Nature’s Job Description for Marriage and Family

Here's a short talk by the AMF President to a congregation of 250 at Castle Hill Baptist (with all 100 books sold) a few weeks back: "That is nature's job description for marriage and family - and two men, or two women, need not apply..."

Over 8,000 copies sold! Don't forget to get your signed copy of Dr David van Gend's book in time for Christmas. Order online today!

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17 Responses

  1. God bless you David with good health, courage and wisdom to keep up the campaign. Please God Australia will not become like Massachusetts as in this video:

  2. Thanks for posting this talk. Let me come out and be proud that I am a “fellow deplorable”! Where do Bill Shorten and co. think they came from? Do they really think they got here without sexual intercourse having occurred? Perhaps they suffer from a messianic delusion, thinking they came down from heaven.

    Thanks too for quoting from John Locke (1632-1704), that “marriage is the first society”. Marriage is pre-existing and self-replicating, with no need for any government papers/recognition to make it real. The frequent and excellent AMF contributor Janine has pointed out that New South Wales had no government recognition/registration of marriage until 1856; the situation would be similar for other states. VDL was settled in 1803, separating from New South in 1825, so the NSW act did not apply here. VDLchanged name to Tasmania in 1856, but the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act came only in 1895, so for the first 92 years, from 1803 to 1895, there was no government registration of marriage here.

    Thanks for quoting Paula Ettelbrich (sp.?) “being queer means pushing the parameters of sex, sexuality and family, and radically reordering society’s view of reality.” They not only want to encourage children to think they are born ‘gay’; they also want to promote their vaginaphobic ‘gay’ sexual behaviour, anal and oral sex (sexual abuse of the digestive tract) to everyone regardless of their ‘sexuality’. To this end, the ‘gay’ movement is pushing graphic and pornographic sex education from kindergarten/preschool onwards. For example, a mother in Massachusetts testified to a government committee that her 10-year-old daughter was told to draw a male ejaculation for homework!(youtube).

    The good men of Australia will not let their wives, daughters, and mothers be put it risk from men who dress up as women infiltrating women’s toilets, changerooms, women’s shelters, nursing homes. Transgenderism is a delusional fantasy. It is impossible for a man to not-be a man, no matter what clothes he wears, no matter how he mutilates his bodily manhood. The LGBTJQ dictators have declared war on the self-evident. As Locke wrote, to deny that which is self-evident, is to put ourselves:–

    in the power of the Prince of Darkness, and by our own consent, give ourselves up to delusion to believe a lie. For if strength of persuasion be the light which must guide us, I ask how shall anyone distinguish between the delusions of Satan and the inspirations of the Holy Ghost? Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. And they who are led by this son of the morning are…as strongly persuaded that they are enlightened by the Spirit of God as anyone who [actually] is so: they acquiesce and rejoice in [the delusion] and are actuated by it; and nobody can be more sure nor more in the right (if their own belief be judge) than they. (Essay Concerning Human Understanding, 4.19.13

    Incidentally, Locke never married; he lived as Jesus did. The church should do more to uphold singleness, virginity and celibacy. “He who marries does well; he who doesn’t, does better. ” People who die as virgins in the Lord’s service will obtain a better resurrection, especially if they still have unkissed lips and unheld hands. Too often they view unbetrothed single people as some kind of poor relation who need their match-making services, especially if they are single at 25, or 30 or 40. Yet the only time Scripture explicitly states a person’s age when they married is for Isaac, who was 40 years old when he married Rebecca. Singles are not missing anything by not marrying younger, because “childhood and youth are vanity”. Marrying later in life is like in the parable of the workers who were hired at the eleventh hour. They received the same reward as those who were hired first thing in the morning, much to the latter’s chagrin.

    • Michael,
      Thanks for your kind words. I don’t think the next generation will want a civil marriage like an owner’s purchase of a “cat and dog registration certificate” with a local council and blessed in a wedding ceremony.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with John. We need more people like David to speak up for the silent majority who oppose gay “marriage”. What has happened to Australians when they are too afraid to speak out against important social issues? I know myself that I have been frowned upon for voicing my opposition to this issue at social gatherings. I am still waiting/hoping to see more anti-gay marriage advertisements in the newspapers and on commerical television but maybe I’m just delusional?

