” without a woman, which means families without a mother? No.
    With Father’s Day just around the corner, is it logical to talk about how special fathers are, while at the same time proposing laws which devalue fatherhood by celebrating a fatherless family? No.

  4. I will not teach my children Gender THEORY until it is Gender LAW. Its too risky until it becomes fully legal and I know they wont go to jail. Vote NO to keep your kids safe

  5. It would be good to vote No, and send a strong message to the LGBTIQ dictators and their dupes in parliament.

    However, the plebiscite is another example of the government refusing to take responsibility, and expecting ordinary people to do their work for them — like when they don’t remove weeds and rubbish from Crown land, leaving the task to adjoining private landowners whose lifestyle and property values are lowered.

    Coalition MPs have chosen to hide behind the plebiscite because they are too afraid to tell the truth about marriage and sexual behaviour. They don’t want their personal carriage on the taxpayer-funded gravy train to be derailed by false accusations of “bigotry and homophobia” from hostile media. MPs receiving more than a fortnight’s age pension every day of the week simply have no idea what life is like for ordinary people.

    Surely they have no reason to be afraid, as the LGBTIQ dictators are clearly running scared lest their lies be exposed, twice blocking a compulsory vote, and launching High Court action to stop a postal vote. They have lied since the beginning, when they said “what consenting adults do in private in no-one’s business”. If it’s no-one’s business, why must we pretend that it’s marriage? So that LGBTIQ dictators can teach it to other people’s children in our schools — children they have chosen to be incapable of having naturally.

    A man putting his penis into another man’s mouth or anus has nothing to do with marriage. It was the LGBTIQ dictators who demanded this be legalised, so it can’t be illegal to describe a legal activity. No parent would give their children faeces to eat, and tell them it’s the same as eating normal healthy food. So why pretend that using the place faeces comes from as a vaginaphobic substitute for natural sex, is normal and healthy?

    • Michael ! Please row the boat ashore !
      Your cold anatomical view of the expression of love between two of God’s creatures is disturbing, if not seemingly a little perverse !
      I personally disdain the practise of killing and eating flesh (as prohibited by the 10 Commandments), yet I judge others not !
      Are you casting the first stone sir?

      • Joe,
        I’m glad you agree that sodomy is disturbing. Two men cannot marry, as they cannot perform the marital act of sexual intercourse, necessary to consummate (complete, make possible) a marriage. Sodomy is a dangerous and unhealthy behaviour which damages the human body and easily spreads deadly and incurable diseases like HIV, due to the design of the body parts abused in the act.

        You claim you don’t judge others, but you have already judged me with the words “cold anatomical description” and “perverse”, Sir.

        Please re-read the Scripture, as the killing and eating of animal flesh is not prohibited by the 10 Commandments. God let man eat meat after the Flood, as the post-flood environment is harsher than before.

        Jesus judged sexual immorality according to the 10 Commandments, and God’s creation of the original “one flesh” marriage. Immediately after he said to the woman caught in adultery, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”, He said to her, “Go and sin no more”.

      • Joe,
        As a belated postscript, Well may you say, Michael row your boat ashore, for it’s only a man’s wife who can provide his boat with a safe anchorage in her natural harbour.

  6. H A

    Gay marriage and homosexual tendencies are not natural. The best way to explain this to people nowadays is to demonstrate it using evolutionary biology. You can see a nice explanation of it here: http://ansars.net/question/why-do-some-people-have-homosexual-tendencies-and-consequently-some-become-gay-lesbian/

  7. H A did you actually read the material you posted ?
    It seemed to be saying that life (as created by the Almighty) started in a state beyond the simple dichotomy of man & woman … so maybe your abhorrence of same sex attraction is just your own personal opinion …. & what of God ? … she may think otherwise !

    “As for the case of the human who has a feeling that he is carrying a (tendency to be a) female within him while he is a male or vice versa, we can understand this issue by knowing that sex determination came at a late stage of evolution on planet Earth. Life did not begin with sexual reproduction. The beginning was with asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction came later.”

  8. Please know That Gay marriage is not marriage Marriage is between man and woman .man and woaman is like a battery negative and positive plus like a apple and orange. Like a house needs nut and bolt .we have rules for reason like why speed limits ? So stop deaths Gay realtionship like go backward on the road . Yesmeant drive car forward and to speed limit ..kids need mother and father .plus need grandmother and grandfather .why do we have manuel ? Cook books instuctions ? Get back to way family should be marriage with father and mother .stick to road map no to Gay marriage ivote no Gay marriage against rules and bacward thinking .rember we all came from a woman and not man .man united with woman .like cat and dog is that natural? You can not have negative and negitive and positive and positive does not work Man is like negiitve battery and woman is positve in realtionship man and woman not man and man or woman and woman .God made adam and eve not adam and steve .woman cam from man and then came the first family

  9. I vote no because not only is it a bad choice for the kids, but it is also a sin according to the bible/word of Christ and you don’t need to be a Christian to not support gay marriage. I hope it wont be legal.

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