AFL Caught Out ‘Virtue Signalling’

It’s become clear over the past few weeks that the AFL has no idea what it’s signed up for.

AFL once provided a much needed escape from politics and ideology, uniting us in our shared love of footy.

That was, until the AFL elite decided to enter the political arena and deface their logo in support of same-sex/transgender marriage.

Fans were not impressed.

Sam Newman made this fiery statement on the AFL Footy Show:

“But if this was about the AFL putting Yes on the football about climate change, or save the whales, or greenhouse emissions or whatever, I would have exactly the same opinion.

“The very fact it’s about the Yes vote for gay marriage is irrelevant, so please don’t hijack this into something it’s not.

“But who in the hell are these people at the AFL who are telling the football public what they should do in their lives and who they should vote for in any political agenda — who are you?

“Who gives you the right to tell people and to put what people should do on the football?”

A few short weeks later, the AFL was given a test. And it failed. Their token 24 hour logo change was a case of ‘Virtue Signalling.’ Nothing more.

What they proved is that the AFL has no understanding whatsoever of the LGBTQ agenda and their part in it.

When a man, who self-identifies as a woman, applied to join the AFL Women’s League, he was rejected, with the AFL claiming “it was concerned about the disparity in body size and bulk that Mouncey may have over the existing AFLW cohort after only a year of semi-professional training.” It also confirmed she “may nominate for future AFLW drafts and for registration in other Australian football competitions”.

What the AFL has been forced to acknowledge (to avoid risking the lives of their female players), is that men and women are intrinsically different. Equality doesn’t mean “same-same”.

It seems a lot of things that once went without saying, don’t go without saying any more.

Like, for instance, that marriage is between one man and one woman. That marriage is a celebration of Gender Equality. That men and women each make a unique and non-replicable contribution to marriage and family… and sport.

Not surprisingly, left-wing media have called out the AFL in its hypocrisy. The Guardian’s headline reads: AFL cannot play equality card when denying transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey.

The consequences of caving in to the Transgender Agenda, by denying  Gender Reality are real…


It’s time we were all allowed to say out loud: Gender Matters. Marriage Matters. Equal does not mean the same.

It’s okay to SAY NO to Genderless Madness.

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