  4. What does it say about our society when every year we are subjected to the Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney? These people wanting to change the definition of “marriage”. A step way to far!! What happened to good old fashioned morals and respect for one’s body?

  5. David’s talk briefly mentioned Christian philosopher/thinker John Locke’s (1632-1704) observation that marriage is the first society. (Actual quote: “The first society was between man and wife.” Second Treatise of Government, section 77). We have all heard the LGBTIQ dictators saying “Marriage is about love and commitment”. I have demonstrated my love and commitment to Locke by writing my honours thesis about him, so I now want to marry him. What do you mean, “but he’s dead”? Surely Locke cannot help his unchangeable mortality orientation. I am sick and tired of bigotry, intolerance, and necrophobia.

    This is how the LGBTIQ dictators argue. In rejecting the self-evident truth about their own bodies, they are, in Locke’s words, actuated by delusion. God has shown us the mentality of these people: the men of Sodom were still trying to break down Lot’s door even when they had been struck with blindness. They are not open to reason. They take every gendered word like ‘man’ and ‘woman’, and distort its self-evident intention, and abuse its natural function, just as they do their own bodies.

    Apparently, LGBTIQ stands for Language and Gender Becoming a Tyrannically Insane Quagmire.

    Talking of acronyms, ALP stands for Australia Loves Perversion, and GREENS stands for Gays Redouble Every Effort to Normalise Sodomy.

    It is up to us, the men and women of Australia, who know the truth about themselves, and who know what is the right and healthy way to live, to strongly and effectively tell the truth, in every way and in every context, even if suggesting a very Australian way of doing so can get one’s comment censored from AMF 😉

  6. I have been reading comments on this site for a quite a while now and the message seems to be the same. I’d like to think Gay Marriage won’t be allowed in Australia but feel I am being delusional. Everything changes in life and sometimes not for the better, as in this case. Perhaps we should all save ourselves a lot of angst and stress and just live good lives and feel sorry for those who don’t have the same moral compass as well do. Do we really need to stress out over this issue anymore? I think not.

    • I see where you are coming from, but the only angst and stress I have read in AMF comments has been from pro-gay supporters. I am glad that some througout history have continued to speak and act for the truth of things, even when the whole world or government seemed to have a different moral compass. We all have the same moral sense, but just like physical senses, it can be blinded, deafened, distorted and deceived, which is the goal of the LGBTIQ-PC dictators.

    • Lesley,
      I don’t believe we should stress over civil marriage in Australia as it is only an exclusive legal union for a man-woman living arrangement/ husband-wife relationship (this isn’t based on a life-long, faithful sexual intercourse because of the introduction of the no-fault divorce in 1975). Genuine Christians have to defend their basic right in the Australian Constitutional section 116. The federal parliament is precluded from creating a religious marriage law – “marriage is between any 2 people.” The word “people” includes “children.” I am absolutely offended that the federal parliament would choose the word “people” because “child marriages” are practiced around the word and even in western countries. Then the federal parliament has to redefine the word “people” to discriminate against children under the age of 18 years of age. A legal “same-sex marriage” is a direct attack on language, conscience, marriages, families, relationships, culture, religion including churches, history, science, social science, businesses/companies, unions, sporting groups, and the Australian way of life. Also, the federal parliament is precluded from establishing a LGBTIAQ religion which makes observance to a legal “same-sex marriage.” There is no sacred text which declares a supreme being commanding, “man and man” and “woman and woman” to be united as “one flesh” in order to fill the earth with people as this is impossible, even to God who created all things. The Christian churches in Australia aren’t into the practice of blessing the purchase of government registration certificates for any type of living arrangements/relationships. Plus, the federal parliament is prohibited from the free exercise of any religion which only believes marriage is a public commitment to a life-long. faithful sexual union (“one flesh”) between one man and woman as this procreates new-life (natural human reproduction). This behavioural practice of marriage is based on the Bible sacred text in Genesis where God united for life one man and one woman in a faithful “one flesh” union so they would fill the earth with people.

