Has Canada Really Changed since Marriage was Redefined?

Same-sex marriage advocates continually tell us that we should look to other countries that have legalised same-sex/transgender marriage and follow suit, but when we point out the negative consequences these countries are facing, we’re told ‘stop looking at other countries!’

We have to be allowed to call this out! If we are going to emulate the law of another country, we have to do our due diligence and that means looking at the impact that change in law has had.

So, let’s take a look at Canada, where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005.

Andrea Mrozek is the Program Director at Cardus Family in Ottawa. In this short video, Andrea explains some of the consequences of redefining marriage that Canada is facing.

The “All Families Are Equal” Act recently passed in Ontario. It sounds nice and inclusive but what does it actually mean?

What it really means is that terms like ‘mother’ and ‘father’ were removed from the law. It gave the State additional powers to decide who are parents and created provisions in Ontario for children to have up to four legal parents. Four unrelated adults can choose to sign a pre-conception agreement and then become parents of a child.

To explain: a child can have up to four ‘parents’ – none of whom are required to be related to that child in any biological way. In effect, a birth certificate is no longer a statement of biological fact but rather a description of who was around at the time.

What that means for a child is that they have no legal grounds to know or be raised by their biological parents. Their family medical history is erased, along with cultural ties. They could be living next door to, or even marry a sibling and would not know.

Andrea points out that: “When you introduce same-sex marriage, you are, in effect, removing mothers and fathers and that’s precisely what happened in Ontario.”

And a father in Canada has protested against his school’s new, graphic sex education since the introduction of same-sex marriage. In court, a lawyer for Ontario’s Education Department said: “The legalization of same sex marriage ushered in a new era of gay rights in Canada…..It is no longer enough to merely tolerate homosexuality in Ontario schools.    Tolerance means that one is holding their nose.  In this era of legalized same sex marriage, children in Ontario schools must be required to celebrate homosexuality.”

This father has a warning for Australian parents: “Do you really want to have to go to court to find out what your children are learning?”

It’s OK to say no.

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