AFL Caught Out ‘Virtue Signalling’

It’s become clear over the past few weeks that the AFL has no idea what it’s signed up for.

AFL once provided a much needed escape from politics and ideology, uniting us in our shared love of footy.

That was, until the AFL elite decided to enter the political arena and deface their logo in support of same-sex/transgender marriage.

Fans were not impressed.

Sam Newman made this fiery statement on the AFL Footy Show:

“But if this was about the AFL putting Yes on the football about climate change, or save the whales, or greenhouse emissions or whatever, I would have exactly the same opinion.

“The very fact it’s about the Yes vote for gay marriage is irrelevant, so please don’t hijack this into something it’s not.

“But who in the hell are these people at the AFL who are telling the football public what they should do in their lives and who they should vote for in any political agenda — who are you?

“Who gives you the right to tell people and to put what people should do on the football?”

A few short weeks later, the AFL was given a test. And it failed. Their token 24 hour logo change was a case of ‘Virtue Signalling.’ Nothing more.

What they proved is that the AFL has no understanding whatsoever of the LGBTQ agenda and their part in it.

When a man, who self-identifies as a woman, applied to join the AFL Women’s League, he was rejected, with the AFL claiming “it was concerned about the disparity in body size and bulk that Mouncey may have over the existing AFLW cohort after only a year of semi-professional training.” It also confirmed she “may nominate for future AFLW drafts and for registration in other Australian football competitions”.

What the AFL has been forced to acknowledge (to avoid risking the lives of their female players), is that men and women are intrinsically different. Equality doesn’t mean “same-same”.

It seems a lot of things that once went without saying, don’t go without saying any more.

Like, for instance, that marriage is between one man and one woman. That marriage is a celebration of Gender Equality. That men and women each make a unique and non-replicable contribution to marriage and family… and sport.

Not surprisingly, left-wing media have called out the AFL in its hypocrisy. The Guardian’s headline reads: AFL cannot play equality card when denying transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey.

The consequences of caving in to the Transgender Agenda, by denying  Gender Reality are real…


It’s time we were all allowed to say out loud: Gender Matters. Marriage Matters. Equal does not mean the same.

It’s okay to SAY NO to Genderless Madness.

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5 Responses

  1. Well said and so true . Keep fighting the good fight .

  2. Hear hear,
    well said and good video.
    There is a valid discrimination between male and female. Political correctness has gone too far and has nowhere else to go but down.

    We are real people, not slaves to any political agenda.

  3. Yes and I see Jason Ball the token Gay footy player was on the board that said – NO!
    Jason, I thought you was a proud activists for Trans rights?

  4. A.D

    I feel compassion for people with gender dysphoria and I appreciate that society is trying to grapple with what it means to treat all people equally. But the attempt to do so by eradicating differences between men and women is simply inviting more harm than good.

    If AFL want to push the LGBT cause, they need to understand fully the gender ideology that goes with it, and that it’s presumptions are entirely based on philosophy – not science.

    If you want to de-gender marriage, you also have to de-gender parenting, sex education, change rooms, bathrooms, sports, because everyone is the “same”. A mother is the same as a father is the same as a mother. Wrong.

  5. Michael

    Thanks for posting this video on the many differences between men and women. It should be compulsory viewing for all Australian MPs and Senators.

    Re the AFL, it seems the goal of women’s football is not to empower women, but to eliminate women. Imagine a lady footballer being hip-and-shouldered by a six-and-a-half-foot, 130 kg transgender woman with XY chromosomes and a penis. Surely the LGBTIQA+ dictators are behind the current push for women’s football, as it makes women look and behave like men. I went to a Catholic school for 11 years where girls were not allowed to even kick the footy, because girls don’t play football. The school said, you can do what you like outside of here, but while at school or in uniform, the school has a duty of care to protect a girl from injury which might affect her potential for future motherhood.

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