      It is important for genuine Christians to understand that Biblical marriage and divorce doesn’t have the same meaning or purpose as a civil marriage and divorce. When Martin Luther realised that indulgences (paying your way to God) wasn’t Biblical, he ceased to continue this practice and informed the Catholic Church that this practice was corrupt. He wanted to change that Catholic churches teaching on indulgences, but was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Therefore, genuine Christians should realise when practices are corrupt they may face suffering like whistleblowers have experienced for being morally right. The Principal Legal Officer of the Family Law Branch has made it extremely clear that civil marriage is no longer based on sexual intercourse since the introduction of the no-fault divorce. Therefore, civil marriage in Australia has no Biblical foundation, and I never purchased my NSW marriage certificate because I didn’t believed that a piece of paper from the government would make my marriage loving, healthy, life-long, faithful, respectful and stable.

      The Australian Constitution does allow the federal parliament to create laws to protect and support the practice of marriage in order for the good of society, but the federal parliament has never had a right to create the meaning and purpose of marriage for Christians. When government and lawyers around the world have corrupted the religious marriage practice with lies, then genuine Christians can refuse to identify their marriage with the legal marriage practice. I do believe it is important to live our life to honour God. The Bible commands genuine Christians to make disciples in order that other people come to Christ. Therefore, our faith in Christ isn’t something we can keep to ourselves, and the Bible is a book all about marriages from the beginning to the end. It is extremely important that we pray for Christ’s protection as we show genuine love for our neighbour by speaking the truth about marriage. We have to remind Australians that marriage shouldn’t be treated as the equivalent to an owner’s purchase of a cat or dog registration certificate with their local council and celebrated in a wedding ceremony. It is extremely evident in western countries around the world have less respect for the practice of marriage. Italy has recently discussed that married couples should no longer have to commit their marriage with fidelity. Marriage is no longer providing overseas people a legal right to citizenship, welfare, health and legal services.

      • Janine,
        I agree that the men and women of Australia to whom God has granted understanding of this issue need to exercise their freedoms of religion and speech; only then can we “live good lives”, in Lesley’s phrase, and be salt and light in our country. The LGBTIQ despots are waging a war against the self-evident truth of their own bodies, and want the legal clout to force everyone to agree with and celebrate and participate in this delusion.

        Their attempt to enshrine it as a “legal same-sex marriage” is like trying to give someone HIV/AIDS. The law is the immune system of our nation, keeping peace and regulating stability. The LGBTIQ despots want to take the body politic from behind, and infect the M-cells (legal Marriage Act) with the HIV/AIDS of a legal absurdity, to which all others laws, and lawmakers, must then bow down to and serve.

        The recent deceased singer George Michael actively promoted the LGBTIQ agenda, ably demonstrated by his line:–

        All we have to do is take these lies and make them true — that’s Freedom

        The LGBTIQ dictators are also attacking fidelity in marriage, by proposing the deletion of the phrase “to the exclusion of all others” from the Marriage Act (Sarah Hanson-Young’s 2009 bill is an example).

        A letter in the Mercury, 30th December 2016, on multiculturalism, rightly said that everything we value as Australians, everything that makes this country work; parliamentary democracy, rule of law, freedom of religion and speech; come from our “Anglo Celtic Christian culture”, and that the enemies of this culture should go and live elsewhere. Surely this applies to the LGBTIQ movement, as they are pushing a different religion and culture and way of life upon us.

        When they started saying “marriage should be between any two people”, they were signalling their intention to eliminate the difference between adult and child for sexual purposes. For example, Tasmania’s Reproductive Health Act 2013, says “Woman means female of any age“. Of course, Parliament could try to prevent adult/child marriage by discriminating against the people-status of under-18s, for the law in most states has already removed the people-status of the unborn, including the people-status of the born-alive-in-failed-abortion-procedure. So removing the people-status based on age or state of development, ultimately gives them the freedom to be murdered.

        It seems no political commentator has ever made a connection between the Family Law deforms of 1975, and the massive and spectacular defeat of the Whitlam government later that year. Obviously, family law wasn’t the only reason, but it must have had something to do with it. Mr Whitlam spent the rest of his life whinging about his dismissal, all the while raking in a taxpayer-funded pension, unable to accept that it was ultimately the Australian people who threw him and his cronies out. By the way, the ALP, the workers’ party, hasn’t had a working class leader since the end of Ben Chifley in 1949.

        Another problem with parliament was mentioned in another letter in the Mercury, 30th December 2016. Although written re state parliament, it could apply federally. Too many MPs simply have no life experience; too many from the legal fraternity; too many academics; too many naive “young pups” who really know nothing about life; all of whom are open to emotional manipulation by powerful lobby groups like the LGBTIQ mob. MPs are also insulated from reality by their enormous salaries and benefits. MPs’ salaries and pensions should be means-tested and assets-tested, just the same as any other government allowance.

        It is certainly true that the Bible is a liber coniugalis, a book of marriage, not just people, but nations too. For example, when the nation of Israel sinned, it was committing adultery with foreign gods of abomination, like Chemosh and Molech. The way humans are to marry, man and woman, both different, both opposite, both essential to make the one flesh union; is like the last and ultimate marriage, of Christ and his church. In both cases, the life comes from the groom, and grows in the bride.

        Also in Scripture, God has shown us how his enemies try to force his followers to commit adultery against him. The LGBTIQ movement reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue (possibly a phallus), that everyone was forced to worship, or be thrown into a furnace. And it wasn’t good enough for them that only three men refused to bow down to it. Our attitude needs to be that of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego, who said to the king, our God is able to deliver us from your hand, but even if he does not, we will never worship another god.

        The Church and the LGBTIAQ dictators are like Mordecai and Haman. Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman (even though it was a law), and refused to show fear in his presence. Haman was enraged, but it was ultimately a rage of futility and impotence.

        Yes we will be persecuted and ostracised for telling the truth, but Jesus told us in the beatitudes, it will be well worth it in the end. In a letter to the Mercury on 21st May 2012, the Hon. Cassy O’Connor MP, then Minister for Community Development in the ill-fated Labor/Greens state government, wrote that I lack credibility, lack understanding, hold dangerous views, and spread false information. Had she slurred a prominent Tasmanian gay activist in this way, she would have been made to pay with her career.

        I certainly agree about praying for Christ’s protection so we can be salt and light effectively, speaking the truth in love; also praying specifically for the protection of the blood of Christ. The contrast with what the LGBTIQ despots call “protection” could not be greater.

        • Michael,
          Thanks for your comments. I have been to Disneyland with my family and this is a real place, employs real people into real jobs, it pays taxes to the government and even has to follow government laws and regulations, but it remains a fantasy world. People choose to enter Disneyland and can even pretend this world is real. However, the LGBTIAQ-lobby dictators want to force everybody in Australia to make observance to a legal “same-sex marriage” based on a LGBTIAQ Marxist’s ideology – “marriage is between any 2 people.” The Australian constitution never gave the federal parliament a right to define the meaning and purpose of marriage for genuine Christians. There will be Australians whom will be absolutely be offended by the federal parliament using the word “people” because this word includes children. There will be Australians whom don’t believe in “child marriages,” despite them existing around the world and in western countries. There is plenty of evidence that a legal “same-sex marriage” isn’t a genuine marriage and it would create a fantasy Australian Marriage Registry based on adult desires. Therefore, I would request my name to be removed from the NSW Marriage Registry because I never consented it to be recorded in a legal “sham marriage practice.” I don’t need my marriage to be legally annulled or divorce because my marriage contract becomes void with the NSW Marriage Registry because they’re unable to prove that a legal “same-sex marriage” is the same as a genuine “man-woman marriage” for a breakdown of a marriage in the Family Court. Also, the Australian Immigration and Social Security rely on a genuine marriage in order to detect “sham marriages” because a legal state marriage certificate isn’t enough evidence of a genuine marriage. If a legal “same-sex marriage” is accepted by the federal parliament, then there is no reason to discriminate against 2 females whom live together as housemates in a 100% infertile relationship from legally adopting a child. Also, many desperate people around the world could immigrate to Australia and live in a legal marriage as housemates in a 100% infertile relationship. Plus, single people in Australia could claim they’re being unfairly discriminated against paying stamp duty and other taxes because the government is recognising some living arrangements/relationships with the legal status of marriage or defacto in order that they’re exempt from these taxes.

  7. Janine,
    Thanks for that. The phrase “same-sex marriage” is more sleight of mouth from the LGBTIQ dictators; if the phrase were “single-sex marriage”, it would be obvious that without the union of both sexes, there is no marriage.

    By by saying “marriage is between any two people”, their Marxist ideology is really saying “marriage is between any number of people”, less than two, or more. The only reason for two people in a marriage is the union of both sexes. (God took the woman out of the man and brought her to him to (re)unite as one flesh. This is part of the sacredness of marriage, that the man goes into the woman who was taken out of him, while the woman takes in the man from whom she was taken). Removing the legal requirement for both sexes (one member of each sex) means that for the Marxists, the number of persons must also be immaterial, but the phrase “marriage is between any two people” is being temporarily maintained for its rhetorical usefulness and its value in deceiving ordinary people too busy bringing up their own families to really think about these things.

    A legal “single-sex marriage” could be a single man being married to himself, having his mail addressed to Mr and Mr J Caphoops (or indeed Mr and Mrs if he identifies as bisexual), being counted twice in the census, receiving tax concessions of married couples, and having himself buy a property in his own name as “tenants in common in equal shares” as two people with his name recorded twice, able to claim extra benefits or minimise tax by splitting his income across both halves of his marriage.

    A legal “single-sex marriage” could also be a football team, as these blokes are utterly devoted to each other, sharing a common purpose (hope of a premiership) and sharing showering facilities. Centrelink defines living with someone as sharing a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom for at least three nights a week. So as long as footy training happens twice a week plus a match on the weekend, all with showering afterwards, wo have a happy marriage.

    The LGBTIQ dictators spout about marriage, but really want to divorce men from women where they rightly belong together (marriage, sexual intercourse, child-rearing). They want to force men and women, and boys and girls, to be together when they rightly should be apart (toilets, changerooms, sporting teams, men’s and women’s clubs).

    • Michael,

      Thanks for your comments. The Weekend Australia recently published an article on homelessness throughout Australia and the problem is getting worse as women with children are encouraged to leave their abusive husband/partner, but there aren’t enough homes and support available. The government is now complaining that there isn’t enough taxpayers to pay for the ageing population. Where will the government get there money from to cover family breakdown including homelessness?

      • Janine,
        Well, the GST has turned children into taxpayers. And GST is collected at auctions on both the goods sold, and the service of providing the auction; and if an in-demand antique or somesuch is sold repeatedly at a number of auctions, the government collects GST on every sale. But of course kiddies’ ice creams and auctions won’t pay for this social upheaval, so the government will probably just magic more razz from the reserve bank, and collect the difference from the people by taking away their private property rights, so the land ends up belonging to the state. It is widely believed that Tasmania’s statewide planning scheme adopted on 19 Decmember last year has effectively done this; it was copied and pasted from a UN agenda 21 document, and is full of weasel words, people just about needing approval to paint their front door.

        Also, if “same-sex marriage” becomes law, the LGBTIQ dictators will try to shut down the hospitals, refuges and other social welfare provided by “homophobic” Christian groups obeying Christ’s teaching to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the sick and people in prison.

        We have talked about how the LGBTIQ are attacking the Australian way of life, but what is this really, and who has access to it? How are the genuinely un(der)employed ever to have a home and family of their own, with the income to obtain and sustain them? It’s called “the great Australian dream” because that’s all it ever will be for some in the ‘lucky country’. The “condom culture” greatly contributes to relationship breakup/down, leading to lack of job opportunities for young people. But some measure of blame must be accepted by Christians who have contributed to the increasing casualisation of the workforce, by demanding the labour market provide them with the equivalent of more than one full-time income, in circumstances where this is not a financial necessity, but a lifestyle choice. Also, a lot of people just live together as “partners”, financially independent housemates who just happen to have sex; a deliberately non-reproductive relationship, which helps make an ageing population. “Family planning” means planning not to have a family. One reason God told us to “be fruitful and multiply”: we need to have enough descendents to provide for us when we’re no longer able.

        There is a reason the government has not just a minister for employment, but a minister for “workforce participation”. Satan does not want people to know what’s like to live in a scripturally based home. Christian homes where both parents work as a lifestyle choice helps to make full-time work become increasingly contract-based, “non-ongoing”, seasonal, and uncertain. Then the LGBTIQ dictators can say, there is no real difference between the employment hours, and hence availability for child-rearing duties, for dads or mums, so the sex of the parents to is irrelevant.

        This lack of opportunity for young people really moves my heart; it is keenly felt in Tasmania, as we have a larger proportion of casual/seasonal employment and welfare dependence than other States. Mainlanders whinge about having to subsidise Tasmania, but it is mainlanders who ponce in here with wads of dough, because “it’s too hot” on the mainland, driving real estate prices out of reach of ordinary Tasmanians. Tasmania would have had a larger measure of independence and prosperity, had the Commonwealth let us build the Gordon-below-Franklin dam (3000 MW of renewable energy), but the arrogant Bob Hawke wanted greenie votes in Sydney etc, so overruled not only the Tasmanian government, but his own Labor colleagues in the state opposition who also supported the dam. It was wicked of the Greens to initially dress up their social upheaval agenda with environmental concerns; they go on about protecting nature, while intending to damage and destroy nature’s healthy sexuality which makes natural human families.

        Re the poor little snowflakes we have now in our classrooms and uni lecture halls, there’s a new book out called Spoonfed Generation, which has this absolutely amazing and totally never-heard-of-before idea: families need to adopt a “big family mentality”. Children from big (naturally sized) families are more self-reliant, more resilient, better adjusted, less selfish; more independent yet more co-operative. They learn to look after each other, and learn to be grateful and take best advantage of limited resources. Due to the naturally wider age range, they are more likely to remain immune from the effects of age-segregation at school and uni. The natural pattern of human life involves people of all ages. How sad it is that many people nowadays never hold a baby until they have one of their own.

        • Michael,
          Thanks for your comments. I have never been to Tasmania so it is good to hear the real news in that part of the Australia. The government (federal, state and local) and government agencies have plenty time and money to work out schemes to get money out of ordinary Australians including increasing the GST. The council rates on our houses/property keep rising, despite wages not increasing with inflation. I believe the governments (federal/state/local) are collecting enough money from taxpayers, but governments don’t spend the money very wisely including building a $15 million “Pride centre” and spending millions on PReP trials so men can have unprotected sex with other men, despite it spreading unprotected STDs such as gonorrhoea which has become drug-resistant. I don’t know the IQ of Australian politicians, but some of the decisions they make are so appalling and ridiculous that I can’t believe they’re adults. It wouldn’t surprise me if our government sold off the land of Tasmania to overseas buyers because mainland Australia would be the last to be told the truth. There is a reason that ordinary Australians are no longer trusting our government, government agencies including health services, education, welfare and legal services and it is because of corruption and deception of the truth. Bill Shorten, Penny Wong, and David Feeney all believed in the past that marriage should be respected between one man and one woman for religious reasons, but corruption and deception has entered their mind-set by the LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators with comparing “sexuality” with “religion.” I read an article on Immigration and refugees in the US which made “sexuality” into a belief system equal to Christianity. Today, in the Guardian reported that LGBTIAQ people like Rodney Croome don’t want “same-sex marriage” if the law can’t force acceptance, celebration, education, participating in wedding services from Australians who have a belief against gay sexual activities being called “marriage.” Australians have been told that gays won’t want gay marriage services from Christians or their Christian churches which is an absolute lie. Genuine Christians and their Christian churches understand that the LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators aren’t seeking a genuine Christian marriage because they can never consummate their marriage to be declared a genuine husband-wife relationship-procreation of new-life/man-woman living arrangement. The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators want to claim government marriage benefits by presenting evidence of a legal state marriage certificate for evidence of a public wedding ceremony and this is the definition of a “sham marriages.” A no-fault divorce significantly increased adultery, divorce, open marriages and the legal practice of “bachelor-married man.” A legal “same-sex marriage” has significantly increased the practice of “sham marriages,” and persecuting Christians by fines, jail, lose of job/business etc and this is recorded all over the internet. I am going to politely remind Australian government agencies that a civil marriage isn’t the same as a “one flesh” marriage so we need a different box to tick.

  8. Janine,
    I agree with you. Just on Tasmania, the Basslink cable (our extension cord to the mainland) is owned by a mob from Singapore, who is in dispute with the Hydro about who is to blame for burning it out during last year’s energy crisis. Also last year, a Tasmanian consortium put together $200 million to buy back the Van Dieman’s Land Company (which runs the historic Woolnorth property, the NW corner of Tas) from its NZ owners, but some Chinese businessman waltzed in with $230 million, so it was sold to him, with state and federal govt approval.

    Thanks for describing Tasmania as part of Australia; some clown in Canberra left Tasmania off an official map celebrating the bicentenary in 1988. Tasmania is bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside; so many different areas due to all the hills and mountains. I have been overseas (across Bass Strait) a few times; it is quite astonishing to fly over the mainland and see how flat it is. Part of the raw deal Tasmania gets from Canberra is due to our propensity for returing opposition MPs, and when we do return government MPs or Senators, they are often out of favour with their party’s ruling faction. Due to the Tasmanian dams case, we had 5 out of 5 Liberal MPs during the Hawke years; later, we had 5 Labor MPs during the Howard years!

    I am ashamed and embarrassed to be Tasmanian when I think of all the intellectual and moral wrongness this place has exported, Bob Brown, Rodney Croome, David Walsh, Saul Eslake. We used to export apples, and the Brexit business reminds me of the “Brentry” in the 1970s when Britain went into the EEC, and stopped taking the huge volumes of Tas fruit. The state government paid people to bulldoze their orchards into a great pile and set fire to it. I hope AMF doesn’t delete the above as irrelevant to marriage discussion, because the economic and political situation affects employment opportunities which affects one’s ability to provide a home and reasonably non-destitute life for one’s family.

    I was disgusted when I heard the news about PReP on the wireless; fancy spending our money on this kind of thing. Would Australia really spend this kind of money if there were an absurdly expensive drug which allowed smokers to smoke safely without filters, and thus have unprotected respiration?

    Something seems to happen to politicians after a while; an occlusion of the brain sets in, resulting in an inverse relationship between pay and intelligence. Pollies, even the good ones, can really have no idea what life is like for ordinary people; how can anyone be paid the equivalent of a fortnight’s age pension every day of the week, and still be in touch with ordinary people?

    Not only should there be a one-flesh box to tick; genuine single Christians will never have their singleness identified with the ‘single’ box ticked by the sexually active “bachelor married man” of popular culture. It is quite an experience when a young Christian man enters the workforce in an all male environment and personally encounters such a culture for the first time.

    Local councils take our money and provide “youth services”, which means handing out condoms. If I approched young people on the street and tried to give them condoms, I would be in prison as a sex offender, but when councils/governments do it, it’s called education. Councils say, sexual health is important. But condoms are a legal product sold in supermarkets. Dental health is important too, but no-one expects the council to give them free toothpaste.

    • Michael,
      Thanks for your comments. Youth services don’t provide girls/women healthcare products for their natural periods, but free condoms are given out to students to have sex. The Australian government is digging a massive hole of debt, but it wastes lots of money on lots of negative behaviours and practices.

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